harsens island duck hunting

INFO/UPDATES ABOUT Meetings Meeting Minutes Membership Officers Raffle Info Season Update Photo Gallery Contact Us NOTE: IN BAD ICE CONDITIONS YOU CAN SEE IF THE FERRY IS RUNNING BY CALLING 1.810.748.3757. 0000013789 00000 n

This was the first time I have hunted Harsen’s and the bay, therefore we set out at noon for the afternoon hunt.


0000195776 00000 n Harsens Island is a Year-Round Outdoor Enthusiasts' Paradise !

in abundance. Harsens island can be a great place to hunt if you get a drawing in the top 15. 0000194504 00000 n L(0��*�l���R ����

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0000066242 00000 n 0000195563 00000 n 0000166553 00000 n 0000167797 00000 n We’re just about at full pool in all areas. 0000198925 00000 n

0000096847 00000 n A group of birds lifted off from the water between rows of corn, pushing upward into the sky Wednesday evening. � �� N(pB� It was a great evening on the water, and we were very happy to get some ducks. 0000197464 00000 n 0000009094 00000 n Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I continue to be amazed at how great I feel after a hunting trip.

0000072802 00000 n 4(Р@�

0000169260 00000 n MI DNR Managed Waterfowl Hunt Area: Harsens Island - YouTube 1-18: Zones 3, 4, 13, and 15-17 will all have below average cover conditions. Below are a few shots of the spread, my brand new Hard Core Decoys, and my Hot Shot. 0000118673 00000 n 0000084390 00000 n 0000092967 00000 n

0000193871 00000 n These fields will be flooded shallowly to try and make it easier for hunters to hide, but corn in 28 and 29 is only 4-5ft tall and corn in 30 is 3-4ft and will be very difficult to hide in. 0000177423 00000 n

0000211711 00000 n 0000202241 00000 n

0000172826 00000 n 0000196630 00000 n ��$C|R�!>)��Ta��"Mh � #a�"L �S�S:3�}��P:JB�к�������������&�WoY�J�� 4(Р@� Harsens Island is rich in history, from the pioneering days to the jewel of St Clair River, where visitors would board the Tashmoo, a steamship, which would carry them from the city of Detroit to any one of the luxurious hotels available for their pleasure.
0000097353 00000 n 0000120582 00000 n 0000066617 00000 n ��8h�A#qЈ�F4��0w�784�.��z�=C�e�l턡�/P�v��#�B7ThA 0000119758 00000 n Well, it finally happened, the DuckVet got his first duck of the 2011-2012 season. From lay out boat hunting on the great lakes to the stubble fields. Hopefully we can find a way to match up experienced hunters and veterans.

As part of that management, the DNR plants row crops like corn and buckwheat to help make up the lost calories due to the loss of marsh habitat.

0000120141 00000 n

There are more gadwall and mallards this week. 0000173674 00000 n Harsens Island Managed Waterfowl Hunt Area Manager's Update.

A couple more zones could use 1-3” more water, but all zones are good for hunting. p�9�� wT�m�p�0ܰw�­�p?

Sportsmen are attracted to the abundance of hunting and fishing offered on the island. h�t�m�%�u����/��Ϯ�/`��� &�! 0000115913 00000 n Well, it finally happened, the DuckVet got his first duck of the 2011-2012 season. "Because of going through the draw, they get assigned a specific area, you don't ever have to worry about another hunter showing up and trying to take your spot," Darling said. 0000096230 00000 n

0000180519 00000 n 0000064286 00000 n 0000183667 00000 n 0000199752 00000 n We will only be having one draw a day at 5:30am and will be closed to all hunting on Wednesdays. It also serves as a haven for migrating birds.

0000106852 00000 n 0000186008 00000 n

Marshes: Water levels in the marshes have dropped quite a bit as the lake has fell.

0000075224 00000 n 0000122865 00000 n
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0000069341 00000 n 0000216533 00000 n 0000174089 00000 n 0000206436 00000 n 0000170097 00000 n 0000213835 00000 n 0000179691 00000 n P���$8��(p@� L(0����� 0000174507 00000 n The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has developed a portion of its ownership on Harsens Island. Mallards make up about 60% of the 25,000 to 30,000 ducks living the the refuge, Darling said. 0000100453 00000 n

180 of those were very high in the sky. Land purchase on Harsens Island began in the 1950's. Discuss Michigan hunting and share your duck hunting secrets here. 0000195988 00000 n 0000093982 00000 n Harsens Island. They wanted to get the lay of the land in the wildlife area this year. 0000125980 00000 n %PDF-1.6 %���� 10/25/2020; Weather. Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy.

