famous evil priests

Lamashtu is a heinous, terrifying, demoness. The world we’re living in has seen many tragedies in many forms. In the 16th Century, he changed his name to Belphegor, and changed his strategy (somewhat). When she was 17 her parents decided to marry her off – but she had other plans! She also hid herself in ovens and on roofs.

So evil was Lamashtu, that pregnant women and their loved ones would routinely summon the demon, Pazuzu, to protect them.

“But what,”, you say, “separates him from other demons that cause sickness?”. The Israelites worshiped him, in the form of a phallic (penis-shaped) idol.

Hildegard became the abbess of the nunnery when Jutta died. They can pose a great threat to a persons’ mental and physical life; they can even possess you. He is also one of the–if not the–strangest looking demon on this list. She also invented her own version of Latin and a new alphabet and had visions throughout her whole life which she wrote about in her journals. She is said to menace women throughout and after the end of their pregnancies. Whether you love mythology or just unique stories in general, you’ll never get tired of Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes at Amazon.com! Asag is one of many demons that causes sickness.

It is also said that a faint floral fragrance is detected upon first seeing it, however, the fragrance changes to something rotten after a short period of time. She ran away and moved in to a Buddhist Monastery (3 weeks journey away) and became a Buddhist nun. The priest dispatches the mournful ghost to God's judgment, ... struck you that a man who does next to nothing but hear men's real sins is not likely to be wholly unaware of human evil?" 5.

Whether you are religious or not, demons have played a large part in mythology, books, movies, and even music. Later on, in Kabbalic mythology, he was a demon who made people paranoid of each other, and who would seduce them with money and overall wealth.

Because the smell of sin made her sick, she would often fly (yes really – fly) away from people and sit on the top branches of tall trees. His name means “manah made evil”; in this case, the word “manah” represents “the mind”.

He is notable for two bizarre attributes: He is believed to be physically, mentally, and strategically strongest in the month of April, and he either was or is Hell’s/Satan’s ambassador to France.

All the people that died in the wars to follow his rash actions, American or otherwise, I stand by you. He got his start in Assyria, many, many years ago. Many refer to him as the demon of “evil intention”, “evil mind”, “evil purpose”, or “evil thinking”.

And, unlike most demons from Mesopotamian mythology, she didn’t answer to anyone; not any god, or man, or any part of any divine hierarchy. This page was last edited on 7 February 2020, at 12:53. Despite this incredibly odd (and yet badass) behavior, she was highly regarded in her time and many people asked her for advice.

He pretty much threw away the idea of causing mutual mistrust in people, and instead…focused on inventions.

They particularly like creating bad weather (most notably, hail- and thunder-storms) over farms, orchards, and vineyards, in order to destroy crops. Origin: Sumerian and Mesopotamian mythology Also known as: Dimme. He is either depicted as a hideous, bearded demon with horns and claws, or a beautiful young woman. When she was 8 she was sent to study with a famous abbess called Jutta (who was, herself, a badass: she lived in a tiny room with no doors and had to be fed through the window!) She was beaten and hung by her wrists for a week, spent a year in leg irons and was flung for nine months into solitary confinement in an unlit cell. He is also believed to be so grotesquely, unbelievably ugly, that his very presence causes fish to be boiled alive in rivers and/or lakes within viewing-distance!

She gave concerts and appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964.

Sister Luc Gabriel – better than Elvis.

Their [the Jesuit Order’s] restoration… I also think that it was extremely disgusting to put Justin Bieber on the top evil …

Buy Handbook of Japanese Mythology at Amazon.com!

As soon as she was released from Prison 21 years later, she went right back to her warrior ways, leading protests and demonstrations. She also said she could smell the sin on people.

When the priest ordered her down she said that she had seen Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory. “Lady Midday” is certainly a unique female demon.

It’s also hard to judge just how far away from you they are; usually, a loud cry means the Pontianak is far away, whereas a soft cry signifies that the Pontianak is nearby.

She also said she could smell the sin on people.

She is said to pose tough questions and make conversation with laborers working in the fields during the hottest part of the day in summertime. Origin: Slavic mythology Also known as: Pscipolnista, Poludnica, Polednice.

They are much like vampires; however, they do what they do more out of vengeance, rather then necessity or sustenance. Ale are some of the few demons on this list who does evil deeds, but can be persuaded to do good deeds, and can even help you!

