forged fantasy tips

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. As you battle through campaign stages, you will naturally earn a lot of equipment as well as some fragments. There are some new mechanics in the game compared to other similar RPGs – mainly the way … The Campaign Mode in Forged Fantasy is the first one you will step into as you get to know a little more about the game’s story as well as some of its characters.

You will notice his HP decreasing much rapidly than before. With manual controls, you can as easily earn victory here as in any other game modes. To do this, tap “Heroes” and then tap on a character’s profile pic. My recommendation is to always invest in skills as soon as you log in to the game, in order to allow the timer to run out and refill the skill points.

Keep playing Forged Fantasy daily to claim your rewards.

You will obtain some heroes for free, especially in the beginning of the game. Mid lane heroes are ranged combat experts and potentially deal more damage than back lane heroes. You must upgrade your hero skills from time to time.

You will need gems to open a hero chest. If it’s a mission, and you have already completed it, just replay it to get more fragments. She heals a hero when you tap her skill. Your team’s power should always be equal to or greater than the “recommended” power if you want to put up a good fight against enemies. Each skill level can be levelled up as well with limits equal to the hero’s level. Since a hero’s level is locked at the team’s level, it would be a good idea to equip gear to your healer to improve her stats soon after she reaches a level same as the team’s level. The daily quest is comprised of a list of objectives, most of which will be met ease by regularly playing the game and engaging in various game modes. Headshots deal extra damage to enemies. PvP is absolutely amazing and can reward you with tons of goodies if you perform well there. The cinematic introduction goes away when you tap the screen, so there’s enough time to note down their expertise and abilities.

Forged Fantasy also has an elemental affinity system which follows your basic rock-paper-scissors format. Now tap the plus button beside his unlocked skill to upgrade it. You will also get a list of enemies on the mission screen that appears just before battle.

Your hero skills won’t be as effective as before when you confront these enemies.

Perhaps in more or less an hour of continuous playing, you can already earn 5 heroes to form a complete team and soon enough after that, you will probably have a couple more to choose from as well. The gold chest is available for free every 8 hours.

Fire is stronger versus Nature, and Water is stronger versus Fire. Simply speaking, it can’t exceed your team’s level. Every win you achieve rewards you with 3 PvP keys while losing or reaching a tie gives you 1. Progressing through the campaign mode is of utmost importance as completion of each stage provides great rewards most especially for the first time completions. As you progress, you will be able to collect lots of powerful heroes in Forged Fantasy. As such, be sure to manage team composition well enough in that you can spread your heroes out to win more sets. There are events and quests as well that provide some hero shards, but ultimately, chests from shops give a huge boost to your collection of random shards that can enhance your heroes as well as unlock new ones. Achievements: Certain achievements also grant hero fragments as rewards. As you progress through your journey, you can enlist the aid of even more heroes to join your roster. Special skills build up in battle and activating each comes easily with a touch of a button as well. Following your preferences as far as your top heroes are concerned, you can gather some hero shards you need from the hard mode of the campaign.

You must improve your team’s power if you want to increase your chances of winning a campaign stage. Then move to the next hero and do the same. You can get gear items from missions, silver and gold chests at the shop, black market etc. Your archer’s aim automatically moves to the next enemy, but in case you feel that other enemies are more dangerous than the current one, you can always move your aim towards them.

Plus, you get all the other great rewards that come from completing each of the mission too! There you have it! Try to at least keep this in mind when deciding what enemies to target with the player that you control in order to deal more damage. You would naturally want to upgrade each hero’s skill but considering the limitations of your resources, learn to cap hero skills at some point and prioritize one hero’s skill over the rest.

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