fireproof caleb confronts doctor

Catherine cares for her mother that needs medical attention and Caleb rushes into burning buildings rescuing strangers in danger. IvyPanda. When Catherine confronts his self attempts he gets frustrated and calls his dad telling him the challenges are pointless.

As the two consider divorcing, Caleb’s (Kirk Cameron) father suggest a way for them to stay together using book full of love dares.

Caleb Holt is the main protagonist in Fireproof and the husband of Catherine Holt. Caleb Holt is the main protagonist in Fireproof and the husband of Catherine Holt.

We get to see the process of a hardened and prideful heart turn to a humble and forgiving one. (2019, April 19). He is played by Kirk Cameron. Retrieved from The cast included mostly volunteers from the Sherwood Baptist Church in Alabama Georgia where shooting of the movie took place. Story: Fireproof is a 2008 film about a husband and wife who begin to argue about their work schedules, finances, and more. Fireproof is a 2008 film produced by Samuel Goldwyn Films and Sherwood Pictures and starring Kirk Cameron as Caleb Holt, a fireman whose marriage to his wife Catherine is in trouble, but overcomes his problems by a combination of the "The Love Dare", a 40-day program and God. Their constant arguing finally comes to an end and Catherine demands a divorce which an enraged Caleb agrees. Catherine tells him she’s confused and uncertain of what she wants. This assessment on Fireproof the movie was written and submitted by your fellow student. (2019) 'Fireproof the movie'. ( Log Out /  Writer: Alex Kendrick and Stephen Kendrick, Major Actors: Kirk Cameron (as Caleb Holt) and Erin Bethea (as Catherine Holt). Title: Fireproof Writer: Alex Kendrick Director: Alex Kendrick, Stephen Kendrick Year: 2008 Actors: Kirk Cameron (Caleb Holt), Erin Bethea ( Catherine Holt), Ken Bevel(Michael) Story: Fireproof is the story of a successful fire captain whose marriage is in trouble. Caleb's friend Michael also persuades Caleb to hold off on divorce. The movies shows right from the beginning a strained relationship between Caleb and his wife Catherine. While Catherine points out to Caleb that he is being selfish, Caleb counters that she is just disrespectful and unappreciative. Retrieved from "Fireproof the movie." Fireproof Official Trailer (2008) [Video file].

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