gilda film noir analysis

The Germans return to the casino during a carnival celebration, and Mundson ends up killing one of them. What comes next, I believe is one of the most important conversations in relation to the gay subtext between the two men. (...) Hayworth plays Gilda with a layer of bravado that masks deep insecurity" but mentioned that the unusual happy ending for a noir almost ruined the film experience. Ballin, out of the blue, and clearly, for no reason “comes back from the dead” but only to witness the “happy couple’s” reunion, before being literally stabbed in the back by his own lethal cane in the hands of Pio. The way the characters looked, dressed and spoke, and the use of certain props and settings all contributed to the portrayal of a queer person.

AMERICANA - E-Journal of American Studies in Hungary | Site by,,,, Dyer, Richard. At this stage of the story, we can assume that it was a relationship that went sour and they both carry resentments towards one another. Ballin is an aristocratic German whose casino provides illegal money-laundering for a German tungsten cartel that is run by Nazis.

By reinforcing false, stereotypical images of gay/lesbian/bisexual people they did more damage than good because these long-standing ideals are still present on the big screen. Johnny is literally a “pickup” by Ballin at the docks, after rescuing him from an angry sailor Johnny cheated in a dice game. [14], While Gilda was in release, it was widely reported that an atomic bomb to be tested at Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean's Marshall Islands would bear an image of Hayworth, a reference to her bombshell status. Throw out the movie he goes by this line; ” I make my own luck”. Ballin admires Johnny’s bravery and gambling skills, hence hiring him as his right- hand man.

Farrell talks Mundson into hiring him and soon becomes the casino's manager. Johnny and Gilda instantly recognize each other, though both deny it when Mundson questions them. On the one hand, which is the canonically accepted reading, it is obvious that he and the new Mrs Mundson know each other, which Ballin picks up on immediately, and insinuates his concerns to Johnny about the matter.

After hearing the front door slam, they realise Mundson has overheard and a guilt-ridden Farrell pursues him to a waiting private airplane. Farrell gives Obregon incriminating documents from Mundson's safe. Additionally in this specific scene you can see the constant photographic use of panning shots, medium shot, deep focus ( that allows the audience not to miss anything in the background- another aspect of film Noir) eye-level shot, point-of-view shot and shot-counter shot. Another element of film Noir that can be seen in this movie,  is the common location that are often seen in Noir fiction.Gilda is filmed in a high class urban neighborhood in Argentina, most of the scenes portrayed though out the film are nigh scenes in hotel room, house rooms or the casino. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Also Rudolph Mate uses the Chiaroscuro technique that was also a component of the German expressionist movement, this can also be seen in the picture on the right, with the lighting on Johnny’s face. Going into the Mise- en- Scene, film Noir are known for there elaborate hair styles on the character who is playing the ” femme fatale”, such as Gilda’s ,Rita Hayworth hair, and the famous hair flip (seen below).The hair flip in this particular movie helped portray Gilda’s personality.

Johnny and Gilda are consumed with hatred for each other, and she cavorts with men at all hours in increasingly more blatant efforts to enrage Johnny, and in return he grows more abusive and spiteful towards her. It is all there for the audience to see and read between the lines but still so perfectly coded that it was possible for the movie to cheat the censors. She might have cheated on Johnny, or he simply was not in love with her, we do not know that but Gilda is shown to be going out with any guy who offers her a drink in order to make Johnny jealous. It is quite heavily implied that the sophisticated, illegal casino owner and gangster, Ballin Mundson (George Macready) has a very intimate bond with the younger, boyishly pretty gambler and later right-hand man, Johnny Farrell (Glenn Ford). On the other hand Ballin played by George Macready is a mysterious and rich man, whom by the end has the most secrets. Email: At that moment, Mundson reappears, revealing he faked his suicide. We do not have to wait long to find out who Johnny choses in a heartbeat. Johnny then decided to marry Gilda, and to get revenge for her actions towards Ballin, Johnny decides to  imprisons her in Buenos Aires.By the end Ballin is still alive and tries to kill Johnny for marring his wife, although the cleaning guy kills Ballin before he gets a chance. Johnny is bisexual, which means that he can still be “redeemed” for his sins. When he needs to decide whether to run and help out Ballin or keep an eye on the flirting Gilda, he choses the first. [11], More recently, Emanuel Levy wrote a positive review: "Featuring Rita Hayworth in her best-known performance, Gilda, released just after the end of WWII, draws much of its peculiar power from its mixture of genres and the way its characters interact with each other ... Gilda was a cross between a hardcore noir adventure of the 1940s and the cycle of 'women's pictures.' Farrell ignores his advice, cheats at blackjack, and is taken by two men to see the casino's owner, who turns out to be Mundson. Referring to their own arrangements, Johnny’s hurt is obvious. Johnny made this scene for his pleasure, to impress the boss, to show him that he is worth “taking.”. "[12] The AV Club said "Part of Gilda‘s fascination is the way that it complicates the idea of the femme fatale. He knows that Gilda cannot be trusted. // ]]>. The two men make a toast to the three of them (Johnny, Ballin and the cane), promising that no woman would stand between them and so there begins their relationship, right at the beginning of the story. For a nice salary.” His tone of voice and suggestive looks imply a more intimate business here.

But it reality, Uncle Pio is referring to Ballin’s choice, reflecting Johnny’s fear that Gilda will take him away from him.

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