mazhabi sikh surnames list

It is a surname from the Arora community. The surname is also common among Sikhs. The brahmins had a good reason for promoting the caste system as they were the creaters and beneficieries of the system whilst caste system was imposed on the low castes to keep them low with the concepts of karma and kismet and reincarnation. Words like shudar , Achhut . You are racist people. Punjabi surnames showcase the diversity of the various communities that originally belonged to the region of Punjab and its surrounding areas. This comment is illegal to post. salhan is another chumar surname too, which I would like to have added to the list please. Bhatias claim origin from Bhati Rajputs who had taken to shopkeeping. reservations on merit.

There are no specific gods, no specific way of worship . . Out of 100 the first talented person is Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. Sorry to hear that you faced dsicrimination based on caste at work. Jai bhawani I’ve seen enough Jatt’s and enough Chamar’s.

The name Dosanjh also “means a union of two.”. I am 6.2 in heigt, honrs graduate from delhi university, national in volley ball, has a well muscular fit body, is a fitness model. Yes there is also nothing to be proud of caste. sir, many Surnames are still to be added, for example my grandmother’s surname is Punia, my mother’s surname Tundwal, My aunt’s surname Gora, My Surname Chhachhiye, My Friends Surname Kheechi, Grover, Lamba, Koundal___ & many more, anybody can you tell me khokhra caste belongs to which caste like they are sc/obc/general, Bcoz I m khokhra so want to know, plz Rpl me, jai Guru Ravidass g Ambedkarism represents democracy, secularism, human rights, freedom, liberty, equality, brotherhood of man, antithesis of Brahminism. so that atleast sandhu should be in image of jatt in eye and list of obc sc st category. I’m sorry, but I will not. education provide equal platform to all the people. Yaha blog me likhne ki himmat hai bas kisi chamar k saamne bol ke bata fir dekh kaisi sewa hoti teri…, teri maa dea lun kteeda tu saliya punjab a teri bund paad diyange saliya kuttiya…ese krke tusi musliya ton bund kutone a sala dulla bhainchod, Beta ab sach bata tum chamar se chidte kyu ho kyuki tumhare purvajo se tumne seekha tha ye cast badi ye chotti or ab jab vahi chotti cast goverment jobs me har jangah tumse aage hote haii tumhe chamar ko salute marna padta usko namaste krni padti chamar k aage jhukna pad raha hai islie rona hai tumhe :p lol verna beta ho kya tum kali kali shakal wale chamar se kahi bhi to aage nahi ho tum :3 moke pe chamar ki tatti tak khaloge tum, Kiya janam se tumhare maathe ya peeth par bhagwan ne koi stamp lgakr bheja hai tum bhraman hai ya jaati ka naam likhkr janam liya hai, ya blood ka Color red ke alawa or ho tujhme color ka blood bta aise bolne se koI mahan ni banta mahan banta hai achhi soch se bhagwan ne sabko ek samaan bnaya hai is liye likhne se pehle soch smjhkr likhna chahiye, stfu moron LOL just cause you’re a chamar you’re gonna be talking shit on jatts! Bibe. We should work for removal of castes but this site work for firming up of casteism . PLEASE HELP. So chamars and many others alike can have any given surname across the broad spectrum. Over the last 5000 years these 15% have had RESERVATION over all power structures and kept the shudras oppressed into servitude in perpetuity. I will Help you without any cost. In SC n higher caste also.

boharwal abbu ap k jatt hi hain in ki izzat kaarna seekho, I proud tu be chamar……. You abviously don’t know sikh history. Similarly, a woman born Harjeet Gill should become Harjeet Kaur or Harjeet Kaur Gill.

IF THE GOVT WANTS TO UPLIFT THE POOR AND BRING THEM AT PAR WITH OTHER CITIZENS THEN IT SHOULD WORK TO EDUCATE THEM AND CREATE JOBS FOR THEM AND NOT GIVE RESERVATIONS. I totally agree with everything you have said, as a sikh I don’t believe in caste but I do belong to the ramdasia/ravidassia sikh community.. Are you kidding bro ? Sandhu, Sahota and Sidhu are Jatt surnames you fukwit not chamarli! When they get abused in return like” Ay rabidas tu jayada ****** mat kar”, etc , then it becomes demeaning for GURU RAVIDAS JI. so respect all castes , communities in the world. Aaj ham acchi position me aa rahe hai dheere dheere. Furthermore he said’ Manyo na sikh unko jo jaat paat ki reet chalavey jehrha; manyo sikh unko jo jaat paat ko mateve jehrha’. Nibolkar. Don’t you think they should be advised rather forced to change their surnames to some other neutral surnames. The surname is found in the Khatri community. Be proud of Sikhi and Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

The other is Dalit Solidality Network:

