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I Scout Cars that were owned and operated by the Canadian Army. Still had correct DND licence plate 82609 fitted. After a fire apparently. The primary role of the Ferret was reconnaissance.

Photo of it in Snoopy Patrol of RCD in Cyprus with UNFICYP. In 2008 this one sold out of Flower Mound, Texas to collector in Finland!

1958 Saladin Armored Car (06 BB 43) more details click on photos to enlarge . “Ferret Scout Cars were widely used in many countries. Canada purchased 124 Ferret Mk. “Ferret Scout Cars were widely used in many countries.

Various fittings for UN service including wire cutters and a short-lived anti-grenade cage are well shown, as is the one-off conversion to carry ENTAC anti-tank missiles.

In 2007 has unit sign 35 painted on left front fender.

RCAF, Researching a Canadian World War I Veteran, Mounting & Wearing of Decorations, Campaign Stars & Medals – Canada circa 1945, British Columbia Provincial Police 1858 – 1950, BCPP Nominal Roll 1858 – 1950 – Sorted Alphabetically, BCPP nominal Roll – Sorted by Regimental Number, Royal Canadian Mounted Police 1873 – Present, RCMP Change of Command Parade for “E” Division 2011-04-11. Ferret 54-82587 fitted with four ENTAC anti-tank missiles. He was an ex-Ferret crew member. This 1981 official document listed all 124 Canadian Ferrets by CAR/CFR number and their disposition.

566 is apparently still on the ranges. The “22” shows up in an RCD photo as painted on shoulder armour of hull. This MAY be unique to 82507.Hard target?

Lt. Dave Sproule and LCpl Ed Foster scan the Egypt-Israel frontier during a desert patrol in a Ferret scout car as part of the United Nationa Emergency Force (UNEF) mission. For more recent exchange rates, please use the.

Under restoration 2006.

” – Russ Cihlar, USA 2007-04-25) Kenosha is just North of Chicago, IL so these may be the ex-Crown Surplus LdSH Ferrets out of Calgary. Sold. Now a museum display at CFB Gagetown Museum, New Brunswick.

Book review by Peter Brown (from Perth Military Modelling Site, Australia ). Appears to be in Germany. http://www.jaylenosgarage.com/your_garage/cars/5449.shtml. … (some are in rough shape, got wet before I could scan them)” “I was posted to Petawawa fall 74 until spring 78. Note the Canadian added M-series lights.

The United Nations Archives have been unable to help.

The Ontario Regiment apparently runs a Ferret as 54-82504 but the Salaterski one has the correct hull number 288 and CAR/CFR 54-82504 stamped in the hull, so the Salaterski one is the true 54-82504. Initially they were used to equip the three reconnaissance regiments who relied on the car’s small size, speed and mobility to scout ahead before reporting back in person or by radio.

Vehicles sometimes were selected and unumbered in sequence, but more often not. Purchased from SECO by David Cussins who later sold it.

Ferret Scout Car Mk2/3 >> TOTALLY RESTORED Located in Tulsa, OK FOR SALE - Price on Request (click images for large view) The Ferret is an armoured 4X4 vehicle designed for road and cross-country use.

)As it was sold out of Calgary it almost certainly served in LdSH(RC). MAY be the one in the LdSH Historical Troop, fitted with a pintle hook. Designated as a hard target in Aldershot, Nova Scotia but fortunately saved as a gate guardian in Truro, NS. (DND). Auctions & Sales 18. Combat Arms School, Gagetown, NB, then LdSH(RC).

RCMP Musical Ride 2013-08-28 Richmond, B.C. Held for museum in trust by MWO (Retired) Bill Mulholland? ____ of Mill Bay, BC bought it. Sold. I am still learning so I would appreciate any corrections or additions.

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If you are bringing a Ferret back to Canada here is the US and Canadian and Provincial government’s attitudes as described to me by a friend who imports many ex-military vehicles and militaria into Canada: “. Vehicle had disruptive camouflage paint job when bought.

presumably for top strap of Jerricans when stowage rack was mounted on the rear – suggesting that this vehicle served in Germany or in Sinai. CFR and Hull # not known at this time. 4. CAR number thought to be 54-83514 but that was not a Canadian number, so it MAY be 54-82514. Another photo is athttp://www.putfile.com/centurion124/images/87124.

Photo by Patrick Keenan – Aurora, Illinois USA. Was designated as a hard target at Aldershot (Nova Scotia) but has survived as a monument at the Canadian Forces Detachment in Moncton, New Brunswick. Kerr fitted an NOS British Mk. The are listed by Canadian Army Registration Number (CAR) which about 1970 (after the armed forces were integrated) was changed to Canadian Forces Registration Number (CFR).


In service photo taken on Cyprus courtesy of RCD Archives. Photo appeared in Canadian Army Journal 1965 Vol XIX No 1 p 6.Were any others so converted or just this one? Save daimler ferret scout car to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Default Canada Only North America Worldwide. This vehicle was sold surplus out of Calgary in April 1981 and probably went to the USA (though likely the above launchers were removed years before this.) Best Match.

armoured roof. I Scout Cars in 1954. CANADA” This paint however appears to be Canadian, not the British factory colour.

CANADIAN FERRETS WITH UNKNOWN CAR/CFR NUMBERS, 2005 FGH Reunion photo via Digger MacDougall//, At CFB Petawawa in hanger, Dec 2007 Photo by CMS. Duty Cpl must have missed checking the hanger that weekend ;).

It is now under a tarp near Gagetown, and owned by the Gagetown Museum. Radio Equipment 14. For Sale. Very clean Mk 2/3 Ferret armored cars. http://news.webshots.com/photo/2295716230031780957PIbU. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. In 3/4 view, the CAR is painted above the starboard driver’s window.

In reality some “Hard Target” designated Ferrets were saved and went to museums (e.g.

This type marking was used in Cyprus.

I Provisional User Handbook Canadian Army reprint (1966)  of 1953 May manual.

All in all a very readable account covering a lot of ground, this book will be welcomed by all Ferret enthusiasts as well as those interested in Canadian armoured vehicles as well as modellers, and comes recommended for each group.”, Ferret Mk.

Could it have been UN white at some point? Paint & Canvas 13.

Colour photos taken at Sarcee, Alberta (near Calgary) in 1974 by Tom H. Rob Love says it was sent to Shilo c. 2000 from CFB Valcartier.

Museums receiving a Ferret included the Canadian War Museum, CFB Borden and Fort Knox. Believed to have been destroyed as a hard target.

They were both pulled by Alvis to be repowered but the project never happened. Intended as a hard target?

sold surplus through Crown Assets Disposal Corporation – first batch). Numbers are NOT sequential so one cannot extrapolate to determine a missing number.

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