find quiz answers in source code moodle

Of course, given enough work, it would be possible to change some of those assumptions, and so make it possible for guests to attempt quizzes. There are a number of ways to extend quizzes, such as adding new reports and questions types. One way to handle this with standard Moodle would be to open the quiz after the deadline and add a time limit to the quiz of one second. If you are on a page with this message “You cannot add or remove questions because the quiz has been attempted (attempts #)” Click on "attempts #". You are welcome to give some feedback about them!

Understanding what you find.

// Is it possible for a teacher to add a personal/private note to a student's quiz submission?

It is not possible for guests to use activities in Moodle.

You will lose what you have written so far. When you submit a report, we'll investigate it and take the appropriate action.

Does anybody know more about how to make a drop-down menu that lists up all questions to a special question type? Now it upgraded successfully. If you have navigated away from the page with the message go to the Settings block > Quiz Administration > Edit Quiz.

Also the teacher could change the closing date after the fact and regrade the attempts.

We'll get back to you only if we require additional details or have more information to share. You can add separate element using something like. User may select one or more choices.

This issue has been escalated to the team to investigate.

In the quiz settings and under Review options, select 'Overall feedback' under 'Immediately after the attempt'.

I have been using the plugin template prepared from Tim Hunt.

There are several ways of getting to the “attempts #” which you need to click on to delete the previous attempts. Why am I no longer allowed to add or remove questions?

you use an editor like Uedit that I used for more than 20 years (it was developped on Amiga...) and use it search engine. It seems like locked mode might prevent students from viewing the source code (not sure about this, since I can't test it), but I can't use it because one of my boarding students went home to another country and the school didn't let him take his school-issued chromebook with him.

Basically it is about giving some comfort while creating quizzes for computer science classes bonded to an useful architecture suggestion. A student was able to cheat that way. This is not really possible unless you are prepared to edit the code. in the comment). I think the problem is that you are doing. Insert the following code in the HTML of the text of a description question.

The quiz doesn't have to be completely cheat-proof, I just want to prevent them from being able to get a problem correct without actually having to read the question or the answer.

To turn them on, go to. Allow them to start a new attempt, and close it immediately.

You may reference from this single question e.g. This way you can create a new question type by getting a glimpse to the corresponding source code. This is difficult to implement for technical reasons.

Well, all that does is forces the student to put random junk like "asdf" into each question before they click the button, or randomly make a choice in each multiple choice question. The Quiz module is (in)famous when you are struggling with its nuances and styling customisation, but famous when your problems are all solved.

Find the question in Question Bank. There is a capability attached to this: Capabilities/moodle/question:flag. Or if you do not share the question category with other teachers, create a sub category, move the offending question there, and perhaps create a better question to replace the one you just moved. This can be done by editing the "Main" and "Follow up" quiz settings, and the Gradebook set up as follows: "Main" quiz settings   See also the image on the right ->.

You may display a Source Code with its corresponding questions on one page and make a page break before the next group while organising the questions for a quiz. If seventh graders can figure it out then it won't take long for all students. Is there a way to stop this?

If you open either of those files in a text-editor, you should be able to see most of the details of each question.

Click this link and you will be able to select your groups and change the quiz dates, times and number of attempts: Update the quiz : set the "close the quiz" date after today, Set "When time expires" to "There is a grace period ...", Under Grade set "Attempts allowed" to "unlimited", Question behavior: Each attempt builds on the last "Yes", Invite the students who did not close their exams.

Please start a new discussion topic. Quiz Pogramming (source code) question types Quiz report not displaying attempts ; Help - Quiz Moodle Version 1.9.9 Display mode This discussion has been locked so you can no longer reply to it. Click “Delete selected attempts” and confirm selection. The only way Moodle can remember a value that the user entered in the past is by storing it in the database somewhere. Go to Results -> Grades and delete the test attempt. Caution: if other departments or teachers use a question category it might be wise to check with the team before moving or changing any question. sample source code for a quiz application in c#. It calls functions in the main Moodle libraries, and the three most important are: lib/moodlelib.php - general stuff.

Perhaps the best solution is to plan ahead and set your quiz to set your quiz to be submitted automatically. Is there a way to display submitted images instead of titles of Images on the review page for the quiz?

A user will have a question and four or five choices. If you really need to you can use HTML for text formatting in the text-editor.

Because you are picking random questions, rather than a specific question, it may not be apparent at first that you have run out of questions to ask! But you can build a quiz on Google Forms and give a link from within Moodle. The form/test will then grade what was previously submitted. Un-enrol "Test Student" from your course. Now go back and change the score to the original value. Why is my quiz not displaying in the gradebook?

alright - now I can see the four fields in the database. In the definition() method, $question->category should contain the category id. You can also export the question as Moodle XML, or GIFT format.

Thank you.

Can I have different start times/timings/numbers of attempts for different groups? You have prepared a quiz exam for your students. Therefore, when editing the quiz copy, you are also editing the questions of the original quiz, because the question links point to the same questions.

I want to share three modified question-types I have been working on lately with you.

How can You accomplish this? They know they will get zero marks for any question they do not answer, so they already have a strong incentive to answer every question. It can generate the code to add or remove a particular column based on the install. Any chance this will be figured out before schools reopen in fall of 2020? I've entered quiz grades manually in the gradebook. oh, I understand now! Which output-sequence do you expect (in e.g.

Is there any other way to get around this issue? The difference of this question type compared to the "Description"-question type is described as follows: With it's preset values it can be used to display easily a nicely syntax-highlighted source code to be used by a following group of questions for computer science classes. Sorry, I had a bit of a look, and I can't work out what is going on. These are the final versions after some tests and debugging. Your notifications are currently off and you won't receive subscription updates. I have tried the whole day to try it out. How can I force my students to answer all the question in a quiz before they submit?

In the following next three posts (including this one) I want to add some architectural information about the source code question type that may be needed to understand the plugin better. It would be great if you could take a look at my attachment!

In the 'Within head' setting, put something like: Not really, but as a workaround, you can use the buit-in Notes feature. yeah I guess so. See the section 'Setting a grade to pass for a quiz' in Activity completion settings for details. Questions (55) Publications (19,705) Questions related to Moodle. I need to create an online quiz application.


I would like to know how to find the answer for the question on the test. It is currently in a hidden state. Formslib can be a struggle sometimes. I really, really want to be able to give students feedback about their answers AS they take the quiz and force them to answer correctly before they move on to the next question (in this particular class they are way too unmotivated on average to check their answers against the correct solutions after they've already submitted their work).

When you add questions to a quiz, you are not actually adding questions, but rather links or pointers to questions in the question bank.

Be careful!

You can not remove a question once a quiz has been taken by one student or more.

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