itaewon class ma hyun yi gender

Girl sure doesn’t shy away from an awkward situation. She changing her life, and upsetting her mother, for the sake of someone else’s happiness. by rubbing his head), at least the seeds would have been sown, as opposed to waiting until Seung Kwon points it out to him as he is leaving the hospital in episode 13. When Show hits you in the heart, it hits like it means it. Well, not a problem here: he didn’t even recognize PSJ until the 8th episode or so and then he was bragging that he remembered him while I didn’t (poor innocent baby, if only you knew…). I found that I liked this show pretty much right away. Yes, it’s dramatic and all, with Chairman Jang being evil to the end, taking advantage of the moment to demand that Sae Ro Yi kneel before him, and Sae Ro Yi choosing to do the deed, in order to save Yi Seo, and even musing in voiceover that he’d be willing to do it a thousand times, but I honestly couldn’t enjoy the drama of the moment, because I was so distracted by how much time they were wasting, while Yi Seo and Geun Soo were being cornered. I liked them together but as friends as that felt more organic. I watched IC in the same spirit that I watched Stowe League, an underdog story. But she didn’t, and hasn’t, and Yi Seo calling her out on it, feels quite satisfying to watch, I have to admit. E6. I couldn’t even root for them like I normally would with other OTP’s. Even though it turns out that Seung Kwon had knowingly let Yi Seo order drinks even though he saw through her fake ID, Sae Ro Yi doesn’t take Seung Kwon to task. I look forward to his future projects. Here’s the OST album, in case you’d like to listen to the eclectic mix of tracks as you read the review. “Do you know what Hyun-yi is like? I’m quite conflicted about this. You’re the best!) Those scenes of the four of them having big, important discussions about taking down Chairman Jang, and Yi Seo and Ho Jin having the most input, felt off, to me. (Spoiler: I didn’t hate it) I hope you guys enjoy the review! I really didn’t love the OTP just like you said.

This for me includes Geun Won, and extra kudos from me to the actor (and his stylist, I don’t think I have ever seen so sharp and dazzling suits in a KDrama so far). Gosh I keep saying that! That’s so true. She wasn’t a sociopath rather it is said she was at the brink of becoming one but I guess sae ro yi love changes and softens her a bit. As usual, I agree with nearly everything you wrote, especially how the final part after the time jump was a letdown compared to what had come before. From the small, slightly nervous ticks like Sae Ro Yi’s habit of rubbing his chestnut bowlcut hair when he feels uncertain, to the large emotional moments of sorrow, or all-out fury, Park Seo Joon breathes life into it all, and I found him a joy to watch.

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