[citation needed], In Sikhism, women don't change their surnames after marriage - this is due to the fact that each partner keeps Singh and Kaur respectively, who use their preferred names). Only chamar hi nahi hai jo ameer hai, aur bhi bahut sare hai. Those of them who joined the new faith gained admittance along with others to SANGAT, religious congregation, and pangat, commensality. even people recognise them superior just because of caste…and last can you tell me how much percentage of our reservations and urs 51 percent..although its open for anyone..but how many opt for this ..1 or 2 or more…that is a mearge number…even in any college or institution you see how many are sc and how many are from general…then you will realise that we r in small number as compared to u…first bro do a survey then say like this….we dont have big lands like u…and dont say me that u also dont have…bro comparison should collectively done not singularly….then say how much we as acommunity hold and as a community u hold…. Let the nation developed. If the sikh is higher caste than than jatt they feel bad is kshatri, who looks down on the jatts as nothing but a ‘peasant’, if it is lower caste he feels superior. The matter of caste and sikhism has been settled by the Sikh Gurus, religious authorities as well as the acedemics but his arrogance and mental illness keeps coming through. Why? It is a popular surname among the Punjabi Khatris. Hotkar.kharatmol.sadafule. Or call me at 9888881308 its urgent need 2me. Brahman , the highest caste among Hindus, does not have the same rank in Punjab, especially among Sikhs. It comes from the Sanskrit word “sagara,” which means “ocean.” The surname is found among those from the Khatri community. One thing we can be certain about is that Guru Gobind Singh had abolished all caste inequality with the inception of Khalsa on 13 April, 1699 and with the institution of Khanday-Ki-Pahul or the Baptism of Sword. They used to be expert shoe-makers. 5 Kler, Please add few more as Punia, Daroch, Atwal, Nalwati, Chunbuk, Chahal, Chalia, Berwal, Bodwal, Tanwar. They helped to capture thousands of hindi speaking soldiers mostly Chamars of UP and Bihar who revolted against Britishers in Lahore Cantonment. ke schedule ya notification se nayi caste banayi gayi … Hamare Dharam ke hisab se tumko koi Jaat nahi di gayi.. isliye ab rona band ker.. Haryana mein Rajput Az bi 2017 mein Chamaro ko Marriage mein Ghode pe nahi baithne deta .. usko pass jitena marzi paisa ho.. kyon ki wo unko Hindu nahi mante !

Jats are historically land-owners, farmers or warriors.

Instead, one should use a second name that of a flower or his or her father’s or mother’s name as his or her second name as has been done by Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi. If they abuse you also abuse them .You must learn to retaliate. . So becche ye 21st century haii yaha teri tarah gawaro ki nahi sunege tarakki hi hoti jaegi, chamar k aage jhukna padega tumhe rees nahii kr skte.. 4.Chahal Take business and economy over 95% of the business, trade, finance and economy is contolled by the Baniya/vaishas. Droch family is also belong to chamar.I also belong to ravidasia religion.

Reservation is nice and should b used by needy people of sc st obc caste.

Ravidassia religion is only causing problems and segregating community. Plenty of Farmland owned in Nakodar region of Punjab. yes you are right, Chamar community people changing their surname, hiding their caste, so please dont change surname.

I am a bains and a jatt. It is surprising that followers of Sikhism feel proud to add their caste to their name. And no, Chamar’s did not originally have Jatt surnames. Please add bibyan, saroha/sirohi, rathi, dahiya, patlaan. Surnames are very similar amongst jatt and chamar. Its a chamaar got, List of chamar last names are:- In the Islamic world a Black African slave was derogatorily referred as Zanj which roughly means "Negro". Many chamars were infact rajputs. sahi kaha ,sabse bade untochable toh ye bramhin hi hote h bcoz bhramhin is very selfish. my surname lagah..plz add this surname….jai guru ravidaas. It has a excellent dejudder handling and may well concerning connectivity having four HDMI inputs and then a PC input whether or not it lacking in an S-video source.Samsung PN50B850Samsung at the same time produces terrific Plasma HDTVs for instance the Samsung PN50B850, which features excellent display quality on the anti-reflective FilterBright -panel, along with limited number of cool options. Sikhs have a given name and one or both of a surname and a Khalsa name. Awans, Dogars, Jats , and Arains are ranked in middle , with a number of artisan and menial castes ranked gradually lower. In the Uk mixed marriages are on the rise amonst Indians because the younsters do not like the caste system being imposed on them. Toh bhaiyo apni soch badlo aap sab padhe likhe ho. The corps of Mazhabi Sikhs became famous for their fighting reputation and discipline. Achank gir ke mar gayee. So who rules India today and who is responsible for corruption in India? No, Jatt is a race, as proven by genetics, I’m not going by what the British said asswipe and they only said that as a ploy to use us even more. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account.

mind chamars r most reputed honest ,sincere reliable respectful friendly lovely and sacrificng people . punia chamar produced many officer & this will be processed untill end.

I’d just like it if some of those last names were also listed as Jatt cause this list implies they are exclusively Chamar. Mazhabis are best known for their history of bravery, strength and self sacrifice in the Sikh, Khalsa, British Indian army and Indian army. bawliya, I think you have ot wrong sandhu last name is only a jatt last name originally coming from now what is pakistan please research this properly.

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