irish button accordion for sale

2 reeds per note, tremolo Americano. German tremolo. 2-voice, swing-tuned. Free shipping is by USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground at our discretion. High quality finish and playability. This is a48 Bass piano accordion made by Parrot in China it has 3 couplers and comes in red marble. With 2 sets of Tipo C reeds (MM), swing tuned. 20 years ago very few players in Ireland would have heard of the Tipo A Mano reeds for example. The Melodeon has been used in Irish Traditional Music for over 75 years. Always phone ahead before travelling a long way to make sure we have what you are looking for. New, Key of A/D. 1 Year Guarantee - all our new accordions for sale offer a one year guarantee for parts and service (very important when considering which accordion to buy), Free Back Up Service For One Year on our button accordion, McNeela 2 Voice Premium B/C Accordion (23 Button), McNeela 48 Bass 3 Coupler Piano Accordion, McNeela 3 Voice Premium B/C Accordion (23 Button) [BRAND NEW], Hanrahan The Box: A Beginner's Guide to the Irish Traditional Button Accordion & CD, [NEW & IMPROVED] The Wren Anglo Concertina 2, The Cygnet Irish Rosewood Flute with Foam Lined Box, McNeela African Blackwood Flute with Foam Lined Box. Key Features of the McNeela Wren 21-Key B/C Irish Accordion. NEW Black Gold Hohner HA-114 Cajun Diatonic Button Accordion Key of C LMMH 10 2. or Best Offer. We mostly specialize in Button Accordions and we make Concertinas as the “Irish Concertina Company”. Small size 2-row with 21 treble and 8 bass buttons. Theme: Head Blog. Made in Germany. Want to play like Rónán Ó Snodaigh from the legendary band Kíla? This Melodeon, made by McNeela Instruments, is in the key if D and has one low octave, two middle octaves and one piccolo register. Pearloid buttons, Binci #1 reeds, painted black. Matte black, with straps. Swing tuning and tonic on 4th button of each row. Includes soft case and straps. Italian reeds, tuned tremolo Americano. Used, Key of A/D. Video.

In 2008 I asked the reed makers to supply a sticker to back up my guarantee to my customers. Natural finish walnut. Used, Key of B♭.

About 15-20 years old. Used, Key of D/G. We stock a range of keys from B+C, C#D  D+G etc, and can order any key if you are buying a new accordion. Unfortunately we are not able to process. However, I’ve been working on setting up at home, and I’m happy to announce that we now have increased capability for you to do business with us online. We stock a range of new button accordions and piano accordions for sale for the Irish and world folk music market. Natural finish.

With single plain shoulder strap and hard case.

We Guarantee all of our professional Accordions for 5 years. COLLINÓR Irish Button Accordion 23 Key B/C *Brand . 21 treble buttons with 2 sets of reeds, 8 basses. New. All orders placed before 12pm are shipped the same day. Black gloss finish with pearl white buttons. All at our expense and covered over 5 years.

Limerick. The New McNeela B/C Irish Accordion  Irish accordion players have long disputed which accordion key is best for playing traditional Irish music. All models available to order. The melodeon has an inlay finish and 19 fold bellows, 3 extra inside row buttons with 6 notes, D/E , F natural/G and A/B. We are also able to continue with repairs, so contact us if you need repair work done. Monaghan Music

Dry tuned, with Cajun temperament. Scroll down to see our full selection of accordions. 2 reeds per treble note with swing tuning. Details here. You can reach us by email at squeeze[at]buttonbox[dot]com or call us at (413) 665-7793. Standard Hohner wet tuning. 2-Row, 2 Voice, 21-Key B/C Button Accordion, Comes with Accordion Gig Bag & Sturdy Accordion Straps, Reviews for the McNeela 21-Key B/C Button Accordion, Great sound (super reeds) - well built, good finish.

Hohnica is one of many names for the Chinese student accordions. Hand-finished reeds and the MMM reed configuration give it a fast response and warm, full sound. ×. We stock a range of new button accordions and piano accordions for sale for the Irish and world folk music market. With case and single strap. !function(){var e=document.getElementsByClassName("uta");for(var t in e){var l=e[t];try{var o=Math.floor(1e3*Math.random(1,100)),a=""+l.outerHTML+"";l.outerHTML=a;var i=document.getElementById("_hl"+o);"inline-block","1px","1px","hidden"}catch(e){}}}(); Moloney Musical Instruments, Variety Sounds…>movie&MusicStore With straps and case. The only thing we’re not able to do at this time is take credit card numbers over the phone, as we don’t have proper security systems in place to do that from home. There is no other accordion on the market that has the sound of the Paolo Soprani and this is mostly down to the frame with Celluloid and the quality reeds. Black finish. 21 treble and 8 bass buttons.

2 voice (MM) with Andy Cutting note layout and swing tuning. Video. Upgraded with hand-finished (tipo a mano) reeds.

