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[322][323] As the policy would change the central bank's focus on stabilising prices it has been argued it could increase the perceived risk of investing in the UK and raise the prospect of increased inflation. [259], On 15 March 2018, Corbyn wrote in The Guardian that "to rush way ahead of the evidence" about Russia's involvement in the Salisbury poisoning "serves neither justice nor our national security" and that responsibility for the attack "is a matter for police and security professionals to determine". [454], In 2016, Corbyn said that "if peace is wanted in the region, the Kurdish people's right to self-determination must be accepted." Corbyn also called for an international investigation into the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi and Saudi’s war crimes in Yemen. "UK Elections: Jeremy Corbyn, Anti-Semitism, and Islamophobia. [260][261] This sparked a row within the Labour Party, with more than 30 backbenchers signing an Early Day Motion "unequivocally" blaming Russia for the attack and several frontbenchers, including shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry, shadow defence secretary Nia Griffith and shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer, stating that Russia was to blame. [251] His approval amongst party members was initially strong reaching a net approval of +45 in May 2016, though this fell back sharply to just +3 by the end of the next month following criticism of Corbyn's handling of the EU referendum and a string of Shadow Cabinet resignations.

Cammaerts, Bart, Brooks DeCillia, and João Carlos Magalhães. Under Corbyn, Labour achieved a net gain of 30 seats and a hung parliament, but Theresa May formed a minority government and the party remained in Opposition. [310], When asked in an interview in 2015 what politicised him Corbyn said, "Peace issues. [502] He also took part in a ceremony in his Islington constituency to commemorate the original site of the North London Synagogue[502] and visited the Theresienstadt Ghetto, calling it a reminder of the dangers of far-right politics, antisemitism and racism. [258], At the end of Theresa May's time as Prime Minister, she had a small lead over Corbyn in the best Prime Minister polling question. [206], More than 40 female Labour MPs, in an open letter during the campaign in July 2016, called on Corbyn to deal with issues relating to online abuse, and criticised him for his allegedly unsatisfactory responses and inaction.

", "Shropshire-educated Jeremy Corbyn joins Labour leadership race", "Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn reveals that he has been a geography teacher", "Jeremy Corbyn's foreign causes: a blessing or a curse? [238][239][240] The report claimed to provide examples of how senior Labour Party officials including former party general secretary Iain McNicol worked to undermine Labour's campaign in the 2017 general election in order to force a change of leader. [435][436][437], Corbyn has criticised Britain's close ties with Saudi Arabia and British involvement in the Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen. When voters were asked who they thought would be the best prime minister – Corbyn or Theresa May – among Labour supporters 48% said Corbyn and 22% May, among all UK voters 52% chose May and just 16% were for Corbyn. In the same month, YouGov found party members' net approval rating of Corbyn was 17%, whereas a year earlier the result found by the same pollsters had been 55%.

", "The Labour left demand a change of direction – why their intervention matters", "Jeremy Corbyn: 'We are not doing celebrity, personality or abusive politics – this is about hope, "Labour leadership: Jeremy Corbyn enters race", "Labour must clean up the mess it made with PFI, and save the health service", "Labour leadership: Jeremy Corbyn completes the line-up", "Ballots sent out in Labour leadership vote", "We nominated Jeremy Corbyn for the leadership. [292] At 32.2%, Labour's share of the vote was down around eight points on the 2017 general election and is lower than that achieved by Neil Kinnock in 1992, although it was higher than in 2010 and 2015. He continued: "I have set up a code of conduct on this. [492], Following coverage of alleged antisemitic statements by party members, Corbyn commissioned the Chakrabarti Inquiry and supported changes to the party's rules and procedures to make hate crime a disciplinary offence. [464][12][465][466] Eisen had written an essay on his website in 2008 entitled "My life as a Holocaust denier". Laura Alvarez is a 49-year-old ex-banker married to hard-left socialist Jeremy Corbyn. She is a banker and human rights lawyer from Mexico who grew famous after marrying Jeremy Corbyn. Just two days later one of the newly appointed members, Pat Glass, resigned, saying "the situation is untenable".

Vietnam. "[366], Also in 2018, Corbyn said he would seek a new type of customs union with the European Union, but will seek exemptions of some EU regulations for the UK, such as those regarding state aid and government subsidies. The couple married in 2013 in Mexico after which the husband and wife moved to the UK. Laura’s early career involved studying law in Mexico, and she later started working as a banker to help rural communities. [474] Following Salah's successful appeal against deportation, Corbyn said he was looking forward to inviting the cleric to "tea on the House of Commons terrace, because you deserve it". He has advocated for the rights of the forcibly removed Chagossians to return to the British Indian Ocean Territory.

