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But, as was the case with the now legendary Gryphon Reference One power amplifier and Poseidon loudspeaker before them, both conceived for a similar higher purpose, history repeats itself, as friends, business partners, audio journalists and other visitors respond with ecstatic enthusiasm to the performance of these components in the Gryphon showroom. But most importantly, because output relays that can handle huge constant currents tend to have poor low to moderate signal transfer characteristics, the best relay is quite simply no relay at all. We use cookies to improve your experience of using this website. Display only products which can be purchased online? With no internal wiring, the only cable are a short ground lead, display ribbons and AC power wiring mounted in a shielded channel from the rear IEC socket to the power switch to minimise 50/60 Hz interference. Gryphon Audio Designs was founded in 1985 by Flemming E. Rasmussen, a Danish graphic artist and designer.

Because Mephisto’s perfectly linear output impedance preserves the integrity of the audio signal unconditionally, regardless of frequency or signal level, the amplifier’s exceptional load tolerance makes it an ideal partner for the very finest loudspeakers.

Weighing in at a healthy 108 kg and worthy of its origins as a one-of-a-kind design concept to demonstrate exactly what can be done with no constraints or restrictions of a monetary , practical or technical nature, Gryphon Mephisto offers stunning analytical capabilities that cut straight through to the emotional core of recorded music.

Its factory is in Ry, Denmark. They were conceived as a no-compromise, price-no-object design exercise to be the ultimate evaluative tools, to lend new meaning to such terms as resolution, soundstaging, transparency and, especially, musicality.

However, based on thorough analysis of typical listening situations, we have devised Gryphon Green Bias (green for substantially reduced environmental impact).

If you are using a compatible Gryphon Class A power amplifier, you may choose to connect the Green Bias control link for automatic regulation of user selectable Class A bias between the sockets marked GREEN BIAS on the preamplifier and on the power amplifier..The Gryphon Essence preamplifier can be ordered with the PS2 Phono Module factory-installed.

As delivered, the Gryphon Essence preamplifier is a pure line preamplifier with two balanced XLR input and three single-ended phono inputs.

Authorized Gryphon Audio Dealer. The Gryphon Essence pure Class A amplification system has been developed based on the experience acquired and lessons learned from their top of the line Gryphon Pandora preamplifier and the stereo and monoblock Mephisto power amplifiers.

Any combination of Gryphon preamp and power amp with Green Bias control allows the user to select the amount of Class A required to run their speakers fully in Class A at any given time, taking into account such factors as speaker sensitivity, room size, musical dynamics and overall volume level. Flemming E. Rasmussen founded the brand in 1985 and started as a hobby, evolved into the premier audio design company is today.

Mephisto is equipped with effective protection against overheating, DC input offset, short circuit, RF and incorrect voltage supply.

To find out more please refer to our privacy policy. We appreciate and endorse every effort to conserve energy and preserve our global resources, but our research into efforts to obtain Class A performance from alternative amplifier topologies makes it clear that there simply is no substitute for the sheer magic of pure class A. By continuing to use this website, you have consented to use cookies placed on your computer. Gryphon Audio Designs was founded in 1985 by Flemming E. Rasmussen, a Danish graphic artist and designer.

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of companies. The output signal is constantly compared to the input, so that, in the presence of a difference which exceeds predetermined limits (typically a short circuit condition), the amplifier mutes until the error condition has been corrected. High-Current High-End Amplifier providing 1200 watts per channel @ 2 ohms, 600 watts per channel @ 4 …

If your product is not shown, then please, Prodám Gryphon / Gryphon Diablo Integtated Amplifier. Hifi Pig is part of the Big Pig Media LLP group If the module slot in your Gryphon Essence preamplifier is already occupied by the Gryphon DAC Module, then the stand-alone Sonett Phonostage is recommended as a substantial upgrade for any system. As we strive to push back the boundaries of what is possible in home audio, Gryphon Audio Designs occasionally builds highly experimental testbed prototypes. The range of microprocessor controlled, fully adjustable menu items include input naming with up to eight characters, maximum level, start level, input level matching up to 8 dB, AV throughput, user selectable display brightness (100/75/50/25%, Off), default restoration and Gryphon Green Bias.

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Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material (in part or in full) without express and written permission from this website’s author The fully regulated gain stage power supply ensures long-term reliability and safety. It is a huge amplifier capable of delivering its best at any volume setting, from background levels to full throttle. The voltage amplification stage incorporates high-speed Zetex surface mount transistors with minimal capacitance and high DC current gain (Hfe) and the output stage employs high-speed Toshiba pre-driver transistors.

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