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Digitized from a 2nd generation VHS copy. I also used Matt Kersley’s Responsive Design Testing tool and found it useful. Intonarumori Demo Video from urbanSTEW on Vimeo.. Intonarumori Wins Grand Prize! I didn’t want to make into a big destination site, but I wanted to make sure that it had enough information for a curious visitor to get a feeling for the project and it’s output.
[10] Czech composer Miroslav Pudlak's Intonarumori Concerto, for three Intonarumori soloists and chamber orchestra, was premiered by the Berg Orchestra in Prague in 2018.[11]. In 2015 the Italian band King Tongue staged a tribute to Russolo at Circolo Filologico in Milan performing along with an orchestra of four intonarumori conducted by Lounge Lizards founding member Steve Piccolo. Now the new site was pretty much done: We asked the players to do extra-ordinary stuff that are non-musical in every possible way, so timing the hardcore-mechanical stuff and still making it sound like noise was impossible. For the photo page, I used the Camera Slideshow JQuery plugin. With my workflow in place and a few pages done, I pretty much had the process of building responsively going pretty well. The concert premiered at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art on October 16, 2009, before traveling to New York City for its Performa 09 presentation at The Town Hall on November 12, 2009.

In addition to being able to roll-back a site and try out some stuff worry-free, it is also great hacker repair. So, I decided to look into better tools now that I knew I had to drop Dreamweaver. As I got into using more Javascript for messing around with the DOM, Dreamweaver immediately became useless for viewing the content. I decided that I didn’t want to use Dreamweaver’s built-in support for responsive design.

I didn’t want to go overly fancy though with unnecessary javascript or dynamic pages, since the site itself should not change too significantly once it is deployed (the last one was in place for eight years). There are patterns, but the amount of randomness is enough to make the ultimate noise music. I decided that it was time to move on to a different process. With 2013 being the 100th anniversary of both The Art of Noises and John Cage’s birth, the directors of CMU’s Wats:ON? I decided to give it a shot though given multiple recommendations from folks I trust. Followed by performances of electronic/experimental music artists, Jeremy Boyle, Michael Johnsen, Eric Singer and Lesley Flanigan. The speed of the wheel was changed by the player by using a crank, while the tension of the string was varied by using a lever. Those are tracks that make up this EP. Music has always been sacred to God. Pulling the handle raised the tone, and the horn attached to the box amplified the sound.

The Futurist composers created symphonies for the machines. For more information on the album see: for more information on Intonarumori see: One was the icon set I got from G. Pritiranjan Das. Especially the WordPress ones. Usually relatively minor affairs with a small number of pages and mostly links out to other sites with the content.

Technically, everything was random, however, it was also planned. Again, a goal was to really wanted to understand responsive design better. The old site was also using a lot of stale HTML tricks (yes tables for layout!). The instruments were completely acoustic, not electronic. Dreamweaver started to be more of a hinderance than a help there. We wanted to maintain the balance, so only 50% of the players were musicians. I have to say that I love this app!

While Sublime isn’t perfect, it is definitely the best one I’ve tried yet and seems to work. This was fine, but I got way too narrowly-targeted there which meant a lot of work targeting different mobile platforms. Festival, Golan Levin and Spike Wolff felt the time was ripe for a presentation of noise, and decided to re-construct the forgotten Intonarumori instruments. It sounds like exactly what you need. The release of the first Intonarumori album in a few years gave me a good excuse to redo the website and bring it into the modern internet age. Intonarumori are experimental musical instruments invented and built by the Italian futurist Luigi Russolo between roughly 1910 and 1930. I hope that you enjoy this album.

In 2012 Lee Ranaldo wrote a score for the instruments at the Performa Festival in NYC. I did do some prototypical responsive design though (resize the window on the old site and watch how the title area resizes smoothly). To address this issue, we decided to have two monitors on stage to tell everyone what to do and when to do. I spent a bunch of time sketching ideas for layouts and looking at other artist sites to get a better feel for what others had done.

For centuries before, CPN focused on notation suitable for describing the resultant sound. CSS-based, responsive design, a reasonable layout, retina and mobile ready.

Created a 10-12 min composition in 2 weeks, and finally created a notation system to represent the composition.We then found musicians who are willing to make noise, and non-musicians who are willing to play. That was a massive improvement to my workflow as well. The notation system worked pretty well except for the timing. Intonarumori was formed in 1988 to create new music outside the norm and beyond existing conventions.

