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When he activates the Gear Eye, it vastly increases his strength, speed, durability and magic to supernatural levels. View and download this 646x850 Ky Kiske image with 22 favorites, or browse the gallery.

Ky Kiske is the current captain of the International Police Force (IPF). Ky is stated to be an extremely talented strategist, swordsman, and magic practitioner. This means that a Ky player typically has to play better for longer each round and can't rely on cheap tricks. However, he is considered easily controllable, and is manipulated by higher powers who were unseen players from the Holy War.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In 2187, Elphelt Valentine appears before Ky and warns him of her sister's future threat. Five years later, Ky entered the IPF. During the Crusades he was orphaned at the age of 10 and found by Kliff. 58 kg (128 lbs.), Charged Stun Edge/Stun Edge Charge Attack, Fire a Stun Edge, Charged Stun Edge or Sacred Edge into a Grinder. Ky loses, but he will no longer pursue Sol and reunites with Dizzy. I'm falling!". Ky can be seen once in a black outfit in one of the early drafting books.

Ky later takes a walk with Sol, with the latter asking if their score is truly settled. His relation with his son Sin is not quite close as well, as Sin is shown calling his father a "shitty king". It is also said that he is well adept at performing other forms of elemental magic, though he prefers to use lightning. With Potemkin, Ky finds proof of the Opus' danger that he shows to Sanctus Maximus Ariels. A year passed and due to the retirement of Kliff, 16-year-old Ky Kiske was recognized for his talent and named the new chief of the Sacred Order.

His hair has grown in the timeline of the series, to the point where he sports it as a ponytail in Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-. Voice actor Due to events prior to Overture, he had to replace it with several other swords, but has since gone back to wielding the Thunderseal, which now sports a more elaborate design. Game

Because of the lack of English dub and translation, however, players always mishear this as "coconuts". Although Ky is generally a cautious person, he is prone to taking rash actions when angered. While he is thought to be human, Ky's hair (like Sin's) keeps growing at a rapid pace, and Elphelt can use her power to teleport to Ky's location, although she expected to find Sol or Sin. Ky agrees, but before that, he duels Sol to settle their score once for all. However, despite his great faith and strong conviction, he is not beyond doubt, and is not entirely incapable of seeing the colors between black and white. Paradigm then realizes that Justice's cells are the "key" to enter That Man's Cube, and says Dizzy should be destroyed. Guilty Gear Xtra Jul 5, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Galaga. Ky is a handsome young man with blond hair and blue eyes. Does anyone know if May's Theme (Blue Water Blue Sky) is in this game? Ky wins easily by fighting dirty and going all-out, ending with Sol lying down on the ground. Ky and the latter fought alongside one another during the Crusades, with Kliff Undersn and Testament. Sin, much like his father, is a young man with blue-green eyes and disheveled blonde hair. It is unknown if he's either a human implanted with Gear Cells, or if he performed an experiment on himself to give him Gear-like qualities. Unknown.

Ky is a handsome young man with blond hair and blue eyes. He wears a brown colored eye patch over his right eye, and a golden crucifix necklace around his neck. He would have his men investigate the cause, but then, the capital is attacked by the Vizuel.

Sol BadguyKliff UndersnJohnny SfondiLeo WhitefangElphelt Valentine He looked amazing. It seems he can only maintain this state for short intervals. They fight side by side, but Ky soon lets Sin go help Sol, as he just wanted to see how much Sin had grown; Sin leaves, saying Ky doesn't need to be "formal" if he wants to act like a dad. Forged by war, Justice once remarked that Ky had the "eyes of someone who knew nothing yet but battle". His usual outfit is a loosely-fitting, blue base version of the white uniform worn by the Sacred Order of Holy Knightsthat consists of white trousers and shirt below a longcoat with a elbow-length cape.

He became a source of inspiration to other knights, like Leo Whitefang, and often challenged his comrades to duels to hone skills together. It is fastened togeth…

During the evacuation, Ky and Sin are able to see Dizzy (who was unsealed while they were gone) once again, and Sin is finally able to call Ky "Dad". Ky also inspects the Thunderseal (still repairing itself) and spars with Dizzy, who has improved due to having a 'chair' in her heart thanks to Ky. In Xrd, if he were to be knocked down during his opponent's match point, his hair will become loose and his original theme, Holy Orders, will begin to play. View and download this 640x800 Ky Kiske image with 11 favorites, or browse the gallery. Ironically in Xrd, his left eye becomes red, with a Gear symbol inscribed on the iris. It is fastened together by a belt buckle inscribed with the word "HOPE", and a drape of blue cloth hanging down beneath. View an image titled 'Ky Kiske Art' in our Guilty Gear Vastedge XT art gallery featuring official character designs, concept art, and promo pictures. Thunder KingThe Hope of the WorldBoy/Boyscout (by Sol)Bambino (by Leo)Mister King (by Johnny) Relatives Ky investigates the Post-War Administration Bureau and fights its minions, ultimately separating from the police but continuing his labor as a banner of justice. branch. Takeshi Kusao Ky immediately issues a bounty on Sol to summon him.

