essay on girls are under pressure in society

Ladies get dressed up, go out with the girls to some party they hear about, and then one of them finds a cute boy with the same friends and interests and only two weeks into dating they are in love. Never fighting in public, never talking to anyone else behind the others back, and never not together. Now they are pressured together and work to be the best. I think you’re expected to be well-rounded, be intelligent, be outgoing, but also do like community service and do extracurricular stuff, just have the whole package.”. In recent time women have always aimed for a recognized place in society. Our daughters might admire a whole roster of female athletes, but they, too, are expected to look skinny and “hot.” (A colleague of mine, a sports psychologist, tells me that this is a recurring worry among the top female athletes he treats each week.) The teen suicide rate went up more than 300 percent between the 1950s and late 1980s. “I think we’re supposed to know what we’re supposed to be doing with the rest of our lives. She has lived a rough life after being denied her desire and consistently remains depressed. These young and impressionable girls are comparing themselves to models and slowly starting to look like them. And even “normal” girls are preoccupied with weight, diet, and body issues at alarmingly high rates and at distressingly young ages — according to some studies, as young as first grade.

Having trouble finding the perfect essay? Today, a girl isn’t just looking for marriage and family; she expects to succeed at what were once traditionally considered “boy” goals: get straight As, be a super-athlete. Indeed, a whole generation of teenage girls is struggling with an impossible set of expectations, one that I’ve termed the Triple Bind. The number one pressure I can think of in high school are grades, the ability to get the best grades to get into the perfect college in order to get that perfect, utopious future. When girls and women are specifically asked about binge eating, more admit to this practice than we ever suspected. But even if “double bind”-style messages don’t produce clinical conditions, they certainly produce distress. Today you can find them doing everything from intensive eyebrow management to pounds of foundation.

Like Seligman’s dogs, our teenage girls are baffled, distressed, and overwhelmed as they try ever harder to meet these ever more punishing demands. Want us to write one just for you? 2020 © We provide you with original essay samples, perfect formatting and styling. Standards have become narrower and less realistic for both looks (“girl stuff”) and achievement (“boy stuff”), even as the cultural alternatives that might have helped girls resist these standards have been erased. “The expectations are impossible!” she tells me. You have to do everything!”, Her classmates nod vigorously as Jessica continues, her fervor building with every word. It is common for men to be seen as strong and women to be seen as weak.

These people aren’t keeping the party to themselves though, it all goes straight to various forms of social media. Her classmate Eugenia, a high school junior, agrees. trueH6falsetrue1Girls in dangerAt first glance, this conversation with a group of prep school girls in the Seattle area might seem like run-of-the-mill teenage angst. this is only for the girls who took that pressure and worked to defy her enemies harsh words rather than give in and accept what they had to say. It’s also the quality that might lead her to suppress her own abilities or desires in order to boost a boyfriend’s ego or reassure an anxious parent. You feel like the world just kind of stops. They’d take up basketball or hockey; they’d turn into bookworms or dream of being President. How do “best friends 4ever” fight each other over a diminishing number of college slots? No wonder our girls are increasingly becoming depressed, expressing their anguish through binge eating, self-mutilation, acts of violence, and even suicide. “First of all they are impossible and second of all, we don’t know what they are.”. In “The Triple Bind,” Dr. Stephen Hinshaw explores why girls today are under so much stress. What about the girl who wants to get off the merry-go-round, explore an alternate identity that allows a little more breathing room? Fifteen-year-old Jessica chimes in. A beautiful girl and a handsome boy together dominate the social ladder. But you still want to have fun and be a kid — and you can’t. What about the effects that make these girls happier to be in their own skin? All three groups of dogs were later placed in a “shock box” from which they could escape by leaping over a low partition. this is only for the girls who took that pressure and worked to defy her enemies harsh words rather than give in and accept what they had to say. These figures add up to a staggering sum: At least one-fourth of all U.S. teenage girls are suffering from self-mutilation, eating disorders, significant depression, or serious consideration of suicide — or are perpetrating acts of physical violence. What if the empowered basketball star doesn’t fit into the size-2 miniskirt or can’t stand letting her boyfriend win at ping-pong? Excerpted from "The Triple Bind" by Stephen Hinshaw. But it’s the combination of all three aspects that makes it deadly: 1. Of course, mental illness has more complex origins than this picture indicates, nearly always including biological and genetic underpinnings. You can order Unique paper and our professionals Rewrite it for you. These days, it's all about the look, style, weight, anything you can think of to judge someone with. Anonymous quotes filling their heads such as, “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” fueling their fights with their flaws.

