how to make a stand up collar for a costume

It ought to stand up like you want it. Next is to check and seams for puckers, caught up bits, etc. place the cardboard inside the collar. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. then get a piece of thin cardboard (cardstock would even work) in the same shape.

Last Friday I won the Saturday ticket giveaway from the Irving Convention Center for Dallas Comic Con Fan Days! This is perfect! it's as stiff as a place mat!" Not a pattern but hey they are not too far from reality! It stays up in the opposite direction to the above collar though. coated wire in a middle channel in the back of the collar which makes the collar repositionsable. I saw them from time…, If you typically find that garments are too loose over and around the bust, you may need to make a small-bust adjustment. The choices are limitless, and up to you to suit the individual costume. and i'm all "i know! Draw a line that follows the curve of the collar, keeping the width approximately 2 inches. I cut the straight part of the collar with regular sheers.

I pin it at the shoulder seams and at the back notch. And the back. Hi guys! Then I sewed fabric sleeves for each section, pulled it over the craft foam, and sewed up the open end. I used a section of black hackle feather trim (check Michael’s or Hobby Lobby) and glued it to the collar base with hot glue. Oct 7, 2013 - HOW TO make a standup collar??? [CDATA[ Press the straight part of the seam open. Do both sides and fold in half to make sure the pins match. Threads Contributing Editor Kenneth D. King  demonstrates how to draft a pattern for an all-in-one collar, also known as a cut-as-one collar. I love the purple accents in the cartoon version of Maleficent, so my makeup was a mashup of both Maleficent looks. Not only do they cut thread close to the garment, they are perfect to snip stitches apart when unsewing. Here is the [URL="蓮_通常_normal.png"]character design[/URL] and cosplayer therawrinside [URL=""]cosplaying the character[/URL]. Our 1st book is out now • Find out more & order a copy », A quick and easy Queen of Hearts costume!

Mine is 1”. Get the latest including tips, techniques and special offers straight to your inbox. Because the top edge of the stand collar was pre-folded and the bottom facing edge was basted and pre-folded, the bottom of the stand collar's facing should align perfectly to the neck seamline. The all-in-one collar pattern can be used for Kenneth’s ingenious half-lining technique, explained step-by-step in “The Smart Half Lining,” Threads #198, Aug./Sept. Pin the collar on starting at the mark and work to the zipper. I pin that section into place first as it is the hardest. I got some great ideas from this DIY Maleficent tutorial by Pins and Things. The rest is just pieces from my closet. Can't wait to try this.

It encourages makers to use wool in…. Looks great!!

Some organza is already stiff enough to stand up on its own without wires, the wire edges give definition to the material. When Peter Lappin began sewing 10-plus years ago, little did he know that he would end up with a closet full of garments. It has a center-back seam and is then sewn to the back neckline. Additionally, the layout and UI will not be complete until all sections have been re-enabled, so please ignore any layout issues (or bland-ness) at this time.

When I went about designing a stand up collar for tops, I had to dig deep into my brain and books to get what I wanted. #6: Mich on 15 years ago Sew from back to front and up to the back. Contours with grey eye shadow.

If you do make this costume next year, please feel free to share your version here along with mine, I would love to see it! I usually use a pin. Pick them out and pin them to look nice and restitch. I never thought I’d find a use for my graduation gown, but tada! I purchased 4 yards of black polyester, cut a hole in the middle, and draped it over the robe like a poncho. Open the collar and measure the distance and mark it.

Lay the facing onto the neckline. In both cases, you can shape the jacket front opening as desired, from a straight to dramatic lapel. I made my template from cardboard and cut vertically through the card and taped it in to shape. Now draw the bottom edge of the collar.

As long as you use some heavy-duty interfacing and sew it appropriately to the collar of the coat or cloak, it'll stand up just fine. Love this idea. If you have a pattern with a shawl collar, Kenneth explains how to revise it to a stand-up, or standing, collar. If you don’t have pinking sheers, cut out V’s and trim close to the stitch line. No zipper in my mini example. I then get my pressing ham out and flip the shirt over so the facing is showing. Like the one they have with family or friends,…, Of all the tasks you perform when making sewn projects, cutting causes the most physical strain. Help, por favor ~____~. I know it seems funny but this is the easiest way to do it, I found. Elizabethan Collar: I had this pretty cool Elizabethan costume with a stand-up collar already on it. A few years back, I used it to make a really tall hat, and that hat is still standing up despite all of the rough treatment I give it.

such a clear video!

Press the shoulder seams open and open your zipper full length. I work my way down the front and do the same on the other side. They sell it right at Walmart.

And I'll definitely make use of those tutorials. I press them out so the facing is smooth, first with my hands and then the iron using steam. ... Hatbox Ghost How To Make Snow Hat Boxes Stand Up Opera Halloween Costumes Clothing Projects Home Decor. As you can see, three years of wear and still upright: . I was so excited, but I didn’t have a new costume finished…and how could I go to Fan Days without dressing up?! Add wire as on picture for collar height. Your email address will not be published. As long as you use some heavy-duty interfacing and sew it appropriately to the collar of the coat or cloak, it'll stand up just fine. Required fields are marked *. © 2020 The Taunton Press, Inc. All rights reserved. I applied a drop of Fray Check (or Fray Block) and left it to dry. 3. To clean finish and close the stand collar, apply a slip stitch along the folded edges of the facing, connecting it to the neckline seam line as shown. Measure down 3 1/2 inches from the shoulder seam to the center front and make a mark. Place the collar around your neck and use the bobby pins on the back of the collar to attach it to the back of your head.

Hmmmnn,what about spray starch?

I lay the collar pattern onto a knit interfacing on the bias and cut out 4 pieces. Once you are done with the first circle of stapled cards, make another set of stapled cards a bit larger than the original circle.

The robe for my costume wasn’t going to support the weight of the collar, so I made a base from EVA foam (you can use those interlocking anti-fatigue floor mats, visit my Resources page for where to buy it). Muahahahaha! Pretty good with just a hand smooth. I need possible material suggestions, mostly. For more tips on working with two-sided fabrics, Insider members can read “How to Sew Double-Faced Fabric.” To learn an alternative half-lining method, check out “How to Make a Half Bias Jacket Lining.”. Thanks.

Maybe next time! 2018. Hey June Handmade: Brunswick Pullover With a relaxed and comfortable fit, this pullover is a perfect layering garment for cooler weather. Goodness no, it's not a prop, you don't need craft foam or worbla. With the holidays coming up, there is certain to be a profusion of wire-edged organza ribbon in various widths. Your work has my creative mind working overtime! But my work isn’t over after the fitting. I sandwiched the wire between a layer of craft foam. I have been looking for a vampire costume online for the past hour and they are either too expensive (JUST for halloween) or too big/small. //

Pin collar onto the neckline starting at the back edge and work towards the front. I was thinking maybe a few layers of craft foam shaped and covered in fabric but I've also heard worbla can be used (although I'm not sure how and I've never worked with worbla before, anyways). After you interface the front and back facings, sew them together at the shoulder seams and serge the outside edge. I lay it on, and voilà, there are wrinkles. If you have a pattern with a shawl collar, Kenneth explains how to revise it to a stand-up, or standing, collar. Thank you for the amazing post! I’m making a Maleficent costume for my granddaughter this year. I then worked my way up each side to the should seams and around the back. So. You can hand-sew the edge of the fabric to the wire, or make the collar two layers and insert the wire between the layers, stitching close to the wire to enclose it. and the lady at the cutting counter's always all "Are you mad?!

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