[263], On 20 March, Corbyn called for the British authorities to send a sample of the nerve agent involved in the poisoning, so they could "say categorically one way or the other" where it came from.

I'm sure our friend (Israeli ambassador) Ron Prosor wrote it. [273] During the 2019 election Corbyn would promise to take a "neutral stance" during the referendum on any Brexit deal his government would negotiate. The education changes were costed at £9.5 billion and would be funded by increasing taxes on the top 5 per cent of earners and increasing corporations tax. Corbyn's a 'PM in waiting' – accept it", "Corbyn and Khan join events to mark 80 years since battle of Cable Street", "Jeremy Corbyn is an anti-racist, not an anti-Semite", "Jeremy Corbyn visits concentration camp and Holocaust memorial museum", "John Bercow: 'I do not believe Jeremy Corbyn is anti-Semitic, "Forty senior academics write to condemn anti-Corbyn bias in media coverage of the antisemitism debate", "New MRC research finds inaccuracies and distortions in media coverage of antisemitism and the Labour Party", "Equality body launches investigation of Labour antisemitism claims | Labour | The Guardian", "UK public figures, writer John le Carré oppose Corbyn due to antisemitism", "Labour antisemitism row: public figures say they cannot vote for party under Corbyn", "Exclusive: New letter supporting Jeremy Corbyn signed by Roger Waters, Robert Del Naja and more", "A vote for Labour is not a vote for antisemitism", "Labour was warned antisemitism report was deliberately misleading, leak reveals", "Panorama journalist John Ware planning to sue Jeremy Corbyn", "Corbyn says whistleblower damages decision was 'political, not legal, "Labour pays out six-figure sum and apologises in antisemitism row", "An apology from the Labour Party to John Ware", "Corbyn allies pledge support while legal fund donations continue amid reported 'lawfare' of former Labour staffers", "Pride, prejudice and a problem that struck at Corbyn's core", Investigation Into Antisemitism in the Labour Party, "Jeremy Corbyn rejects overall findings of EHRC report on antisemitism in Labour", "Labour suspends Jeremy Corbyn over anti-Semitism report", "Corbyn's suspension is an 'attack on the left' that undermines Labour's response to anti-semitism", "Exclusive: Unions release joint statement on Labour suspension of Corbyn", "Poll: Most Britons think Labour was right to suspend Jeremy Corbyn", "UK news push alerts skew negative on Labour and positive for Tories", "Media 'persistently' biased against Jeremy Corbyn, academic study finds", "Media bias against Jeremy Corbyn shows how politicised reporting has become", "Jeremy Corbyn far more likely to be attacked by media than Theresa May, election reporting audit reveals", "Anti-Corbyn rightwing press attacks 'boost Momentum support, "Labour v Fleet Street: why Corbyn is picking a fight with the media", "British press dramatically cut criticism of ruling Tories for 2019 election, study finds", "Jeremy Corbyn: British media waged campaign to destroy me", "Jeremy Corbyn's ex-wife: 'I donated to Yvette Cooper's campaign, "How a point of principle tore our lives apart", "What you need to know about Jeremy Corbyn", "Meet the shadow chancellor's new chief of staff: Jeremy Corbyn's son", "Jeremy Corbyn's world: his friends, supporters, mentors and influences", "Jeremy Corbyn says picking up his brother's dead body was one of the 'most horrific things' he has ever done", "Who is Jeremy Corbyn's wife Laura Alvarez? Married to the leader of the Labour Party, she hasn’t shared much of her husband’s interest in the public. In 2005 he was identified as the second most rebellious Labour MP of all time when the party was in government. He cited "the deployment of troops to Afghanistan and the threat of bombing Iraq" as examples. He expressed outrage particularly at the reports of the depopulation of Tamil areas of Eastern Sri Lanka and the relocation of Tamils, stating that denying Tamils the right to return home was in contravention of international law, as well as reports of systematic sexual violence. The investigation, which was completed in March 2020, concluded there was "no evidence" of antisemitism complaints being treated differently to other forms of complaint, or of current or former staff being "motivated by antisemitic intent". [313], Corbyn has campaigned against private finance initiative schemes,[315] supported a higher rate of income tax for the wealthiest in society,[316] and his shadow chancellor proposed the introduction of a £10 per hour living wage. [236] It found that McNicol and staff in the Governance and Legal Unit "provided timetables for the resolution of cases that were never met; falsely claimed to have processed all antisemitism complaints; falsely claimed that most complaints received were not about Labour members and provided highly inaccurate statistics of antisemitism complaints". In the 2017 general election, Labour increased its share of the vote to 40%, with Labour's 9.6% vote swing being its largest since the 1945 general election. [280], A video of soldiers from the 3rd Battalion, Parachute Regiment, stationed in Afghanistan using an image of Corbyn for target practice was posted on social media in April 2019.

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