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. For all other affiliate types, you can find us on the Impact Radius Marketplace under the campaign titled “Razer Affiliate Program”. . APE CACHE . SteelSeries also offers an amazing 8% return on all sales.

You can earn up to 10% commission on the sale of Razer products once a visitor makes a purchase through a banner or link. -Brittany in VA, Apply for Sponsorship with Exotic Gamer Gear. ANNE MUNITION. What you do is up to you, big or small, just do something nice for someone else.

The word "Razer" is off limits. . (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}). IAMBRANDON. . We review each application carefully and make the final decision on eligibility. Would recommend to anyone and everyone."

Join the Razer Affiliate Program and earn exciting commissions marketing elite gaming gear.

RARE mousepad will feature your gamertag or PSN, plus your sponsorship status emblem. This is the discount code you'll share with friends.

Sponsorship for teams and events. Just sign up and start earning. A "Locked-in" sale is a transaction that cannot be reversed or edited. . Affiliates with loyalty, incentive, coupon and/or discount code websites, the commission will be capped at 1% for all products. Now on to the real test. By Gamers.". Why You Want A Gaming Sponsorship. Three types of sponorships: SPOILER ALERT: demeaning, degrading, disrespectful and/or NSFW accounts don’t make the cut. NOW OPEN! If you are trying to make money on Twitch, gaming sponsorships are an important component.

The Gear Up With EVGA Sponsorship Program is now closed. Sticker Pack includes 12 vinyl decal stickers + 10 gamertag/name stickers.

Affiliate Commission program for Origin Products. EVGA North America's #1 NVIDIA partner. Example: HYPESNIPES85, SITREP: Via popular culture meme, I am attempting, It’s no secret that we’ve been trying to have, FYI: getting super good at video editing now . Affiliates may NOT bid on the trademarked word "Razer" in any manner, singularly or in any conjunction with, other characters or in combination with other words in the search that may result in a broad match of the word "Razer" singularly. Here’s how it works: Application Approved | Achievement Unlocked: RespectIf your application is approved, that means your social media account(s) passed the review and we think you might be the type of person that would be a good fit as a brand rep for Exotic Gamer Gear. . Affiliates with no referral/sales for six consecutive months will have their account terminated. We offer product data feeds along with a wide variety of text links and multiple sizes of banners that feature new product releases, bestselling products, current promotions and exclusive offers. Companies will pay you, or give you gear, to support your lifestyle, and in return you give them exposure. Each sale must be made using your personal promo code, and each sale must be $50 or more. Affiliates may NOT register or use any domain name URL which includes the word "Razer" in any way. We inspire gamers everywhere with our razor-sharp focus on being the best in-game and in real life. Recorded sales are locked 1 month and 15 days after the month they are generated, and then paid 23 days after the end of the month they lock. Share it with your friends and/or use it for yourself. Easy Sponsorships For Beginner Gamers. We take big pride in sponsoring the gaming industry. The CORSAIR Streamer Program is perfect for anyone ranging from up and coming to well established content creators! We reserve the right to reject or remove any application or account that contains objectionable content—including material that is sexually explicit, violent and/or is involved in discrimination of any kind towards race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status such as disability, age, marital and family status, sexual orientation and gender identity, health status, place of residence and social situation, and/or in violation of intellectual property rights.

#geocaching #adventu, . One type of Sponsorship: Corsair offers a keyboard, headset, mouse, and mouse mat with their sponsorships. . Sponsorship for individuals Influencers and streamers may be selected to join the Razer Affiliate Program on a case-by-case basis after joining the #RazerStreamer Program. We’re interested in what kind of a person you are. . Be part of our movement to change the world one gamer at a time. SteelSeries offers a variety of gear, including keyboards, mice, headsets, and gaming controllers. . The goal of gaming sponsorships is to gain legitimacy for your brand, earn some income, and receive additional perks in the form of discounted gear!

Created with Sketch. All paid search ads must link to an affiliate’s landing page. S T I T C H fan art only; not for sale. NOW OPEN! LOSERFRUIT. EPIC mousepad will feature your gamertag or PSN, plus your sponsorship status emblem. Sponsorship Application Battle Beaver Media Assets News & updates. Personalize the sleeve with your gamertag or nickname. Each sale must be made using your personal promo code, and each sale must be $50 or more. #ps4 #game #pubg #meme #playstation, #244 #marcel . Random Act of Kindness | Achievement Unlocked: 10% OFF Promo CodeLevel up to UNCOMMON status by emailing a picture or video of yourself performing a random act of kindness to

