gw2 marauder vs berserker

dps is never a problem in raids (except for gorse maybe). Would this be a waste of gold and stats?

New Inventory Buttons <3 (god bless your soul and your cat dear devs who made this!) Or you hit dodge button and watch your character helplessly die to the big attack regardless. View Entire Discussion (34 Comments) More posts from the Guildwars2 community.

You see, when you use marauder you probably want to run something else instead of scholar (because if you are using the extra life you are not getting the scholar bonus). For the PvP achievement, see PvP Conqueror#Marauder. Gives me a larger buffer for the lightning. Another thing to consider is that classes with low healthpool benefit greatly from vitality since it gives a flat bonus to hp. I went with Marauder for my Thief. Marauder/Valkyrie is my personal favorite. Versatile Precise Infusions for defensive infusion slots (cheaper than Versatile Mighty). I have a set of both ascended berserker and marauder, sometimes it's just easier to use marauder for non-boss fights or in PvE blobs since in the latter it's often impossible to see anything anyways and you're more of a nuisance to be downed from stray hits. Though for raids and fractals, where your build caps out at 100% crit mostly anyways the extra crit from marauder is quite useless aswell. Ability to switch armor with rev without compromising rev dps. You may even be comfortable enough with Berserker by this time that you won't need or want Marauder anymore, even as an elementalist.

It's a waste of gold. I went for Marauder armour on my (power) reaper, since shroud life gains 69% of your vitality stat, and being able to take more damage while in shroud lets me stay in it longer, increasing my dps overall - maths not included. You don't need ascended armour for raids and you probably don't need more vitality either - you have a healer and most damage is avoidable. Full berserker + currybutter+furious oil will result in a 0.78% dps increase over berserker/2 assassin accessory + currybutter+stone. I run full zerker, and then just have one set of berserker trinkets, and a second set of knights trinkets. from my experience zerker is fine in fractals but for raids not really, playing staff ele i find that to survive more even with druid or engis in raid you need to switch to water for heals many more times then in a fractal, thats a huge loss of dps i believe not being fire/air most time, my initial gear was full zerk on wep gear, zerk/valk trinkets, switched to valk weapon, marauder gear, zerk trinkets and i find have nearly same dps and die a less lot or need to heal less. As with all trade-offs it depends on what you value. Even in raid pugs there aren't usually gear checks and no one will really care unless it's clear that DPS is a problem.

the stats (without any kind of buff or trait) difference: valk wep + marauder gear + zerk trinkets: between those 2 sets i lose 3% power and 4% crit damage for 21% vitality, dps using wiki table for crits damage is a drop from 1.52% to 1.47%. So my solution would be to convert my ascended zerker armor to marauder. Plus then you can phase it the valk pieces when you get more comfortable. I have ascended "marauder" trinkets that had been sitting in my bank sense the beginning of fractals. I prefer to use Assassin for this purpose, since my Ferocity stays high that way. Are you doing hard content but occasionally get downed from a missed dodge? You're not speedrunning with an organized group and trying to shave 0.009 seconds off of a run.

I'm about to craft an ascended armor set for my elementalist for dungeons/fractals and raids. This means you can start fractals etc. A min-max PvE build is always going for the most damage with offensive stats only. So unless gaining additional Precision is something very valueable, for some classes Assassin gear was preferred over Berserker, Marauder … Any other class, nah. If you do not make a serious positionning error during a raid encounter and your raid healer is decent, 11k is going to be enough. As a guardian I wouldn't know how viable it would be from a math standpoint but beating bosses with it is completely doable, just recently did my first raid clears with it and the people that took me didn't even notice I was wearing marauder armor. Unless that's all the person ever wants to do in the game and they don't want to spend their gold or mats on anything else, I guess. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, i7-3770k@4.5GHz | GTX 1070 | 16GB DDR3 1600MHz.

Probably a silly question: Is that 4% loss with the trait that makes it drain more slowly? Can I change from beserker stats to marauder via mystic forge? Also DH is one of the top DPS classes in game for some bosses and they would be better than other classes running zerk. Zerk everything for ele/tempest armor. If that extra 36% health prevents you from being downed at least once during a Guardian attempt it has paid off in terms of DPS alone, on top of insuring against even worse outcomes by preventing multiple downs. But I think if you make yourself a set of ascended marauder gear and use berserker trinkets and weapons you shouldn't have too much of a DPS loss. It feels like it's much better with just that much so I'm not sure if I'm going to continue making marauders or if I'm going to make berserker stuff from here out. The biggest downside of Marauder is that you loose Power. Overall, it should be a better build for raids. Even if you primarily play WvW and you only do fractals once a month and only have one set of ascended - use exotic armour for WvW and save your ascended for fractals - it's the only part of the game where ascended armour is noticeably valuable.

