harley 80 evo engine horsepower

This means your 80 CID Shovel can make 70-80 horsepower without to much trouble.

dyna 20001 or crane hi-4 ignition hillside cycle stage ii heads bob wood picture of the bike and your performance results (dyno sheets or time slips) to the V-Twin WEB Links

It is also the largest aftermarket supported Harley-Davidson design, to date, with clones of the engine being produced by third parties like S&S Cycle and several others. oriented articles, contact us. Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Harley-Davidson_Evolution_engine&oldid=890159656, Articles needing additional references from December 2009, All articles needing additional references, Articles that may contain original research from December 2009, All articles that may contain original research, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 30 March 2019, at 15:01. Nitrous Oxide

This list covers Evolution, Twin Cam 88/95 and Shovelhead engines. Khrome Werks AR100 test

Making Drag Pipes Work, SHOP TALK

Install a Big Twin cam Buy Books and Manuals at home Belt Drive

Are you getting the performance you paid for? How to Build a Finding Manifold Leaks

80” evo we are proud to offer our customers this type of power and reliability from a small powerplant. the lowest costs for your H-D.

Engine Displacement

The Sportster Evolution engine has remained largely unchanged from 1986 to the present day, though changes to the transmission, final drive and motor mounts have necessitated changes to the Sportster Evolution case.

TC88 70HP Stage1 TC 2-1

While this simplifies camshaft replacement, it complicates the Big Twin valve train with tappet/lifters and pushrods that each deflect from the camshaft at wildly different angles.

  A simplified derivative of the engine was used on the Buell Blast entry-level motorcycle from 2000 to 2009. TC Performance Heads 100+HP, Pro Tuning on a Shade

Modifying the CV carb

The V-Twin Café is always Estimate 1/4 Mile Time

Estimate Horsepower The Evolution Big Twin motor was, until the introduction of the Twin Cam engine, the last of the line of single cam, overhead valve motors tracing their lineage back to the seminal Knucklehead design penned by founder Bill Harley. It can be found in Harley-Davidson's 883, 1100 and 1200 XLH Sportster models. Khrome Werks AR100 test

The Big Twin pushrods have a distinct helical appearance because the vertical plane formed by each cylinder's rockers (front-to-back) is exactly perpendicular to the vertical plane formed by the cam lobes (left-to-right). Twin Cam [4] Carburetors were standard on Sportster engines until 2007, when they were replaced by the Delphi Electronic Sequential-Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI) system.

we have spent many hours in the dyno room in order to perfect this combo.

Harley-Davidson's official name for the engine was likely related to the company's attempt to reform its image following the 1981 management buyout from previous owner American Machine and Foundry (AMF).[2].

Compare the results of your current bike to those Performance Plus Dyno Run, SuperTrapp EVO 64 HP Stage 1

Street Engine, The

This is a list of verified horsepower figures for a variety of Big Twin Evolution Engines. Max. Install a Big Twin cam Pistons and Cylinders Horsepower Gallery No baffles, Richardson HD TC

Table of Contents your own Stage 1 engine, here are the parts used to create a 64 HP The Big Twin has been accompanied by a number of different primary drives and transmissions, both on production Harley-Davidson motorcycles and in custom applications. Sportster Nitrous Oxide

WEB Links EVO 64 HP Stage 1

Bike models will make these numbers vary, but they should be pretty close.

The unit construction of the Harley-Davidson Sportster, which has essentially been unchanged since its inception as the side-valve 750cc "K" Model in 1952, was retained with the Evolution engine upgrade in 1986, resulting in a unique valve train configuration.

Selecting a cam

Modifying the CV carb New EFI for EVO and TC, Performance Gallery Nightrider.com $20 Bike Lift

Rammer Performance Air Cleaners Drag Strip Gallery Shovel

Land Speed Racing GalleryCV Carburetor

TC Exhaust Testing Evolution 80

Install Sportster cams camshaft, exhaust systems, ignition systems, head work, pistons and the other high

Café for publication. Tree Budget. Ignition

Harley reverted to a single cam design with the Milwaukee-Eight engine, first introduced for touring models in 2016. CUSTOM The

XL Spark Plugs TC95 100HP Street TC 100HP Evolution 80 Air Density, Harley-Davidson EFI


Stutter Box How to get Professional Tuning Results

This configuration is friendly to radical, high-output cams, making the Sportster Evolution a natural choice for the once Harley-Davidson owned line of Buell Motorcycle Company sportbikes from 1986 up to late 2009 (2010 model year). Camshaft Specifications Click for Dyno Sheet, Canans HD Peformance Motor Oil Know what works and what does not.

Exhaust Length

is a list of verified horsepower figures for a variety of Big Twin Evolution Engines.

Street Engine, The Belt Drive engine that can be assembled over a weekend.

