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223 - Updates to CPG Section 10-005 Welfare to Work Sequence and Detail, CPG Letter No. These projected savings were the result of projected CCR‑related caseload movement savings exceeding the total projected costs of CCR’s other components. Contact your agency by phone to ask about this. The Legislature could then adopt the Governor’s proposal as is, or take a different action, based on what it wants to accomplish first and how quickly it hopes to reach its final target. Given that the initial funding for HDAP can be expended until the end of 2019‑20, total funding for HDAP in 2019‑20 will likely exceed $25 million. 375 Identity and Residency, CPG Letter No. Governor’s Proposals for IHSS and SSI/SSP Program Appear Reasonable. CalWORKs And CalFresh: Nationwide Prisoner Match And Deceased Persons Match Processing Guidance, ACL 19-32 (April 22, 2019) | Executive Summary 1305 Macdonald Avenue The 2018‑19 budget package established separate subaccounts for CalWORKs and Medi‑Cal within the Safety Net Reserve. In our view, highlighting the expected caseload savings will further the Legislature’s goal to focus on reserve deposits when the caseload is declining. The administration projects that total congregate caseload declines will continue to accelerate with less than 2,700 congregate care placements by the end of 2019‑20. Improving foster children’s access to mental health services has been a longstanding goal of the state.

As a result of the higher grant amounts overall, the Legislature’s plan would be somewhat more costly than the Governor’s proposal in 2019‑20 and significantly more costly in future years. Region II includes the more rural counties (all of the ones not listed above). These are referred to as foster care payments. Protective shoes, clothing, tools, fees, or other services necessary for work.

Erratum To ACL 19-56 - 2019 CDSS Privacy And Security Agreement (PSA), ACL 19-56 (June 20, 2019)  | Executive Summary We would note, however, that combining the subaccounts may not practically increase the Legislature’s budgetary flexibility. Fiscal pressure in CalWORKs increased as a result of the recession. Implementation Of Assembly Bill 1811 Waiver Personal Care Services Provider Parity, ACL 19-60 (July 2, 2019) | Executive Summary CalFresh Implementation Of Senate Bill 1050: Eligibility For Exonerated Inmates And 15 Percent Exemptions Priority, ACL 19-08 (February 9, 2019) | Executive Summary (The actual CPI‑W will not be known until the fall.

The growth in average paid hours per case reflects, in part, a series of policy changes. 260 - Extended Foster Care (EFC) and CalWORKs Eligibility, CPG Letter No. (We note that the 2018‑19 budget included language on providing future annual COLAs to SSP grant levels beginning in 2022‑23, to the extent that funding is provided in future budget years.). CalFresh Claims Establishment: New Threshold For Closed Cases, ACL 19-49 (May 20, 2019) | Executive Summary Budget Proposes Placeholder Single Allocation for County CalWORKs Services. 10-1-13 Maximum Allotments (1994-Present) | Rev. However, currently the tool can only be applied to foster care youth who were placed in FFAs after December 1, 2017. CalFresh Treatment Of 2020 United States Census Income, ACL 19-78 (August 5, 2019) | Executive Summary Rather, this higher CCR spending reflects updated cost projections of the various components of CCR implementation. FFA‑supervised foster caregivers have not historically been eligible to receive county‑funded SCIs. Families with elderly members (those who are 60 years of age or older) may have $15,000 combined personal and real property per family. 296-WTW24-Month Time Clock QAs and SIP updates, CPG Letter No. Before foster caregivers may receive full foster care payments, they must be approved to provide care. Early Fraud Prevention Home Call Referral, C. Early Fraud Detection/Prevention Or Full-Field Referral, E. PAFD Investigation Findings/Fraud Hotline, F. Information Systems Available To Assist In Fraud Prevention, G. Fraudlent/Altered Documents And Recipient Fraud Penalties, F. Application Process for Non-Parent Relative Caretaker, G. Application Process for Sponsored Aliens, M. Redetermination of CalWORKs Eligiblility, N. Continuing Benefits When CalWORKs Ceases, R. Ready, Set, WORK! Updated Program Guidance – Housing And Disability Advocacy Program (HDAP), ACL 19-103 (December 2, 2019) 374 - Revised CalWORKs Domestic Violence Waiver Policy, CPG Letter No. Specifically, statute directs the Department of Finance to calculate CalWORKs and Medi‑Cal savings that occur when the caseloads in these programs decline, and to propose a plan to deposit part of those savings into the reserve.

If the Legislature would prefer to use reserves to address most or all of the fiscal pressure, then more reserves would be needed. The 2018‑19 budget package included statutory intent language stating the Legislature’s goal to increase the California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs) grants to ensure participating families’ incomes are above 50 percent of the federal poverty level (FPL) by 2020‑21. Under the 2017 IHSS MOE, the counties’ share of IHSS costs was reset to roughly reflect the counties’ share of estimated 2017‑18 IHSS costs based on historical county cost‑sharing levels (35 percent of the nonfederal share of IHSS service costs and 30 percent of the nonfederal share of IHSS administrative costs). 2018 Title IV-E Foster Care Eligibility Review Results And Findings And Changes To Beginning Date Of Aid For Kin-GAP, ACL 19-33 (April 16, 2019) | Executive Summary Social workers employed by county welfare departments conduct an in‑home IHSS assessment of an individual’s needs in order to determine the amount and type of service hours to be provided. As a condition of receiving aid, adults are generally required to be employed or to participate in job search and readiness training. Despite these reductions (because of elevated caseloads), total CalWORKs expenditures increased during the recession. 330 - Child Support Updates, CPG Letter No.

This is a net increase of about $565 million (15.2 percent) above estimated General Fund costs in 2018‑19. For example, county administrative costs are higher as a result of the new RFA and CFT processes, which result in greater time commitments on county social workers. These programs are counter‑cyclical—meaning program spending ramps up during economic downturns, as more people become eligible to receive benefits, and shrinks during periods of economic growth when the labor market is stronger. The state sets base‑level foster care payments that can vary from about $1,000 per month to over $13,000 per month depending on the type of placement setting a foster child is in as well as by other factors. It is our understanding that the administration believes that this statutory language is sufficient to allow for the continuation of the hold harmless programs indefinitely.

Conversely, if overall CWS costs fall, counties get to retain those savings. (While the administration has proposed a one‑time increase in this case, that does not prevent it from proposing further grant increases in future years.) 329 - Extension of the WTW 24-Month Time Clock, CPG Letter No.

Federal SSI Grant Increase. Specifically, the Legislature’s plan would raise the grant level for each AU size by the amount necessary to reach its target of 50 percent of the FPL.

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