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Some female athletes have complained that it is unfair to make them compete against people who, despite their gender-identities and medical procedures, remain biologically male. He even told the paper that he has witnessed five players with full beards claiming to be women and playing in the women’s leagues. 'You wouldn't have a 15-year-old boy competing in the under 10s because it wouldn't be fair and basically you're asking the same for women's sport. The story is little different in other countries. As the rules now stand, transgender women can play women's rugby in the UK if they lower their testosterone levels for at least 12 months. brian minty, kelly morgan, lgbt, nicholas morgan, rugby, transgender athletes, transgenderism, united kingdom, women's sports Keep this news available to …

Male-to-female transgender athletes are vanishingly few in number (like male-to-female trans people in general), but as the above examples indicate, when they compete, they pose a crushing existential threat to women’s sports. dedicated to divisive cancel culture, corporate wokeism, and political correctness, all while covering up corruption from the

', 'The RFU is committed to LGBTQ+ inclusion as well as safety and fairness across all levels of the game.'.

Born Nicholas Gareth Morgan, she played representative rugby for east Wales as a teenager.

"One of the main things Kelly does is give confidence to the other people around her. Join the ranks of independent, free thinkers by supporting us today for as little as $1. The founder of Morgan’s team “jokes” that things will be great as long as they “can stop [Morgan] injuring players in training.” The researchers concluded that “healthy young men did not lose significant muscle mass (or power) when their circulating testosterone levels were reduced.”.

This is driving female players and referees out of the game.”. When the review came to a conclusion earlier this month, the global governing body for the sport found 'safety and fairness cannot presently be assured for women competing against trans women in contact rugby'. @thetimes has printed a retraction following the blatantly inaccurate use of @VeritySmith19’s photo in @thesundaytimes anti-trans hit-piece: “Injury fears over rugby’s trans women drive referees off pitch”, They’re so desperate to smear trans people, fact-checking is ignored! But if you’re confused as to why Smith didn’t play on a men’s team when she claimed to be a man, so am I. Smith, to her credit, says she’s against biological men in women’s sports.

We've had segregation in sport for centuries for obvious reasons. "She's one of us. A recent BBC article, celebrating the accomplishments of Kelly Morgan in the sport of rugby, focuses on the social advances that Ms. Morgan has accomplished and glosses over the question of biological disadvantages she brought to the sport. They are not able to compete in international games however, including  Six Nations or in the Olympics. “She’s going to be a good, good player for the next few years, as long as we can stop her injuring players in training,” … We are no longer accepting comments on this article. Read about our approach to external linking. What hasn’t been discussed is the similar effect of transgender athletes who, biologically, have the natural equivalent of steroid enhancers without having consumed any drugs. That is half the level set by the International Olympic Committee.

Ms. Morgan’s history, as described in the article, includes mention of an injury sustained prior to transitioning to the opposite gender.

Trans women are banned from international women's games, while trans men are still able to play on men's teams - providing they show they understand that the potential-injury risk during a match is much higher. she says. And Kelly, who works as a lorry driver, has a simple message. Newsletters may offer personalized content or advertisements. In 2012 trans woman Gabrielle Ludwig, 50 years old, 6’8” in height and 220 pounds in weight, joined the women’s varsity basketball team after enrolling at Santa Clara’s Mission College in California.

Mansell sees Kelly as a great addition to his squad. Born Nicholas Gareth Morgan, she played representative rugby for east Wales as a teenager. Yet he never lost the support of millions of Americans.

She told the BBC - prior to World Rugby's decision - in August: 'I think the fear of losing rugby as a community and supportive space has been weighing on me quite heavily. Kelly Morgan confesses that she feels “guilty” but that doesn’t stop her from endangering natal females in the very physical sport of rugby.

A report said there could be 'at least a 20-30 per cent risk' of injury when a female player is tackled by a player who has gone through male puberty, as reported by the BBC. Kelly Morgan is a trailblazer. The establishment media is increasingly Welsh transgender player Kelly Morgan is ripping through the women’s rugby league and is so over-powering on the field that even the team’s coach has admitted that Morgan is hurting his own players in practice. Referees say they have been warned not to challenge bearded or heavily muscled players appearing for women’s teams.

It has long been agreed that athletes should not use performance enhancers like steroids. Nicholas Hellen, Social Affairs Editor | The Sunday Times. Racial and religious hate crimes soar by a third in a year... Sarah Sanders says liberals should be 'applauding' Judge Amy... Trump files new lawsuits in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia after Biden wins in Wisconsin and Michigan to... What lockdown?

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