greenwood c3 corvette

“I thought about it that winter and, because I am a car setup person, I kind of figured out what I had to do. So did some big-name sponsors, and when the Greenwood team inked a deal with BF Goodrich it gave them a chance to compete on the world stage in the FIA’s endurance racing classes. After a disappointing 1968 season, Greenwood went back into the garage and focused on setting up the car around his driving style. Though they weren't packing the brutal performance of the modified L88 427s used in the race cars, Greenwood did produce a small batch of widebody-style street cars on a made-to-order basis between 1975 and 1981. However, Greenwood’s introduction to wheel to wheel racing didn’t go as swimmingly as one might have expected. Though the cars were outgunned by the competition – due in part to the fact that they were contractually obligated to run BFG street radials while the rest of the field used race slicks – clocking 215 mph down the Mulsanne Straight proved that the Greenwood cars were indeed fast. But it’s a damn good thing they keep those race cars on the other side of the fence from normal people. “The guys instructing me did things differently than I was used to and I seemed to go backwards. It was obvious that the car was a better platform.”, Though Greenwood had proven himself to be very competitive out on street and at local autocross events, his transition into officially-sanctioned road racing didn’t go as smoothly as one might have expected. There were some pretty fancy cars because a whole bunch of road racers showed up with trailered cars, but I won again. By then the Greenwood Corvettes were making in excess of 1000 horsepower thanks to a thoroughly massaged version of the L88 427 big block V8. We will safeguard your e-mail and only send content you request. “I was one of the first to fit one of the early 427s. History doesn’t often fondly recall the 1970s when it comes to automotive performance. © 2017 Power Automedia. All rights reserved. It’s a true joy to watch from beginning to end. With giant bulging fender flares, tires like steam rollers, and a roar that could wake the dead, this slice of 1970s Americana is not for the easily queasy. Considering the value of not only the car he’s driving, but those around him, he chooses lines and the appropriate gear quite well. Between 1975 and 1981, forty-three custom made street cars based on five distinct body styles were produced by Greenwood International. Listen to those 7,000 RPM gear runs shatter your ossicles, and flutter your heart. After a disappointing 1968 season, Greenwood went back into the garage and focused on setting up the car around his driving style. The Le Mans and Daytona-winning all-American has raced modern beasts with big V8s, but none quite so unruly as the old-school Greenwood ‘Vette. From there, it’s a masterclass in playing catch-up. “In the next two years, I won the SCCA A-Production National Championships back-to-back. I would tune my cars up every single night and go out and race about 150 miles.”. But the dominance Greenwood sought remained elusive, so as the contract with BF Goodrich neared its end, the team began to devise a new strategy for the 1974 season. However, Greenwood’s introduction to wheel to wheel racing didn’t go as swimmingly as one might have expected.

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