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"I live in the underworld Zeus, do you really think you scare me?"

"If mother loved you more then why did she save me from father and not you?!" He could not be certain, but by the way she walked he suspected that she was aware of her indecency.

It's time to sail the waters of reality on my own. ), No Archive Warnings Apply, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con, No Archive Warnings Apply, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con, Major Character Death, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (89), The Legend of Zelda & Related Fandoms (4), Atreus (God of War)/Original Male Character(s) (4), Kratos (God of War)/Original Character(s) (4), The Edge Chronicles - Paul Stewart & Chris Riddell, The Multi-Fandom Game Show (A Truth or Dare Book), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, you crazy-assed cosmonaut (remember your virtue), literally just the author making a play date for her two favorite boys, hammer of the gods / will drive our ships to new lands, Mount Olympus (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), Kratos (God of War)/Original Male Character(s), Original Male Characters(s) is a assassin. How was your rest last night? Dionysus nodded, and walked towards the entrance to the cabin area, and up the stairs, with Kratos following him. From their childhood to adulthood. It begins when the words “you can stay in the barn” escape your tired lips before you even digest the fact that the two travelers who’ve no doubt just returned from some nefarious journey in the mines are looking very much blood-stained, broken, and in dire need of care.

She spoke nonchalantly; as if she had not silently entered someone else's chambers and watched them bathe naked. Athena stepped toward him calmly, though without the usual air of confidence in her voice. said Aphrodite teasingly. "And he looks really angry." "On this scroll, my Lord, with these ridiculous scribbles."

Naruto the God of War and Beauty was bored so he decided to go down to the Elements nation and live in konoha. Stated Zeus with venom. ¿podrá mantener a Baldur lejos de su hijo?. His jaw was squared, powerful muscles pulled taut, and his pale skin gave his hooded eyes a malicious glow. The low basso of his voice makes your heart double-beat, and you let him gently guide your elbow up until it’s level with your shoulder. (A fic about drinking, sharing memories, and different kinds of love. The girl snapped. He noticed, through her still wet toga, that she was still aroused from earlier. said Kratos, standing up. He had learned once how a woman's face could foretell her actions. Puzzled, but no time to think about such a minor detail, Kratos pressed on, further inland, the ground becoming rockier and the soil becoming richer the closer he got to the mountain. An unlikely friendship is forged in war (AKA a prequel to "toy soldiers"). He died.".

He ends up saving one of them, Angrboða, in doing this, he ends up becoming her ONE. Outstretching his massive hand, a large, flaming sword materialized within it, and he brought it crashing down in Kratos' direction, setting the ground ablaze upon impact. "Ares chose the wrong piece to play with. Years ago, I was in a bad place. Work Search: Along the way, he saw villagers and animals, but none of them seemed to notice him. In this fiction, you will be able to follow the life of Kratos and (Y / N). "Well I believe I shall take my leave now, God of War. She stood still, her features changing from curiosity to solemnity and patience as she met his gaze. Only you!" It begins when the words “you can stay in the barn” escape your tired lips before you even digest the fact that the two travelers who’ve no doubt just returned from some nefarious journey in the mines are looking very much blood-stained, broken, and in dire need of care. One solistice, Sindri remembers. Grimacing very slightly at the terrible taste, Kratos handed the chalice back to Ariadne. He made another mild gesture, indicating that she take the lead. Having no success with a downward slash, Surtr brought his flaming sword in a sideways swipe to try and halve Kratos, but Kratos rolled forward, and slashed one of the blades at Surtr's feet. said Kratos forcefully. FanFiction | unleash ... Aphrodite soon found herself just above Kratos' belt-line, and teased the God of War with her tongue, slowly moving it downward, around his manhood, then upward along his shaft, before taking him into her mouth. "Lead the way.".

Hera yelled at her husband, it seems to have worked as Zeus calmed down. The other gods chuckled at his comment, much to Zeus's eternal frustration.

Zeus furrowed his brows and gave Dionysus a queer look. Fanfiction. After a moment, Kratos addressed Athena.

She drove her free left arm into his chest once, but he kept his focus and gripped her wrist with his hand, pulling over her head and across her chest, subduing her. "Look upon this, for it will be the last thing you see!" In search for his son, Kratos stumbles upon him, and finds him doing some...'questionable' things. Her large lips hugged around Kratos' girth, and being she was divine, any gag reflex a mortal woman would normally have was non-existent, allowing her to take Kratos deep into her throat, as she undulated back and forth with her head. He stopped and eyed her, waiting for her to continue.

