how did roza shanina die

It was a dangerous walk. Only Vovka Letison I love like a little brother, but he hinted at something I didn’t like. Good people have said that leaving from the rear to go to the front is not a crime. 2 Sergei had been fighting on the Sesupe river, which at that point separated the Soviet Union from Nazi-held East Prussia. He was overcome: “death is all the same.” I didn’t blame him: he is young, and it was his right to think like that. She was used to walking. She had just turned 20. August 8th, 1944. Freezing: in my underwear, bra and camouflage, and that’s all.

Saw 30 Fritz run up and overtake the scouts. During the holidays there were not any.

I’m a sniper. 8 A Finnish dagger, slang term for the Soviet NR-40 combat knife. Sorry for calling you that, but I don’t know your patronym.1 I decided to write when I accidentally learned about your letter to Claudia Ivanovna. Tairov said: “When the attack begins, remember where you are, and what lies ahead, and how very much you have gone through.” Tairov and Solomatin quarreled. But when we occupied the village, where Fritz was, the horse was found again. I saw in a dream my brother Fyoder. And afterwards captured 3 … these fascists are strong. Tairov – old soldier, ordered to hold on until the end, and surrounded by morning, but Solomatin “I am in charge here.” Sent on watch – General Babayan5 – I hide, so as not to get sent to the rear.

I also need to be at the front, to see with my own eyes what it is, a real war.

Many times we took it and were expelled. Attacked bunker, took 27 prisoners, 14 officers, hard resistance. There was an attack, but here we stood, entrenched. Mood is nasty, why? The girls were all cowards and fled. By September of 1944, the Soviet army had crossed into German-controlled East Prussia. And at 20 years old, she knew her death was imminent.

The job came with a little apartment, and for the first time she had a place of her own. Because after Blokhin I didn’t think of anyone, and I could not, and would not be alone, I want a friend, what else? What a meeting! There I met Sasha Schekachikhin, who likes me. In another action, Roza hunted an enemy sniper who was camouflaged in a tree. And I watched him look death in the eye, like everyone, and he had the power to do everything, perhaps, because I’m a girl and have been fighting valiantly. Flashed my dagger. I ask you to talk to someone in charge, although I know that you are very busy. Featured article candidates/Roza Shanina/archive1 ; Featured article candidates/Roza Shanina/archive2 ... (Mikhail, Fyodor and Sergey) died in the war. On the tracks, in the train, I was thanking the people who came to see my medals.

And will I actually get there? We got along great. Spent the morning of the 7th on the front. Unknown to Roza, he had been arrested in Moscow on September 26th, 1943. Roza’s brother Sergei in his NKVD uniform, 1943. Yashka wrote that he is fed up. Girls spent the night on the front, attacking, fire, but they have seen the boys. Did not manage to get to Grunichev, but was invited… He invited the commander of the 711. Letter to Pyotr Molchanov: Day before yesterday buried girlfriend-in-arms Sasha Koreneva.

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