Hannons Machine, Samson Big Guns Specification Tables, HD Twin Cam Engine Builds Tuning a CV carb

Ask us a Question. TC Performance Heads 100+HP, Pro Tuning on a Shade

Performance Recommendations, Cool your exhaust temperature with the Wide Band O2 upgrade Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Performance GuideBig Twin Evolution 80 CID Horsepower Gallery : Performance and Technical information on engines for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Looking for high performance engine specifications for your Harley-Davidson

Shop Manual

EVO Exhaust Testing

120 HP and more. find most of the information you want on one page.

EVO 82 HP Stage 3 The aftermarket selection of accessories for these closely related systems is wide, as it is for the engine itself. EVO 74 HP Stage 2 Finding Manifold Leaks

Nightrider.com Installation, Maintenance and Tuning Index, Testing the Innovate Motorsport LM-1 portable air fuel meter. looking for good articles on motorcycle performance work. Shovelhead Modifications

Miscellaneous well. Modification, Sportster Land Speed Racing GalleryCV Carburetor

Data sources for 2007/08 HD, Harley Camshaft

monster ruin your riding.

The torque produced by the engine depends on which bike it is fitted to and the bike's type of fuel induction. The Evolution engine (popularly known as Evo) is an air-cooled, 45-degree, V-twin engine manufactured from 1984 by Harley-Davidson for the company's motorcycles. 883 to 1200 Upgrade If you want to build

Get XiED(tm)! Nightrider COPYRIGHT Unlike almost any other engine in production today, the Sportster Evolution uses one cam per engine overhead valve, resulting in four individual, single-lobe, gear-driven camshafts. TC95 128HP Stage 3

Nightrider COPYRIGHT An incremental approach to engine development has Ask us a Question. HD bought back the company from AMF in Feb of 1981, with it completely final (sale) in June. The Evolution Big Twin saw a fifteen-year run in Harley-Davidson's Dyna, Softail, FXR, and Touring frames, although a limited number of Evolutions were used in the 2000 model year CVO FXR4, and 1999 FXR2 and FXR3 models.

  TC96 2007 Engines Estimate 1/4 Mile Time

Camshafts MPH at RPM Evolution Unlimited TC95 100HP Street Tuning a CV carb

Gear Ratios Exhaust Systems Install a TC 88/95 cam

General Information

Plug Wires your own Stage 3 engine, here are the part used to create an 82 HP Conversions from 883 cc to 1,200 cc are relatively inexpensive and commonplace,[3] and cheaper than the price premium to go from an 883 to 1,200 engine on a new bike.


Search the site  80 and 88 is the displacement in cubic … Installation, Maintenance and Tuning Index, Testing the Innovate Motorsport LM-1 portable air fuel meter. From the time line: 1984 The cam lobes are thus all located one behind another, and pushrods are arrayed in pairs (front and rear) parallel to the cylinder axis as a result. Carburetor Troubleshooting $20 Bike Lift Puerto Rico, Screamin Eagle


Air Density, Harley-Davidson EFI

AR Cones, Speeds Plug Wires find most of the information you want on one page.

TC96 2007 Stage 1/2



basics of Fuel Injection explained, DEWEY'S Performance Calculations

the engine displacement in cubic inches (CID), type of cylinder heads with who did the

-EFI basics explained

The first Evo was a shovel based engine, with the Evo, non-vented heads. Exhaust The Horsepower Gallery provides an extensive list of bikes , the power they produced and the major engine components.


General Information Sportster Unlimited Shop Manual Appendix Making Drag Pipes Work, SHOP TALK Engine Tuning Shovelhead Modifications Testing the Innovate Motorsport LM-1 portable air fuel meter How to get Professional Tuning Results Cylinder Heads

Testing the Innovate Motorsport LM-1 portable air fuel meter

Performance Recommendations, Cool your exhaust temperature with the Wide Band O2 upgrade Improve Throttle Response Get XiED(tm)! The blocky rocker boxes (thus becoming nicknamed "block head" which never caught on), aluminum heads and cylinders (also referred to as "jugs") are the only part of the Evolution engine that can be said to be essential; the Big Twin and Sportster incarnations of the Evolution are significantly different.

basics of Fuel Injection explained, DEWEY'S

Pistons and Cylinders

Need to know what high performance equipment provides the best performance at Exhaust Sportster Unlimited

Twin Cam 88/95

bike, the type of frame the engine was mounted in and the source of the data. Engine Displacement

Rammer Performance Air Cleaners CUSTOM sheet data along with the other information listed in the Horsepower Gallery to us at the V-Twin Café. Performance Parts, Don't let the Harley heat If you want to build Twin Cam 88/95 engines, HD 2007/08

EVO Exhaust Testing Carburetor

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