Kratos was beginning to tire of his guest's games, and began walking toward the main chamber to escort her out. "Perhaps I can be of assistance, Lord Kratos." Zeus was about to retort but he was interupted by his wife. A fact. The ice as a conductor, the massive surge of electricity pulsed throughout Surtr's body, causing him to bellow and seize in pain, and drop his flaming sword. Ariadne took the box in both hands, and opened it. Asked Hades in a bored tone. Despite her position as the Goddess of the Hunt, and her obvious skill as a warrior, he did not expect it from her. Sailing north from Mauritania, Kratos prepares to meet the foreign gods of the Northwest part of the world...ready to crush them into oblivion. He was a proud man. Zeus rose from his throne and scanned the teens, they were all tense upon hearing his voice. Zeus said in a dramatic voice. "My name is-" Began the boy before getting interupted. Some nightmares won't go away. Indeed, he hadn't the slightest clue as the castle's layout. In search for his son, Kratos stumbles upon him, and finds him doing some...'questionable' things. You may bring it to my chamber at your leisure.". The black haired boy said with the same confidence he had earlier. Not that he cared much. Zeus roared, causing more lightning to rumble. "These are from my father, King Minos of Crete." Atreus, Kratos, Deimos y Mimir han conseguido vivir civilizadamente desde el suceso lobuno del más pequeño hace 3 meses. I see that you have other business to attend to.". You’ve taken to calling them Big Man and Small Boy because you don’t learn their names, you don’t learn where they’re from, and you don’t learn what they’re after, which is fine by you because—well—you have a feeling. Very few know, but my father was gifted by the gods as being able to understand any language put to his ears, read any lettering put to his eyes, and when he spoke, any would be able to understand him. Zeus summoned his Master Bolt, while Poseidon did the same with his trident. “I’m Atreus,” the boy tells him, his voice as cheerful as his expression. "I am Percy Jackson, Son of Poseidon." “...” The mother watched the other god carefully, waiting for an answer, an outburst, any sort of reaction, but he was silent. He merely stepped aside and made a vaguely welcoming gesture. Once the gods regained their sight, they were shocked to find a group of teenagers standing cluelessly in the center of the hall. But the arena and its inhabitants are something new, even to him. Nearby villagers ran away screaming, as the mountain burst yet again. Read Chapter 1 from the story Konaha's God of War. As they approached the land, the seas began to calm, and the boat stopped rocking. (Gift to Diddy. "Captain, instruct your crew to steer off the port bow." You breathe deeply, suddenly feeling lightheaded. A.N: Yeah it's a cheap story i know, Percy Jackson characters reacting to stuff, but i have been reading the books, replaying God of War 4 and with disney announcing a new Percy Jackson IP on disney+.

After what seemed like hours, Kratos finally reached the foot of the great mountain. Kratos opened the scroll, and looked at the inscriptions. Tan dulce que puedría ser la perdición de ese oscuro corazón de hielo. He’s this fearsome giant, with skin of a ghostly tone, bearing red marks like a warrior from a distant land. Triton shock his head in frustration at his fathers antics. Responed Percy meekily.

Es 2019 y Kratos, un mercenario a sueldo, encuentra una noche en un callejón al Omega más hermoso que ha visto en su vida. It's a self-indulgent story that isn't written for anyone except myself. asked Kratos. Atreus and Kratos arrive at the village by dawn. Climbing aboard, Kratos handed the woman to Dionysus.

As well the responsibilities that come with being the foretold prophet to save the world in the fast approaching future. And it's filled with souls aching for combat.". He is shot into a new world and dimensions and must travel to the end to win. Zeus roared causing lightning to strike the roof of Olympus.. "ZEUS YOU OVERGROWN CHILD STOP IT!" He particularly noticed the sheep, and how they seemed to have longer, curlier wool than the sheep of Sparta. (Five times Kratos meets the inn-keeper's daughter and decides, for once, that maybe he deserves the small joys in life too.).

Leather sandals with several bracing ties rode up her legs, also strong and tanned from work. Zeus would have been impressed were it not for the current circumstances. !, When a Nun goes to War Chapter 11: The Honor Code of a Knight, A Visit to the Town's High-priest Chapter 12: A Run-in With an Undead Beauty, Finally, a House Chapter 13: The Succubi Have a What? It was a normal day in Olympus, the gods had gathered for a meeting, discussing the current events and planining for the future and as always it had all turned into a shouting contest between Zeus, The God of Thunder and Poseidon, The God of the Sea. naruto, dantesinferno, darksiders. Only much more so.

He looked over Artemis's shoulder to see Athena standing in the open doorway. said Kratos.

Kratos is doing all he can to keep Atreus safe as the Apocalypse brews. The rest of the gods were forced to listen to the pantheons increasingly childish argument. Coughing, Kratos waited for the ash to dissipate, and when it did, an enormous, towering figure stood in front of him. "Well, i guess i can go first." Kratos was becoming weary. Hestia bubbled with anger at her nephew's responese and it looked like she was about to retort however she never go the opportunity. Sin embargo, algo extraño sucede cuando Kratos despierta una mañana y su hijo no se encuentra a su lado....y cuando lo encuentran ya puede todo el mundo nórdico temer su ira. Fimbulvetr has just started. "YOU TAKE THAT BACK!

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