1 Named priests 1.1 Alliance 1.2 Horde 1.3 Neutral 1.4 Hostile 2 Unnamed priests High Elf Mage-Priest Eredar Soulbinder Lightsworn …

Sister Caterina de Erazu – Hitman in a Habit, Caterina de Erazu was a run-away Spanish nun turned hitwoman in the early 1600s. Origin: Christian demonology and Kabbalic mythology. She would roll in fire or handle it without harm, stand in freezing water in the winter for hours, spend long periods in tombs, or allow herself to be dragged under water by a mill wheel, though she never sustained injury.

Origin: Zoroastrian mythology Also known as: Akem Manah, Akoman, Akvan. She ended her career as an almost respectable Mexican mule train driver, after being personally pardoned by the Pope (Clerics and religious were tried by clerical courts, and no one could figure out what to do with a badass nun, so they just kept kicking the case to a higher court.

This nun was so badass that her song Dominque became such a hit that it knocked Elvis Presley off the charts!

Wars, killings, genocides, riots, and famines. And when the seed has fallen into its place, that vehement heat descending from her brain draws the seed to itself and holds it, and soon the woman’s sexual organs contract, and all the parts that are ready to open up during the time of menstruation now close, in the same way as a strong man can hold something enclosed in his fist.

The last 11 years of her sentence were spent in the infamous Drapchi prison in the Tibetan capital, Lhasa. You can see her hit song Dominque on youtube. She died in 2002.

Hildegard of Bingen was born in 1098 to a wealthy family and dedicated to the Church as a nun. While Pazuzu was known for bringing famines and droughts, soon-to-be-mothers were so afraid of Lamashtu, that they were willing to take the risk! Finding no evidence that happiness is possible in a marriage (now, there’s a surprise), he chose to stay on Earth. What they look like changes with each account; some say they look like ravens, others like clouds or dark winds; many say snakes or female dragons. This list comprises and encompasses people, both contemporary and historical, who are or were professionally or otherwise notably involved in occult practices.

Add to that the fact that her other hobbies included: Infesting rivers and lakes, killing crops and other plants, sucking the blood of men, creating sleep-disturbances, spreading diseases and illnesses, and bringing nightmares. Belphegor is absolutely unbelievable. This article is a list of priests that are known from around Azeroth, Outland, alternate Draenor and Argus. Nuns used to be pure virgin ladies that gave their lives up for God. He would “suggest” crazy (yet plausible) inventions to people, and then use their greed to his (and their) advantage when they became successful. Because the smell of sin made her sick, she would often fly (yes really – fly) away from people and sit on the top branches of tall trees. This caused everyone to run from the church screaming. She found out she was going to be put in jail again so she ran away to the border of Tibet.

Apparently her life story was written in 1641 – unfortunately we can’t find the name of the book or its author! However, if you approach an Ala with trust and respect, she and the other Ale will save your life whenever necessary, and make you rich! They also are said to like eating children. Top 10 Most Pernicious Movie Villains Of All Time, Top 10 Most Underrated Synthwave Songs Of All Time, 10 Of The Most Weird And Macabre Medical Practices…, Top 10 Movies That Feel Like An Acid Trip, Top 10 Spooky Tales Based On Weirder True Stories, Top 10 Movies That Destroyed The Studios That Made Them, 10 More Ridiculous Deaths In Horror Films, 10 New And Strange Reasons To Love Black Holes, Top 10 Under-Appreciated Scary Movies To Watch This Halloween, Top 10 Mystery Novels That Deserve A Movie Adaptation, Top 10 Mind Blowing Facts About Majestic Mountains, 10 Surprisingly Frank Sex Scenes From The World’s Holiest Books, 10 Witch Gods And Goddesses From Around The World, 10 Crazy Claims About The Bloodline Of Jesus Christ, 10 Theories About Who Really Wrote The Bible. He was first called Baal-Peor, and he was associated with orgies, and other types of lewdness.

Allegedly, Pazuzu and Lamashtu were fierce rivals, who would attack each other at any chance. Origin: Jewish mythology Also known as: Abizou, Obizu, Obizuth, Obyzouth, and Byzou, This female demon was believed to be responsible for miscarriages, still-births, and infant mortality.

He is often portrayed as a pale elderly man riding a crocodile, with a hawk either attached to or on his fist. Her fame went to her head and she eventually left the convent to spend more time on her musical career. The Chinese caught her and threw her in jail because she refused to renounce the Dalai Lama.

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