how did primrosepaw die

"What do you think you're doing in ThunderClan territory?" Warriors Fan-Fiction Area Wikia is a FANDOM Books Community. It feels like Erin Hunter herself wrote it! Emberfern!" "B-but I don't feel like one," the black-and-white tom mewed, twitching his tail nervously back and forth. Give some lonely pets and lost items a new home. "I am Patchstar, and I will lead in Crookedstar's pawsteps." He gets his warrior name sometime before Twilight.

_________________________________________________________, Primrosepaw is quite a talented apprentice and excels greatly, Max is a surly and stubborn cat. He described as small. He emerged into a clearing and looked around, so far, he hadn't caught sight of one cat, and he was wondering if they were really real, or if it was a big hoax. Our Halloween Candy hunt is now over! Draw right on our website and share your drawings! "T-thank you Crookedstar, but I've caused so much hurt."

RiverClan would be safe among the mist and the reeds,, Mistyfoot’s kits didn’t originally appear in, Reedpaw was added as a warrior, until the author recalled he was still an apprentice in the. Primrosepaw was born in the Clan to Wildblossom and Lionwind, along with her sister Vixenpaw and her brother Foxkit. he mewed with defiance, his voice growing with strength, and courage in each syllable. Primrosepaw was glad when Smokefeather ended the spar where they were. Primrosepaw suddenly runs at her, asking Leopardstar what she was doing, her mew high and her eyes wild with fear.

He had been living with the wild cats that he'd heard so much about, he was their leader, and was respected, from the youngest to the oldest cat.

- Blackclaw believes Hawkfrost should be deputy over Mistyfoot and helps spreads to rumours behind her back. ", "This story is very emotional and detailed! a bright ginger tom yelled into Smudge's ear. There are also a few grammar and spelling issues but the story itself is outstanding! "B-but I don't feel like one," the black-and-white tom mewed, twitching his tail nervously back and forth. "Darkstripe do we really have to do this?" Sadly, Foxkit was not viable and passed away shortly after birth. "Well that really explains it," Smudge heard Rusty growl sarcastically. the she-cat that Smudge realized was Willowpelt said to the tom. GREAT WORK!". However, he knows more about Warriors than most people, so if a question can be answered, Jaysnow will answer it for you here. ", Yes, and, because Sedgecreek, my first apprentice isn't alive anymore, does that mean, it was my fault, no it doesn't, look at Scamperfoot, Mothpaw died when she was his apprentice, but he doesn't blame himself," Crookedstar mewed, his gaze bearing holes into Patchspot, "You trained Hawkfrost wonderfully, and I know you're doing the same with Swallowpaw, you will be an amazing leader, remember, I have faith in you.".

She then recalls about his siblings, and writes the three apprentices into the story. Despite his older age, he still an apprentice for some reason. "I-I was wondering about the Clans," Smudge stuttered, his eyes growing huge at the sight of the lean warriors.

Perchkit is a black tom with green eyes.. History Edit In the Novellas Edit Mistystar's Omen Edit Perchkit appears in StarClan, along with his siblings, Primrosepaw and Pikepaw, when Mistyfoot comes to recieve her nine lifes.Perchkit is very pleased to see his mother, and he presents her with a life for bravery, while his siblings watch. "But it's just so savage," Willowpelt retorted, "You know that Bluestar wants us back in camp soon.".

I can write like this too, with all the emotions and drama and action, but its not as good as yours. the tabby tom, Henry questioned, from where he perched next to Rusty on the fence. Duck's Stuff Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. I loved it!

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He turned his head to the forest, and sat, staring, into the trees, until he was sure that he had seen a glimpse of a cat. "Smudge, Smudge!" He decided to go investigate. How about all of them which are: Primrosepaw, Pikepaw, and Perchkit 4. "Wha-" the black-and-white tom mewed, batting at the air, in an effort to get the ginger tom away. Will there be a sequel? Primrosepaw and Pikepaw are nowhere to be seen, while only Reedpaw appears. Just post your questions in a comment. Patchspot replied. Duskpaw November 5, 2017 at 4:15 am Reed Tail? [1], Cover Artist: The mixed works of Stealthfire star and Leopardstar’s official image[1], Identification: Warriors Leopardstar’s Mistake, "I'm not lying when I say this, it was awesome!

"Where are you going?" "Yes Willowpelt, unless you'd like to see kittypets all over our territory," the tom replied.

He stretched, and lept up onto his fence, letting the morning sun warm his fur.

Uh idk because I haven’t read Tallstar’s Revenge yet 5. the other pale tabby tom hissed, "Unless you want Willowpelt or I to do it instead.".