In his Overture profile, it is stated that his position as a king made him lose some of his zeal, but he gains a new perspective over things in its place. Justice was pushed to retreat by Ky in their first encounter, and noted afterwards that mankind was "blessed with much greater skills as a fighting species than mere Gears".

© 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Family View and download this 600x600 Ky Kiske image with 13 favorites, or browse the gallery. He is a very charismatic young man who possesses a strong sense of justice and a devout religiosity, which sustain and guide him through all manner of shaking uncertainties. However, Sol’s deptaure with the Outrage weapon, the Fireseal sword, earned Sol Ky’s hatred. Hobbies Ky wants to know more, but she dies, leaving Ky to ponder if he was doing the right thing.

Loyal to his ideals more than his surroundings, Ky will not hesitate to confront his superiors if he believes them to be undermining his conception of justice. Jan 1, 2020 - Explore jiangwei_19's board "Ky Kiske" on Pinterest. He is a compassionate man and chivalrous in the classical way, being known to hold back against female opponents if he is forced to fight them. His chargeable Stun Edge received a proper name.

After the incident, Ky invites Paradigm to live in the castle so that he can study Dizzy's state. Having begun to question his sense of justice and his belief that all Gears are evil since the tournament, he arrives at the Grove. Full Name

The following is a list of Ky Kiske's commands throughout the series.


Ky shows them Dizzy's state, and Paradigm says she can be unsealed but they must first defeat Valentine. The following chart uses the most recent, localized names from Λ Core Plus R, with the original/Japanese names placed below or alongside. His lightning magic takes on a violet hue. I think I remember beating him up in round 1 and his hair was like that round 2. you dont. "Ky..." she purred sending shivers down his spine. Dizzy (wife)Sin Kiske (son)Justice (mother-in-law) Ky has made guest playable appearances in the following games. KnightLaw officerMonarch

Ky later leads his men into battle against the Vizuel so that Sol's party can enter the Backyard.

Guilty GearGuilty Gear ClubGuilty Gear RoAGuilty Gear XGuilty Gear X PlusGuilty Gear X: Advance EditionGuilty Gear X ver 1.5Guilty Gear XXGuilty Gear XX ♯ReloadGuilty Gear XX SlashGuilty Gear XX Λ CoreGuilty Gear XX Λ Core PlusGuilty Gear XX Λ Core Plus RGuilty Gear 2: OvertureGuilty Gear PetitGuilty Gear Petit 2Guilty Gear IsukaGuilty Gear Dust StrikersGuilty Gear JudgmentGuilty Gear Vastedge XTGuilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2Guilty Gear -STRIVE- 29 (as of Xrd) When Ky declined their offer, he was told that they knew about his wife. Leo, Sin and Ky defend the control room from the Opus while Dizzy overloads Justice and Sol removes Chronus. Takeshi Kusao, Ky's voice actor, is known for voicing heroic young men using swords, such as. Ky did as ordered and, around 2172, he joined the Order. As Ramlethal moves in to kill Sol, Ky releases Elphelt despite Leo Whitefang's refusal, as she agrees to help them take Ramlethal into custody. How exciting! She ran a hand through his long blond hair as he let out a beautiful sound. Leo Whitefang is a major character in the Guilty Gear series. In the downtime, Ky and Sol reflect on their past rivalry; Ky again insists that Sol has a future, and acknowledges Sol as a friend. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. As soon as he is returned to work, Ky Kiske is thrust into a new conspiracy which includes robot clones of himself, a secret organization, a woman in red named I-No, and his bitter rival, Sol Badguy. Ky vehemently refuses, declaring his love for her and shocking Paradigm. November 20 Sol (prior to GG2), his own weak heart They don't fall short of praises towards his opponents even if he's very competitive. Sol then calls Dizzy a monster to goad Ky into fighting seriously. A former member of the Sacred Order of Holy Knights during the Crusades, Ky is a very charismatic swordsman who possesses a strong sense of justice and piety, which sustain and guide him through all manner of shaking uncertainties. Ky caught Sol during the act and fought him, but Sol defeated him once again and got away. Find the goods below. He is one of the most well known characters, and has been an integral part of the series since the first Guilty Gear. Ky has assumed the position of king, reigning over the land of Illyria, armed with the sword Aquila, as he is keeping his lover sealed within a time barrier with the use of the Thunderseal's power. Hobby ".

Unfortunately these are literally pictures of the arcade cabinets and not actual screenshots, but I’d say they’re a whole lot better than nothing. All Rights Reserved.

Half a year later, during a Gear attack Ky decided he would no longer run and told Commander Kliff Undersn of the Sacred Order of Holy Knights that he wanted to join.

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