0000182413 00000 n By midweek, we had crept up to around 16,000 ducks in the refuge.

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0000184932 00000 n 0000166130 00000 n

0000195348 00000 n 0000214467 00000 n 0000202660 00000 n 0000203975 00000 n t(С@� 0000190672 00000 n 0000175956 00000 n Hunters are limited to 25 shells and can only use up to size No. 0000110077 00000 n Review for week ending. Early teal season; September 1-15. 0000074881 00000 n 0000105648 00000 n 0000188772 00000 n 0000180948 00000 n

0000183878 00000 n

t(С@� 0000171567 00000 n �|GW����%�a���w_�] kx�Ut]#�Z���k=�f�h�Ʊь]U��lq���ͫ��f�eC��αlf�'t-�q����E�wli۸��7��Q���������3R���֙�=��ٰ?��q��`M�ge^�>M�6�D�&�]7��lR�~4���'�ĭ�F|D�,Z��n��Л�ܮম���p(�q*�MF�+�:����茾's���n=2_;�ܼICKw�$4�l�m�/��p�Y����Qr����3NI��5w��V��m���?/��*/��./�e���O����?۴���Ҿ���}4ӱ���w�7ͽ�voo���_ �~%� 0000165265 00000 n 0000183244 00000 n So we set out the decoys, moved the canoe and ourselves into the tall reeds and started the hunt. Check the sheets of paper on the walls in the dnr office which tell you how many birds were taken on each blind on the am and pm hunt for the last few days.

0000193448 00000 n 0000125117 00000 n 0000216740 00000 n 328 ducks were harvested during Sunday alone. 0000104434 00000 n

0000187523 00000 n

You must have a youth 16 or under in your party to hunt that day. “As long as I can remember, I’ve been coming out here to go duck hunting,” said Sandbank, president of the Harsens Island Waterfowl Hunters.

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4(Р@ʵ@*R)((((((((((�J�@�@�@�@�@�@�@�@�@�@�T 0000165694 00000 n 0000081432 00000 n 0000047416 00000 n

0000110959 00000 n 0000165053 00000 n L(0��� It took some serious paddling in the canoe and we… 0000013925 00000 n 0000212343 00000 n

0000088597 00000 n 0000115767 00000 n The South Channel is a major shipping channel, all types of freighters meander their way up and down the South Channel, it is a beautiful sight. Certain decoys are banned. 0000166967 00000 n 0000110417 00000 n Zone 18 has little to no cover. 0000184713 00000 n 0000186437 00000 n 0000112054 00000 n 4(Р@� 0000068866 00000 n We’re now up to 98 geese taken as well. We prepared and let them come in nice and close, took our shots and got the first ducks of the season.

Contact education reporter Jeremy Ervin at (810) 989-6276 or jervin@gannett.com. We took three Buffleheads while hunting in Little Muscamoot Bay, Harsen’s Island, Michigan. 0000047393 00000 n 0000215091 00000 n 0000210873 00000 n P��T� �P���p�A� 0000073042 00000 n 0000124261 00000 n 0000112631 00000 n

0000212133 00000 n 0000084670 00000 n l(���P`C�_I0(���� P4(p@� 0000200169 00000 n ,(���꾏`P`A�XP�skA�XP`��`P`A��4_P`A�XP`���`P`A��8 0000182619 00000 n )����X��ʂT�����b;;� 2� , address: 1803 Krispin Road, Harsens Island, MI, 48028, and phone: (810) 748-9504. 0000210013 00000 n 0000121625 00000 n Not far away, hunters waited at the St. Clair Flats Wildlife Area to get a look at the hunting grounds they'll frequent this fall. ��8h�A#qЈ�F4�����h�A#qЈ�F4��8h�A#�V9qЈ�F4��8h�A#qЈ�k. Geese (Canada) Early Season September 1-30 Daily bag limit 5 CG. Only the party leader will be allowed to interact with staff and sign up the party.

Waterfowl abundance. 0000165475 00000 n P���t>�A�28��(p@� These will also be all day hunts and there will be no leftover or standby zones available. 0000188353 00000 n L(0���� 0000078425 00000 n

0000201827 00000 n 0000113462 00000 n

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