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Jenna filmed a school recital scene for her TV show Splitting Up Together, and the holding room for hair and makeup was in the same room where Phyllis is getting ready before her wedding. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Her main sister that is seen throughout the episode is played by Maile Flanagan. Then, we dive into the hilarious hot dog eating contest and Angela schools us with her basketball knowledge. Family Members We jump in by discussing Pam clocking Phyllis using all of her wedding ideas, we get a 'shallow dive' on Ivan Pavlov, and we get a Dwight talking head that will be important later in the show series.

Phyllis' Uncle Al was supposed to just be sitting on a bench outside, but then on the night they shot the scene they improvised him wandering out into the street. We take a moment to celebrate and the Ladies answer a few general fan questions. Role If you have questions for an upcoming episode, visit to file them there, or email you questions to We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. If you, or someone you know is suffering from depression, please reach out for help. Ken made a list of the order that they would shoot all of the scenes for this episode. Male We are joined by this episode's director, Ken Whittingham, who shares his memories of this episode and his time on The Office. They had already filmed the pilot and were looking for directors to be a part of the series. This week we're breaking down Phyllis' Wedding. The cake scene at the end was originally supposed to be earlier in the episode, right before Dwight confronts Uncle Al for stealing the bread at the buffet. Now, beer us another episode. And we aren't stopping there, the shimmy queen herself, Phyllis Smith, sends in audio memories for this episode as well. They rehearsed it without the cake a few times before that. Finally, we hop into Meredith's van and hit the mall, discuss Kate Flannery's stunt driving, and chat about keeping restrooms clean for everyone.   We reached out to writer Brent Forrester, to get his memories about this episode and what it was like working with director Joss Whedon (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Avengers). They are supposed to be Bob's sons, which is written in the script. That was shot on the first day of filming.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Angela and Rainn got to improvise a lot in the scene where Dwight and Angela meet each other in the parking lot and then walk into the church together. Last appearance

This week we're breaking down Beach Games. Ex-wife, not seen.

He practiced a lot for this episode. He passed away in 2013, and The Office was the last TV show he appeared in. The cake scene was done in one take so they didn't have to keep cleaning up the cake for each take. It was a random joke that was thrown in and it just stuck. The Golden Girls This week we're breaking down Phyllis' Wedding. Ken defends the girls in his clown outift. Get the whole world of podcasts with the free GetPodcast app.

When Ken reveals his aspirations to Dorothy, she isn't exactly thrilled with the idea, as Ken has one of the most prominent and prosperous law firms in the Miami, FL area, but Ken, who has been entertaining sick kids at local hospitals in the area for years, reveals that he has long had the dream of performing under the big top. This week we're breaking down Women's Appreciation. Ken Whittingham was great too. Directing: Director (1 Episode) 2006-2010: 1600 Penn. Try Prime All Go Search EN Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Orders Try Prime Cart. Then, we go to the room where the fart happened and Phyllis Smith answers all your questions about that scene. That scene was not originally supposed to stay in the script. The scene with Dwight and Angela dancing together outside of the church was shot in front of a busy street. Writer, Jen Celotta sends us her memories from this episode.

Phyllis' Wedding. Ken met with Teri Weinberg and Greg Daniels, and they all discussed whether or not America was ready for the type of show that The Office was.

This week we're breaking down Phyllis' Wedding. When Dorothy and the others arrested from the trespassing and brought to court after protesting the killing of dolphins by tuna fishermen, Dorothy's boyfriend shows up to save them in his clown costume but he still succeeds. Gender His most notable directorial work includes a number of episodes from each of the TV series One on One, The Parkers, The Bernie Mac Show, Everybody Hates Chris, The Amanda Show, Girlfriends, The Office, My Name Is Earl and Entourage. Ken Whittingham This community is to discuss the podcast with other fans. Then, we discuss Dwight's solutions to catching a flasher, and we get Angela's grandmother's review of Michael Scott and how long she lasted watching this episode. We start things off with some facts about the real Benjamin Franklin, and we get some audio memories from the incredible Andy Daly (Review, VEEP) who played the Ben Franklin impersonator in this episode. The original ending tag was going to be a bunch of pictures of Michael photo bombing the wedding photos. This week we're breaking down Safety Training. I just read these. From the 'Survivor' theme to the challenges that went into shooting Andy floating away in the Sumo suit, we get all of the behind the scenes details! Finally, we continue on with some good Creed and Michael corrections and chat about maybe being a little hard on Jim. We go over things we may have missed the first time around and answer more of your questions. Ken Whittingham Role Director IMDb profile Ken Whittingham was a director for Scrubs.

Then, Angela debunks Prima Nocta, Jenna answers everyones burning questions about Pam's hair color, and we chat about the 'guy shower' down in the warehouse. Dave gives us his The Office origin story, and gives us some deep dives on what went into editing The Office for the full nine seasons of the show. Keep your little bookworms engaged outside of the classroom with our selection of the very best literary adaptations. When Jenna came to work that day she had 7 outfits ready for her in her trailer. Fast Fact: Ken Whittingham directed nine total episodes of The Office. Let us know what you think it is over at @officeladiespod on instagram! They had to film the footage for Michael as a kid at his mom's wedding and then edit it to make it look like an old VHS.

???? Then, we're joined by long time The Office editor, Dave Rogers. Ken Whittingham is a character who makes a guest appearance in The Golden Girls. Finally, we hear from Kate Flannery herself, who gives us the scoop on everything we want to know about that scene with Meredith, Dwight and that bat, and Jenna recounts her memories of shooting that really touching Pam and Michael scene.

© 2020 OFFICE LADIES | PODCAST IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY EARWOLF. We start with a big boat correction, and we get a wonderful rendition of Heartbreak In The Breakroom by the amazing singer-songwriter Rhett Miller. Don't miss an episode of “Office Ladies” and subscribe to it in the GetPodcast app.

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