It would not be inaccurate to say that you are the “Michael Jordan of selling hoodies”. 20 Sales | Achievement Unlocked: LEGENDARY Sticker Pack + Full Custom Hoodie + LEGENDARY Mousepad + EGG HatWell now you’re just showing off. Pullover or Zip-Up. No fees required. Sponsorship for affiliates. LEGENDARY Sticker Pack includes 40 vinyl decal stickers. We’re not interested in how many followers or subscribers you have. Each sale must be made using your personal promo code, and each sale must be $50 or more. Affiliates are NOT permitted to use any form of technology, programming or scripting to display the contents of Razer in another website location including, but not limited to, the use of iframes. You can find a complete list of Razer products at along with comprehensive information on each product and how to get the most out of it. . Affiliate program for Nvidia Video Cards, One type of Sponsorship: We inspire gamers everywhere with our razor-sharp focus on being the best in-game and in real life. EVGA wishes to thank everyone who participated or signed up for the Gear Up program, with special thanks to the winners and the incredible builds they've built over the years.

Upon approval, work your way through 6 levels of sponsorship by sharing your promo code to make sales and unlock achievements. Choose from any hoodie currently listed on We’re interested in what kind of a person you are. This practice is necessary to prevent instances of fraud and other unauthorized manipulation. Affiliates may NOT outbid Razer for the placement of any keywords with the Razer trademark or any combinations/misspellings thereof, including broad matches, e.g. Sticker Pack includes 12 vinyl decal stickers. Affiliates may NOT use the trademarked word "Razer" in any Titles, or the display URL of any paid ads. Affiliate Partners can earn up to 10% on each sale generated. 3 Sales | Achievement Unlocked: EGG Sticker Pack + EGG RARE MousepadYou’ve got the respect, you’ve got the promo code, now get the goods by making your first 3 sales. Three types of sponorships: . Two types of sponorships: Very amazing attention to detail.

Most pay about 10% per purchased … Affiliates must be eighteen (18) years of age or older. . Plus, you’ve now got $500 bucks to blow at Affiliates may NEVER use language such as "official" or any ad copy that may appear that they represent Razer and RazerStore. . Choose from a wide range of creative and engaging text links and banners. 10 Sales | Achievement Unlocked: Custom Sticker Pack + EGG EPIC Mousepad + EGG Catalog HoodieStarting to hit your stride now. Anyone armed with our cutting-edge peripherals gets the unfair advantage. Special incentives such as offers and promotions to help you drive traffic. Affiliates may NOT use any variation of the Razer trademark or any of these other URLs as their display URLs:; FLOATING GRIP is sponsoring e-sport and gaming events around the world. Full custom hoodie includes…pretty much whatever you want Your own personal logo, your own personal artwork, or just give me an idea or theme to run with and I’ll fire up the airbrush and take care of the rest. Sponsorship for teams and events. The #1 Custom Airbrushed Gaming Gear company on the planet ...based on minimal research and anecdotal hearsay , "Super awesome company to get quality customized work from. Razer Sneki Snek X Conservation International, Investor Relations.

Fill out the application below to be considered for our 2019 sponsorship program.

. Although select streamers may be approved to join the Razer Affiliate Program, we would like to emphasize that both are completely different entities. #hulk #marvel #ironman #ave, 3 turquoise stones, 8 cool ranch Doritos, 14 Tiffa, All in favor of a pandemic where everyone gets bit. Your rates may vary based on your promotional method.

Upon approval, work your way through 6 […] Applications are open to all aged 18 and above. The Razer Affiliate Program is committed to working with motivated partners who want to help us put the best gaming products in the hands of gamers everywhere. Once complete, your personal promo code will be unlocked and available for use on While an attempt to communicate with an affiliate suspected of being in violation will likely be made, Razer is under no obligation to inform violators of the above terms and conditions that they are being made inactive from the program. SteelSeries offers a variety of gear, including keyboards, mice, headsets, and gaming controllers.

If you go the affiliate route, you will be able to earn commissions from sales you refer to companies. Razer is more than just the world's leading gaming brand. If you are a streamer and/or influencer, please visit the #RazerStreamer page. SPOILER ALERT: demeaning, degrading, disrespectful and/or NSFW accounts don’t make the cut. Sponsorships are ideal. For example, if you generate a sale in January, the action will lock by March 15th, and you will receive payment on 23rd April. In no way does this indicate any partnership or sponsorship with Razer, nor any entitlement to free products from Razer.

Packaging was absolutely beautiful.Worth every penny.

Simply put, the more you refer and sell, the more you earn. Where can I learn more about Razer products? To ensure that all transactions are properly tracked and credited, use only the Razer links you find on the network. Does joining the Affiliate Program mean I am sponsored or partnered by Razer? Is the Razer Affiliate Program the same as the #RazerStreamer Program? The Razer Affiliate Program is a great way for you to earn commissions by referring visitors to Razer through banners or links placed on your website.

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