I mostly open world and you can use whatever for that. The only real application for Ascended Marauder gear is WvW. Also went for Berserker + Valkyrie trinkets to get a touch more vitality in.

That's what everyone tells me. Going from full berserker to full marauder gives something like 5k hp.

By any chance, do you have any guide on weapons' sigils and armor's runes? Long and short of it - being conservative, the 36% more health needs to prevent you from being downed roughly once every five minutes of combat to result in higher DPS. I haven't tried raids out yet and I'd like to get some opinions on how to set up from fellow guardians. How valuable is that? It also features two main stats which means you loose Power and some Ferocity, but gain Precision. I have a set of both ascended berserker and marauder, sometimes it's just easier to use marauder for non-boss fights or in PvE blobs since in the latter it's often impossible to see anything anyways and you're more of a nuisance to be downed from stray hits. If you swap in marauder weapons and armor for berserker weapons and armor in an otherwise full Berserker kit, you lose ~3.3% damage but pick up around 28% more health. General. I got back into it, decided to make marauders set and bam. I started playing the game thinking I HAD to use berserker or I'd be forever bad. Let me repeat this: if your healer can't keep you alive it's either the healers fault (and then you are wiping even if you could have full sentinel life + berserkers DPS), or option B, you are out of position. Multiplicative bonuses like Scholar 6 are omitted because they don't affect the final DPS% difference. A lot of possible specific bonuses like food and personal traits are omitted because I couldn't be bothered. but i've found that the DPS loss from marauder is minimal compared to the immense survivability gain from the extra 5-6k vitality. Berserker or marauders. Scholar, force, air. Sigils. Rune. Don't forget that raids are not fractals. So more practice. Things are still hard. Maybe his tail hit me? Proof: If Marauder does 0.9 damage and Berserker 1.0, then Berserker does 1 / 0.9 = 1.11...x more damage. It's only unnoticeable if the other four people aren't doing it. Okay, thanks! Defensive Option; Utility. Ascended for open world content is really a waste of resources.

Cookies help us deliver our Services. Figure out how to survive by other means - traits, runes, trinkets (easier to obtain multiple sets than armor or weapons), party members (good healer/guardian/etc), etc. I am kind of baffled by the amount of people saying they didn't notice their 6%dmg loss at all but those +4k hp, 'I am immortal now' Not like you get oneshotted anywhere in daily fracs anymore, and when you do get oneshotted, adding some hp over a good dodge is kind of a bad decision imo. Personally I find raids easier to survive in because the damage can mostly be avoided, you have a dedicated healer and somebody else usually has aggro. It does just fine. Elementalist go berserker over marauder for sure. I see that the metabattle hammer dps build looks something like this (assassin weapons replaces the hard to get accessories), I would run around in HoT and get destroyed. Most raids and cm fractals are instant death if u fuck up positioning during mechanics. Taking away some of your personal dps to gain survivibility is just not fair to the other 9 people in your group imho. However, Marauder does also fill this role to some degree. Are you doing relatively easy dungeons and barely ever get downed? Additionally, this will teach you the limits of your class as you go through open world and story, and encourages you to learn how best to avoid damage rather than resisting it. I am still only 4 pieces of marauders gear into my ascended set and I have 14k life already.. I have good news for you, you should look into "Furious Maintenance Oil" if you want extra vitality for raids.

If your intention is mostly open world pve content, marauder armor with zerker trinkets and weapons is an excellent combo. Are you learning fights and the extra health buffer prevents you from being downed mid-fight regularly? And Power is supposed the to be the best stat, not considering crit-traits or other crit-dependent abilities. I will be crafting Berserker then. If you need the health in fractals and marauders does it for you - go for it (it's probably cheaper to swap out a couple rings or other trinkets to gain some toughness/vitality rather than changing your armour set around). Corpse running banging my head against the wall boom instant dead again.

By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. 1.4k. If you're rich enough to have a separate raid equip with an established group, you might want to use berserker there. If you ping a Marauder set you will basically say that you are not confident with your survival and that will repel any raid leader so it is not going to help you.

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