Performed by : John Ozbay, Ziyun Peng, Elif Baskin, Jorge Sastre, Patra Virasathienpornkul, Carlos Camacho, Yi Cao, Rui Zhang, Guangyu Xia. Dreamweaver became a pretty-good text editor with pretty-bad FTP support added in. [6][7] The performance took place in Carnegie Mellon University's Kresge Theatre on April 4, 2013. I found myself editing code in dreamweaver and then having to FTP it to my server to test.

While this might have seemed like taking a big step backwards, it actually worked ok. At least as well as Dreamweaver, if not a bit better. Pardon (or embrace) the Lo-fi. There are still some things I’m going to tweak and probably a few issues here and there, but overall I’m happy with it as a new starting point. Flash for audio playback. In-side the box, a gut or metal string was excited by a rotating wheel. My earlier sites had been done completely in notepad and e-macs, but I loved being able to do WYSIWYG HTML and having a built-in FTP server.

The woodwork of these versions are also real hard wood instead of plywood. I came up with a new process where I edited the code in TextWrangler, previewed by reloading the page in Chrome, and then pushed it to the server to check on other devices by using SFTP in a terminal window. [5] Carl Bajandas, a sculptor, an instrument builder, took the lead and built 10 Intonarumori instruments. It had been in place for eight years though, replacing the second design which was from the mid-to-late 90s. Based on these sources, three collections of reconstructions exist. Barclay Brown, "The Noise Instruments of Luigi Russolo", Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto,, Intonarumori Das Orchester der Futuristischen Geräuscherzeuger, Carnegie Mellon University - An Inspirational NOISE, Pittsburgh Post Gazette CMU's Wats:ON? Once I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do, I got into coding the first page. I have been using TextWrangler for a bunch of different code editing projects, so I decided to try it out for this. been digging through some old video tapes while VCRs still exist.
Especially on sites like and parts of where I was mixing PHP elements in. [3], With 2013 being the 100th anniversary of both The Art of Noises and John Cage’s birth, the curators of Carnegie Mellon University’s Wats:ON? Eventually, I switched to having a few basic layout for different widths, roughly one for phones and one for tablets and then one extra one for phones in landscape mode. A seven-mile, 60-second journey through early the early 1990s industrial wasteland areas of Pittsburgh with an original soundtrack blatantly ripped off from Shadowy Men From a Shadowy Planet.

Most of Russolo's instruments were destroyed in Paris when the city was bombed during World War II. [9] Westerveld performs regularly with his Intonarumori in collaboration with Dutch sound artist Yuri Landman. A performance of his Gran Concerto Futuristico (1917) was met with strong disapproval and violence from the audience, as Russolo himself had predicted. It was also amazingly faster and more reliable than Dreamweaver or shell FTP. Meanwhile, experimental composer, music technologist John Ozbay, has been asked to compose for the Intonarumori instruments. I didn’t mention GIT before, but I’ve been using it on all my sites for a while now. So, I did use that and I also spent some time looking at different responsive design libraries.

Once I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do, I got into coding the first page. That turned out to be a much longer time than I expected. Found a few things so far that I’m not completely embarrassed to share with a wider audience…. This was the performance of the track "Constant Bit Select of a Vector Net" whose recording was later released on the Intonarumori album Sound Collages 1991-1994 (Unit Circle Rekkids). Festival explores the origins of an abrasive genre, Intonarumori on the website of sound artist Wessel Westerveld,, "HIS blog: Miroslav Pudlák: Intonarumori Concerto pro hučák, vřeštník, rachotník a orchestr (světová premiéra)",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 2 November 2020, at 20:47. The speed of the wheel was changed by the player by using a crank, while the tension of the string was varied by using a lever.

Also, I had just had to rip out a lot of old Dreamweaver template crap from one of my old sites and I didn’t want to get stuck into anything Dreamweaver-specific. None of his intoning devices have survived.

I started in with Dreamweaver CS6.

And the worst of the blasphemies are the intonarumori. As living noise, the intonarumori stand against God’s gift of music.

The Intonarumori were machines built to mimic the industrial sounds of the age. Intonarumori Performing Constant Bit Select of a Vector Net Live – 1991 from Kevin Goldsmith on Vimeo. The wheel rattled or bowed the strings, while the drum functioned as an acoustic resonator. [4][6][8], Dutch sound artist Wessel Westerveld made a series of replicas.

Westerveld's replicas are the most professional versions with welded steel horns instead of cardboard and nailed steel cones like the Italian and NYC ones.

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