holden 2 tonner history

The Kingswood sedan and wagon were released as part of the new HK series of Holdens in January 1968 (commercials: March 1968). The FE utility was an all-new design and arrived in 1957. It was the first Holden to have a plastic grill fitted, new front rubber suspension bushing and the first to debut the now famous all-Aussie built 4.2 litre (253ci) V8 and 5.0 litre (308ci) V8. Holden, in 1974 introduced the Sandman, a version of the utility or panel van designed to incorporate many of the features of the Monaro, such as sports instrumentation, sports steering wheel and bucket seats, and "rally" road wheels with a choice of two six-cylinder and two V8 engines. This so dramatically improved the handling of the Holden's without compromising ride quality that it forced the rival manufacturers to readdress and improve the suspension systems on their products. However, after the Belmont name was deleted from commercials at the end of HQ in late 1974, the base model commercials were sold only with the "Holden" badge (the Belmont name continued on sedan and wagon variants until the end of the HX series). Read about our Security Policy These Utes were by far the most powerful, comfortable and best handling produced to that day. The dash and centre console were all new. New Holden hot-shop HSV introduced the Maloo nameplate to the VG range which provided Holden fans and customers with their first performance Ute. All this was about to change when the HZ model was released with radial tyres for all models - the end of an era. The 253 was available on all HT models except Brougham, and the 308 was available only in Brougham. Holden had fitted a new blinker stalk that would control wipers, washers, blinkers and hi-beam all at your fingertips. The GEN 3’s power was increased to 235kw and after an 18-year absence Holden reintroduced the mighty One Tonner. The Holden Kingswood is a full-size car that was manufactured in Australia by Holden, from the beginning of the HK series in 1968 through to the conclusion of the WB series in 1984. The final HZ Sandman, featured a choice of V8 engines only, along with a four-headlight grille and under bumper front spoiler. The first of these locally made transmissions actually found their way into the last of the HT series cars. The variants available now in the HZ series were sedan and wagon versions of the Kingswood, Kingswood SL and Premier, and the HZ GTS sports sedan. Holden®, GM-H® and General Motors Holden® are registered trademarks of the General Motors Corporation. The FB aligned the styling with other fifties cars of the time and came with a slightly larger engine with more power and torque and a grill that looks like 56 Chev's little brother. I have had a bit of a look around and it seems like a wealth of information, which is obviously fantastic. Other logos and trademarks referenced on this website are the property of the relevant company. Policy. The entire range now came with independent rear suspension which made the Ute ride and handle like a sedan. It was however, sold over a longer timeframe than previous models. Ambulance - option code BO6, available on cab chassis and Holden panel van.

