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Ray Slijngaard Kim Vergouwen Entiset jäsenet Anita Doth Romy van Ooijen Marjon van Iwaarden Levy-yhtiö Byte Records PWL Continental ZYX Records Quality Records Radikal Records Aiheesta muualla Infobox OK Nimi-testi OK 2 Unlimited on belgialais - alankomaalainen elektronisen musiikin yhtye. [31], On 30 March 2013, Slijngaard and Doth performed their first full concert as 2 Unlimited with their band in Belgium at Antwerps Sportpaleis.[32]. Inzwischen heißt das Projekt wieder wie ursprünglich Dance Nation.. Am Anfang verkörperten die Zwillinge Leon und Marco (* 1980) Dance Nation. [10], A follow-up single, "Twilight Zone", followed in January 1992, and topped the chart in the Netherlands. Fans applied via email and were selected randomly. Ezt a producerrel való közös megegyezés után engedélyezték nekik. It later emerged that after having spent so much time together, they were no longer getting on as well as they once had, and there was disagreement about the future sound of band. He also noted the presence of a cowbell in the back of the track.

Among the singles taken from the album were Universe, Lifting up My Life, and This Is Reality. [35], On 13 August 2016, Kim Vergouwen was revealed as Anita's replacement to the public via Ray Slijngaard's Facebook page. 2 Unlimited's second album proved more successful than its predecessor, entering the top 5 album charts in Austria, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland. [12] Further gigs followed on 30 April at the Radio 538 Queen's Day concert at Museumplein in Amsterdam, and as support act for Milk Inc at the Sportpaleis in Antwerp on 25 September. Quelques semaines plus tard, alors que le duo annonçait leur comeback, la presse annonce le 11 janvier 2010 qu'Anita Doth est atteinte d'un cancer du sein. de 1991. He told us she was a good friend of his out of the city's nightlife. [20], The second single from Real Things, "No One", despite being a straightforward pop song, didn't prevent fans from sending it to No.

As they still owned the rights to the name 2 Unlimited, De Coster and Wilde recruited two new (again Dutch) singers, Romy van Ooijen (b. She also worked as a DJ on Dutch radio station Radio 538. 1994-ben a duó 500.000 ember előtt lépett fel. A dal nagyon sikeres volt, így Ausztriában, Ausztráliában, Belgiumban, Franciaországban, Németországban, Norvégiában, Svédországban, Svájcban és az Egyesült Királyságban is a legjobb öt közé tartozott. Kim Vergouwen: Бывшие участники: Romy van Ooijen (1998—1999) Marion van Iwaarden (1998—1999) Anita Dels (1991-1996, 2009-2016) Медиафайлы на Викискладе Anita & her former 2 Unlimited colleague, Ray Slijngaard, reunited on 11 April 2009, to perform together for the first time in 13 years at the "I love the 90s" concert in Hasselt, Belgium. 41 in the German singles chart.

Après une tournée intensive en Europe, 2 Unlimited décide de sortir un remix de leur plus grand hit au mois de novembre 2013.

Tribal Dance peut être entendu au début du film d'horreur Destination finale 3 quand les adolescents dansent dans la fête foraine. In 2000, Byte Records released the remix singles "No Limit" and "Twilight Zone".

He told us she was a good friend of his out of the city's nightlife.

[3] Although they enjoyed less mainstream recognition in the United States, many of their songs have become popular themes at American sporting events, particularly in the NHL and the NBA.

[34] Doth was to be replaced by another singer, whose identity was not revealed right away. Doth sang the choruses for the majority of their songs; however there were some B sides, and one successful single, "Nothing Like the Rain", where she sang close to all the lyrics.

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