Conform to a narrow, unrealistic set of standards that allows for no alternative. The essence of these girl skills is maintaining relationships: doing what others expect of you while putting their needs first. While yes, it is bad to be pressured into being skinny, one of the positive effects on looks from being peer pressured can be eating disorders that have turned a nickname from ‘Tubby Taylor’ to ‘Dang Girl, How You Doing’. “Girls generally take things more seriously than boys. Seeing how all of these women around us are skinny, dressed well, and doing their makeup has led to trends that hold new standards in society. Others see her having so much fun and going out all the time so now people think of her as fun and cool to hang out with. “Give us expectations that we can meet,” they seemed to be saying, “and look how well we’ll perform!” They didn’t mind working hard; they minded feeling that they were doomed to fail. When we’re asked to do two contradictory things, and especially when we fear being punished for not doing them, we’re in a bind: confused, frustrated, and likely to blame ourselves. Close to 5 percent of U.S. teenage girls and young adults suffer from some form of eating disorder — anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating — with some estimates placing that figure at more than twice that rate. Skinny, sexy, scantily dressed teens and preteens appear everywhere, an airtight world that seems to offer no way out, reinforcing the notion that the only possible way to become a woman is to turn oneself into an object. While, the seamstress is not poor, has a family, and makes a good living, she still remains depressed, “ [they] invite her to use the binoculars.” (Line 20) The “binoculars” represent a way to see things through a different perspective and for the seamstress to try to take her problems and analyze them closely in an attempt to fix them. The third group of dogs was also given access to a lever — but their lever had no effect. Be good at most of the traditional guy stuff. The 24-7 barrage of media images contributes to the sense that the walls are closing in. I think also you get a lot of pressure from your parents to do well in school, and you get a lot of pressure from your friends because you want to go out and have fun, and you get pressure about guys, too …. Teenage girls under pressure. This is a positive thing, from the people streaming on her social media it boosts her reputation and amount of friends. Be good at all of the traditional girl stuff. The second group of dogs was likewise shocked, but had access to a lever that could make the shocks stop. Besides, can something really have been so bad if you get so many compliments in the end? Be good at most of the traditional guy stuff. ... relating to society, or constructing an authentic self — have been virtually erased by the culture. It’s so hard.”, Eugenia shakes her head. Are you interested in getting a customized paper? Instead of Chrissie Hynde, we have Britney Spears; instead of Annie Lennox, we have Lindsay Lohan; instead of Queen Latifah, we have Beyonce. It was from that peer pressure that they found they had to have the best looking boy and best looking relationship to ever be happy or accepted as a couple. Now virtually all of these possibilities have been co-opted, consumerized, and forced into an increasingly narrow, unrealistic set of roles. If she wants a drink at school or needs a pencil, one of her many new friends/followers are going to see that the princess gets what she needs. A successful girl must also master the ultimate boy skills of assertion, maybe even aggression: the commitment to become a winner at anything you undertake, regardless of your own or others’ feelings. The ways differ, but the end result is the same. The Negative Impacts and Influence of Peer Pressure on Teenagers Essay, Learning Process As An Important Part Of Me Essay, Negative consequences of peer pressure Essay, The Different Intervention Strategies for Managing Bulimia and Peer Pressure Essay, Crucial Themes In The Perks of Being a Wallflower Movie Essay, A Study on the Use of Stairs and Elevators on Campuses: Examining the Effects of Peer Pressure and Gender Essay, A Case Of Peer Pressure In Red Scarf Girl Essay, The Negative Effects of Peer Pressure on Teenage Girls in The Queen Bee and Her Court, an Article by Rosalind Wiseman Essay. Looks mean a lot to someone who has been peer pressure on them for so long. “And the second you make a mistake, everything comes crashing down. But almost every clinician will tell you that rates are increasing — dramatically. These relationships usually start at the root, with peers.

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