judd db v8 for sale

By 1988, the company moved into Formula 1, which had recently switched to naturally aspirated engines. Mercedes tuning house Carlsson Germany together with Team Meisel Motorsport took a Mercedes SLK R172 and turned it into a hill climb monster.

B8444S Engine Info & Usage. Judd CV engine running. The Judd CV is a 3.5 Liter V-8 producing 600 HP. A Cosworth ECU was used to control the engine and for data acquisition. The car’s engine is a 3.4 L Judd DB V8 from a LMP2 that makes 610 horsepower and 430 Nm (317 lb-ft) of torque.

The engine weighs 115 kg (253 lb) and produces 610 horsepower and 430 Nm (317 lb-ft) of torque. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Loved by fans across Europe for his 12,000-rpm racing machine, Plasa was tragically killed in a crash during the 2011 Coppa Carotti hillclimb in Italy. If you break the name down, it stands for "Bensin (Gasoline) 8-cylinder 4.4-liter with 4-valves per cylinder with "suction" — meaning that it's naturally aspirated. Actuation via cable or DBW motor. In house development of your engine. Completely original engine 3.0 CSL; complete with exhaust manifold, air filter box alternator, flywheel clutch.

Complete with rocker arms, valves, valve... VAUXHALL RED TOP 2.0 TURNS OVER FREELY WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET CONTACT NUMBER 07788701994. Vacancies CNC Milling Machinist; News; Contact; Select Page. The difference is Spreadshirt has more color options and sells to countries outside the US while Amazon will allow for free shipping and only US. Helping the car stop are a set of carbon fiber reinforced ceramic monoblock disc brakes with a Teves Race ABS system. Multi-channel engine safety software to prevent engine damage (overheating, loss of oil pressure, etc). This type of engine was designed starting from the 4-cylinder engines of the M10 family, 2 more cylinders were added in a row to the first 4, giving... Cosworth 2500 16 valve (M102 E25) Engine 332 HP just tried. After a rule switch in 1995, displacement was lowered to just 3.0 liters. Your email address will not be published. The official designation for Volvo's V8 engine is the B8444S. The video below shows Reto setting the record for Touring Car Class at the St. Ursanne – Les Rangiers HillClimb. Registered in 1984 in Germany by Hacner preparer. John Judd and Sir Jack Brabham started the company in 1971 to produce their own competition engines, having previously worked together on the Repco Brabham F1 engines. It saw mild success, known for its reliability and fuel-sipping economy.

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