After 1980, W sized Holden passenger cars were discontinued and replaced by the downsized Commodore. The HZ Monaro GTS was fitted with tinted glass, full instrumentation, front and rear spoilers and four-wheel disc brakes. WB series transmissions included the M15 three-speed manual, M20 four-speed manual (with high-ratio first gear), M22 four-speed manual (with low-ratio first gear) and an M40 Trimatic. The HZ Monaro GTS came standard with the 308 5 litre V8. Holden 2004 One-Tonner 2-dr utility range Holden's born-again One Tonner heads upmarket with a new V6 and six-slot manual. © go_charger January 2015. For a complete listing of the HK–WB series Holden cars, see: list of Holden vehicles by series. The Kingswood luxury level lived on until 1984 on the WB Holden utility but the end of HZ saw the end of the Holden Premier alongside both the GTS and Sandman which were both deleted prior to the end of the HZ series. Holden 2 Tonner - posted in General Discussion: Hey everyone, I was recommended to this site by a friend. Holden-based style-side utilities in South Africa were known as the Chevrolet El Camino. GM instead utilised the then forthcoming 1977 Opel Rekord, which was significantly re-engineered and released as the Commodore in 1978 with Holden's own powertrains. The new HZ series incorporated minor exterior changes, including a revised grille and higher bootlid and thicker body protection strips ran the length of the car. © go_charger January 2015. The HZ series was also available in two coupe utility, two panel van and one cab chassis model, marketed as follows: There were two special vehicle packages also available based upon commercial vehicles: Holden Sandman Ute and Holden Sandman Panel Van - option code XX7 (passenger tyres) or XU3 (load rated tyres). Released in 1977 HZ was a continuing facelift from HQ. It was arguable whether Australian buyers favoured this engineering philosophy and it was not until the 1977 HZ facelift that radical changes were made to the suspension to improve handling.[9]. In November 1977 the HZ Statesman was released with minor changes to the grille which made it look more "up market". In 1992 the VP utility upgrade was introduced. [11] As with the engine, the Belmont also saw the omission of front disc brakes, now a standard fitment on all Kingswood models. Davis, Kennedy, Kennedy (Part Two), pp. [13] To compensate for the lack of performance, Mazda endowed the car with a myriad of electrical gadgets, thus making the performance even worse.[14]. The WB Statesman Series II models were released in September 1983 with only cosmetic changes. Full-sized Holdens were based on a platform designed in the late-sixties and were starting to show their age by 1980. When the HX was released, government emissions controls had been tightened and Holden needed to make significant changes to their engines. The bottom of the rear window then met the rear deck which was also raised above its old height, that line being continued to the sharply cut-off tail. It was also assembled in New Zealand. Eventually, the WB project was condensed into a major upgrade of the luxury Statesman models and a facelift of the HZ-series commercial models with new headlights, tail lights, grilles and the updated Holden "Blue" six-cylinder engine (4.2-litre V8 optional). The bucket seat option was now standard across Statesman. The logos and trademarks are for information and quick identification purposes only. After August 1980, the base models were produced with the same frontal treatment as the Kingswood utility. Some pictures copyright GM. [7] Advertising of the car promoted its "jet-smooth ride" over rough roads. HJ also saw the demise of separate models for V8 powered variants, for example in HQ a V8 Kingswood sedan had model code 0469 and its six-cylinder version was 0369. Initially, the 253 V8 only came with either three-speed column- or four-speed floor-mounted manual transmissions. The V8 was mated to a 6 speed manual transmission. RTS (radial tuned suspension) made its first appearance which gave HZ some much needed handling improvements. HQ Monaro GTS sedan and HQ Monaro GTS350 sedan shared Kingswood luxury level coding with later examples actually displaying the GTS coupe's Q code on the VIN plate but still retaining the HQ V8 Kingswood's 80469 model coding on the body plate. The largest Holden Ute ever built was now powered by Commodore’s fuel injected V6 and the newly re-worked, fuel-injected Holden 5-litre V8.

Other logos and trademarks referenced on this website are the property of the relevant company. Holden also added a one tonner cab chassis, “pickup” truck and utility. As with the previous series, a couple of special-build HX Kingswood variants emerged later in production, initially with the Kingswood 50th Anniversary sedan in November 1976 and also a repeat appearance of the Kingswood Deluxe sedan. [8] Notwithstanding persistent criticism from many motoring journalists, this policy persisted with the subsequent HJ and HX facelift models. The Kingswood was now available on utility only with the panel van joining the One Tonner, but the 5.0-litre V8 engine was no longer officially offered as an available performance option although some were built.

During the course of the HZ series, equipment levels were upgraded in 1978 effectively to match improvements in the opposition Ford Falcon range, but the life of the Kingswood looked set to end following Holden's release of the VB Commodore range of sedans and wagons in November 1978. The WB series Statesmen received an opera window in its 'C' pillar and the roofline was extended back across it, from which the back window fell down sharply. The South African version of the HQ was coded AQ, and was very similar to the Chevrolet 350 sold by Chevrolet/Vauxhall dealers in New Zealand.[20].

In late 1978, the HZ range was supplemented and then replaced by the smaller and lighter Commodore. Power was up to 70hp thanks to larger valves and a higher compression ratio.

At the same time, the smaller and more fuel-efficient Holden Commodore was released two years earlier, so the final swan-song for full-sized Holdens was the WB. A couple of special-build variants emerged later in production, initially with the Kingswood Deluxe sedan in July 1975 and later the Kingswood Vacationer II sedan and wagon in November 1975. Following the late-1960s import cessation of the Canadian-sourced Chevrolet Impala and Chevelle in South Africa, the Holden Kingswood / Premier and Holden Brougham models were badge engineered as Chevrolet Kommando and Chevrolet Constantia, respectively. Outside of Australia, the Holden range (including Kingswoods in various body styles) and its derivatives have been sold in New Zealand, parts of Asia, and parts of the South Pacific branded as Holdens.

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