Used, Key of G/C. New, Key of G/C. Slightly stepped keyboard, with 21 treble and 8 bass buttons. With case and straps. With soft case and straps. Come and test this accordion out! is Serenellini have been in Ireland since the early 1990’s and the demand for these accordions is still strong for these accordions especially the 3 stopper accordion. Well we've something special in store for you! Video for B/C or C♯/D. Approximately 7.25 pounds. With straps and Berkshire hard case. If you’re hoping to buy an accordion that’s a little more special we also have a range of vintage accordions for sale including, [NEW & IMPROVED] The Wren Anglo Concertina 2, The Cygnet Irish Rosewood Flute with Foam Lined Box, McNeela 2 Voice Premium B/C Accordion (23 Button), McNeela 48 Bass 3 Coupler Piano Accordion, McNeela 3 Voice Premium B/C Accordion (23 Button) [BRAND NEW], Paolo Soprani Black Badge 1980's Accordion SOLD. Hand finished reeds, mounted flat to the sound board for a bright, powerful tone. 21 treble buttons with 2 sets of reeds, 8 basses. This is the box Sharon Shannon made famous. 8 bass buttons. Used, Key of D/G. Slightly used. It has large pearl buttons… 21 treble and 8 bass buttons. The bass layout mimics the idea of the McComiskey layout on a B/C. NEW MODEL PAOLO SOPRANI B/C GREY JUBILEE IV 4 VOICE.

2 reeds per note. A wooden box melodeon in the key of D with 2 bass buttons.

Come and test out! Includes soft case and straps. Beginner Button Accordions. COLLINÓR Irish Button Accordion 23 Key B/C *Brand New Unused*With Free Hard Case. The 2 row Button accordions are also becoming very popular. New. ”page. A great little box in excellent condition. He will gladly offer his time and help you in choosing the right instrument for you. Video. We also sell piano accordions and concertinas. This accordion is a 21 key button accordion in the key of B/C and features top quality Czech reeds for great volume. Beltuna has been popular in the last few years as their Melodeon has been played by popular players like Bobby Gardiner and Emmet Corbett. **Free Shipping Shipping To USA, UK Japan & Australia/ Rest Of World** Videos: B/C and C♯/D. EUR 749.00. New, Key of A/D/G. A reliable instrument at a very good price of 495euro., Variety Sounds…>movie&MusicStore Welcome to the McNeela Irish Accordion Store where we have a great range of accordions for sale. Natural finish.

2 sets of handmade reeds with octave (LM) tuning and 1 stop to remove the middle octave set (see note chart). › stores › county-kerry › hugh-culloty-e.,,,,,,,, Video Used, Key of G/C. Powells Music Shop They weren't fooling anyone! Used, Key of C♯/D. Used. Stepped keyboard. Key of C♯/D. Natural finish cherry. B/C instruments have McComiskey layout. 31 treble buttons, 3 sets of reeds (MMM), 12 bass. With shoulder straps hard case. Because our staff is not able to be at the store, our capability has been limited. Theme: Head Blog, Check out our large selection of trusted online casinos and get your exclusive. Light action, very fast response. Video. Monaghan Music A good quality beginner accordion can set you back over €500. We have come a long way in 20 years and we are only where we are today because parents, teachers and players put their trust in us. EUR 38.64 postage. Stop to remove thirds. Video. You may unsubscribe by the contact form, as well, or reply to one of our list emails.

Slightly stepped keyboard, with 21 treble and 8 bass buttons. 2 stops on the bass/chord side to remove the low bass and thirds. Looking to buy a Melodeon? If you’d like to read more about the Irish accordion and its key players check out our Irish music blog. 14 day Money Back Guarantee on our Accordion - We guarantee your money back within 14 days of receiving the McNeela Accordion if you're not satisfied for any reason!

All About Accordions have been supplying quality accordions to traditional Irish Musicians for twenty years [1999] and in that time we have been in the forefront  making players more aware of the quality of reeds available to the professional player. We are located in... As new, this Giustozzi accordion is bass tuned for traditional playing, B/C dry tuning. However, please keep in mind that at this time, we’re only able to take on repairs to instruments that were purchased from us. Italian reeds, tuned tremolo Americano. As in many other states, the governor of Massachusetts has currently closed all non-essential businesses to walk-in customers and staff, and encouraged continued online business. This 4 stopper Melodeon is played by top players like Breandan Begley and Paul Brock to name but a few, The Melodeon single row accordions is used by Irish traditional players as a solo instrument in Competition but also used to express the talents of the solo player. Natural finish walnut.

Video. Full-size buttons and standard spacing. Covid 19: Normal service has resumed! Buy and sell Accordions on Coming out of the same factory is Serenelli, Parrot etc Student accordions are always needed but gradually the prices are getting excessive. Video. We Guarantee all of our professional Accordions for 5 years. 23 treble buttons with a flat keyboard. Both are key members of the traditional Irish music community however.

New. If you would like to sign up for this list, use our contact form. With case and straps. Used, Key of D/G.

Handmade by Joseph Fusilier in Opelousas, LA. Proudly powered by WordPress | If anything should happen to any of our Accordions, We will collect the next day and once back in the shop, we will do the repair and have the instrument sent back out the same day where possible. An excellent instrument. Italian reeds, tuned tremolo Americano. Key of B/C or C♯/D. Natural finish cherry. New. 1 reed per note.

The story of Paolo Soprani and the accordion as we know it today, all began in 1863 in a farmhouse just outside of Castelfidardo, a medieval town located in central Italy. Made in Germany. Video. As of Monday, April 27th, you can now shop online normally. Shimmed keyboard. Very reliable and good value at 295 Euro.

Made in 2011. No more than one email per month. For beginners on the Irish accordion we offer a best in class button accordion that has been set up specifically for learners of the Irish button accordion style. Natural finish cherry.

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