I love it :)", "This is insanley awesome! Finally running 4 SW (I’m old) Reply. He could make out brown, white, mottled, and tabby pelts and he crouched down, not wanting to be seen. "Just go Rusty!" Tigerstar 1- Leopardfoot, Tigerstar 2- Tawnypelt Pikepaw Algernon and someone that I can’t remember… Silverflame. "Don't be afraid, ever since I met you, I knew that you would be an amazing warrior, Patchspot," a tabby tom mewed, his twisted jaw hindering his speech. he called, annoyed, not for the first time that morning. Together they sat together for a little, " Thanks Smokefeather, " she said with a smile, " I think I did better than usual. "

Smudge ignored him, and kept going, deep into the forest.

With his last statement, the old leader closed his eyes, and Patchspot watched as his ninth life slipped away from him. he hissed, as a pale tabby tom and a very pale gray she-cat padded out behind him. Smudge crashed through the underbrush, and, finally, after he emerged from a tall clump of bracken, he was out of the forest. "You are one, and you will be an amazing leader, some cats doubted you, your mate even did, but from the moment that I allowed you to join RiverClan I knew I had made the right choice." Create threads to collect roleplay applications, discuss your roleplays, or post additional information for them. "Well you can wander away from our territory," the tom hissed, "Longpaw show him what we're made of.".

Way to go, Stealthfire!!! Wildblossom passed when she was only a moon old, and therefore her primary guardian was her deputy father. As he was about to turn around, a silver-and-black tabby tom lept out of the bushes in front of him. Fanzy fanzzzzz (sign below pwease! ) Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. "Don't be afraid, ever since I met you, I knew that you would be an amazing warrior, Patchspot," a tabby tom mewed, his twisted jaw hindering his speech. Silverflame! The tom coughed, and Patchspot flinched, knowing the old tom was dying. ((OOC: Primrosepaw's vision has been getting worse and worse, and this topic is for her to fully loose her it and tell her family, as she has been covering up a Leaping down from his fence, he heard a voice call his name. ___________________________________________________________________________________. He has firm beliefs and, ──────────────────────────────────────────────────────.

He had heard about the Clan from some cats who had fought them to get back two of their members that had joined a Clan called ShadowClan, and they had said that the cats fought with ease and perfection, coordination each blow with each other. Smudge hissed, now thoroughly annoyed at Rusty, he had been having the best dream, before Rusty had come tromping through is yard to awaken him. Chat, trade, share your pets, and hang out!

Share your art, poetry, photography and stories. "Away," Smudge answered, starting to leave again. by -solar eclipse- » Mon Jun 15, 2020 9:55 am, by Resplendent » Mon Jun 15, 2020 9:57 am, by Resplendent » Mon Jun 15, 2020 9:58 am, by Resplendent » Mon Jun 15, 2020 10:01 am, by A m n e s i a » Mon Jun 15, 2020 11:50 am, Users browsing this forum: ℛσуαℓ ♕, happyanya and 1 guest. Some strange THINGS have happened to me, but I never gave up, did I? As he crested a hill he saw a group of cats in the distance. He started to wonder if his brilliant idea was actually brilliant. BlackswanWhiteswan Prologue "I hate it here!" This is the page to ask and Jaysnow will reply! Smudge started to back away as he saw the hostile tom start crouching and tensing his muscles, ready to leap. He is unable to answer questions that are not canon because, if it is not written, it is not canon. Shadepelt runs at her, trying to haul her apprentice backwards, but Primrosepaw cries that she needed to tell Leopardstar something important, that she needed to know that RiverClan would be safe among the mist and the reeds . "We all do! Leopardstar’s Mistake is a part of the novella arc. "No," Crookedstar mewed with defiance, "Never say that, it wasn't your fault that Primrosepaw died. Smudge dared to glance up again and say the patrol heading towards him! As the she-cat was talking to Darkstripe, Smudge took the opportunity to back into the bushed and run, like he'd never run before. I hope everybody had fun!

What did the original ThunderClan camp look like? He slowed to a trot and trekked through the moor, the fatigue catching up with him.

Every month we have a new set of pets to adopt! Positivity was how she coped with almost anything, so even the small bits of happiness like today's success would help cover the disaster that was SkyClan's current situation.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

"Come on, you're going to miss everything, my owners gave me cream, and Henry and I are going to share it with you, but we won't if you don't come on," the flame-colored tom mewed. Leopardstar is featured on the cover. "Yes?" Sure there are a few grammar mistakes, but if you pay attention, there's plenty of that in the real books, too. "Go Longpaw, we don't have all day!" He wanted to become a member, so much, that he would do anything to be in the Clan.

He looked around him and saw nothing but moorland with a few Twoleg nests and the forest behind him and in the distance. As a kit, Primrosepaw would sneak out of camp and hunt on her own, allowing her to build her … A she-cat hissed, it was a dappled white, black, and brown she-cat, with one yellow eye and one blue eye, she had black and white stripes down her legs,as well as a black to white tail-tip.

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