facebook messenger stuck on sending

Yes, is happening to me but not my friends, Cannot access fab or messenger on iPad but working on laptop. If the app seems frozen, all you need to do is press the home button two times, and once you see the list of apps, find this one, and swipe up to close it, and open it again. Every time I watch a video or leave a comment there is a huge lag time before I can hit the like tab or at times, even scroll. Any help please? All messages from People/Groups are gone.

He isn’t blocked or anything.

my iphone keeps on restarting when i am using this facebook messsenger app.. my iphone was restarting when i am using this facebook messsenger app.. Seems to be since the last update. Then enable Airplane mode. Sometimes my friends show they haven’t been active for hours yet I just finished chatting with them on messenger.

However, if you already installed it, delete it and see if that will fix the problem. Leave your feedback if the application is down today, or you have other issues. IF I delete the app and reinstall it, the problems are cleared, but come back a few minutes later. Tap on Reset apps. Can’t open any links shared by friends and can’t open activity log, it just kept refreshing and crashing.

You often notice the waiting for network error at the top in the yellow banner. Hello , I’m having a problem with the messenger app where the ‘Send photos’ button (the button in photo 1) doesn’t display the pictures at the bottom of the screen (like photo 2); instead every time i press it ,it brings up the entire camera roll (photo 3)as if i pressed the circled button in photo 2 . Done & dusted 2 years ago! I updated Messenger and not I can’t see or reply to any conversation from Marketplace. It is FB. But then then both disappear after a short while. Sometimes the issue could be due to poor internet connectivity so switching to a different medium will help. Once I shut that off everything else works great. Any solutions? I’m on an iPhone and everything is upto date What could be the issue? Most of the times, it is the battery saver or optimizer on your device that is causing this issue.

Your email address will not be published. Only can delete for me. To do that, go to Settings > General > Software Update. When I go to log-in cannot respond to message my page comes up, but I cannot navigate around the page.

Sometimes, Facebook Messenger is stuck on this error due to poor network connectivity. bad how to take her out so i have my ow as i had it??????? Facebook Messenger is down! This meant I missed out on a sale. To check and enable background data for Messenger, follow these steps: Step 3: Tap on Data usage and enable Background data. Facebook has created a serious problem for itself with Messenger. Check both options and see which one fixes it for you. Loads but disappears in seconds. Th Ere is no ition on the bottom it was replaced by picture of two people, Messenger comes on then flashes off in a second can’t read any messages or reply to any, Messenger down. in my i cell ? I’ve tried uninstall and reinstalling it but it won’t open.

Through Facebook, you will be able to see more people than you can even meet in person. However, it does not affect our editorial integrity. Thanks for A2A, you've done the right thing by turning off your Wifi, if your message has been delivered to the Facebook server then it's sent and it'll be Delivered to the recipient even if you delete it. Any help is highly appreciated in order to find a fix for this! However, Facebook yanked it out and created a standalone app for it — Facebook Messenger. Before you download a new app, read the reviews and experiences of other people. Either way, something is broken big time at FB. On laptop it says I have no messages with anyone, on iPod it cannot load messages and on phone it just won’t send or receive anything. And on the history, there is a red exclamation point as if there was an error…… please fix it ASAP, I use it for my work. They started banning people temporary or permanently and now Facebook doesn’t work at all. Just drag it, and turn your device off. I am having the same issue! Personally I wasn’t going to try that so definitely not advising was just something I saw on googling as a last resort. I keep getting doubled messages on screen. Messenger began to crash on August 7th. These days, life cannot be imagined without the most popular social networks, such as Facebook, which always tries to improve its service. When erasing is completed, set up your iPhone from scratch. Tap and hold, until an X shows up. But if I click on the notifications under marketplace it just opens random marketplace listings. Facebook app had its Messenger built inside. I have done all of the above including reset all – which was a huge pain to re enter all passwords and it still says connecting and i I cannot get messenger – I just bought this this year so it is not out of date, i tried it all but none of them worked. FB messenger receiv8ng a call on iPhone7 plus. Messenger crashes constantly. What is the solution, please, Please, take a look at this article: https://www.technobezz.com/no-service-on-iphone/. To enable the airplane mode, go to Settings followed by Network & internet. It is not my computer, I checked everything. I Messenger will not open it was working the other day and then I had the update that says you have to have fingerprint or face recognition and now it will not open I do not know what to do. Step 2: Tap on the Battery Optimization option or tap on the three-dot icon at the top-right corner and select Battery usage. This is one of the most important questions, whenever some of your favorite apps doesn’t work properly.

Now it closes immediately and stops working.

No more bubble in the top right corner . As you don’t know if anybody is free to message. Anyone else having this problem? By pressing and holding the sleep/wake button, you will see the red slider. Active tab now shows everyone I have ever talked to on FB through buy and sell sites… absolutely everyone!!! So when you log in again, you will have your messages back. Tried all above and my messenger won’t work still , See the following article and try the solutions https://www.technobezz.com/fix-apps-freezing-crashing-iphone/, My messenger app update was stuck with the circle with the square inside, pressing it doesn’t work. Not sure how long you’ve had the issue, hope it’s resolved soon for you! Newest Android update…..Messenger works when I open App but doesn’t notify me or pop up head otherwise. With the same fbook friend when I messaged her in the “secret” chat it worked. Anyone else having this problem. It show me there is a message but know way to access it unless I go into Marketplace find the item again and check on conversation. WTF is happening . Why can I no longer see if someone is online or not, ie green dot not showing? My messenger suddenly won’t send picture or video messages. For that, the Background restriction should be enabled. My messenger app automatically closes itself every single time I open the app. It doesn’t do showers of moons or snowflakes or balloons anymore . 3) Can not delete for everyone (before it was read) text or pics sent. Go to Settings > General > Reset, and select Reset all Settings. I am experiencing troubles for days now. Cannot get into my Facebook account at all. That sums it up. Can’t retrieve incoming messages on iPad. I’m having the same problem! Thankfully auto-updates are turned off on my phone. Enabling it for some time and then disabling it could help you fix the issue. I’ve tried uninstalling and installing, logging out, restarting my phone. It’s down right now Im Pissed. Nothing changed, it still keeps crashing whenever I make or am given a call. I keep getting the message ‘Facebook has stopped’, happens several times. I am still having this issue, but I have an Android. Required fields are marked *. It was working perfectly before. Those last things didn’t seem to work but stuff you can try, otherwise can send the report to fbook, I’m not sure ever worked maybe just time passed and it worked again. Turn it off and restart your device. Damn whatever happened to edit option? I have sent messages to friends that they have received and replied to but my messenger says nothing has delivered or been replied to, much less read. This simple step may be enough. has been like t. Editor update: Facebook Messenger is having problems on May 17. I really am getting sick of this not working.

No matter how many times I deleted app or reset my phone. Common issues include chat messages not being delivered, Facebook app keeps closing, not sending or receiving, Facebook app crashing, connection not working to server, and this can also be when Facebook Messenger is down for maintenance. Until yesterday it would say “Sent” and about 1-10 seconds later it would show the “delivered status”.. keeps popping up at top “we have lost connection to the server. To disable optimization, follow these steps: Step 1: Go to Battery under the device Settings. Sept 22, Messenger crashes when trying to view Messages.

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