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Bachelor fan favourite Elly Miles is heading back into the mansion for one more shot at love – and in an Australian first, she’s bringing her sister, Becky, 30. ?‍♀️ (@clementine_ford) September 11, 2019, This season is playing out worse than the Honeybadger season.

Someone to travel the world and tick off my bucket-list with.

Someone who, if they have a dog, that their dog and my dog get along really well.

“I’m just so confused,” she said to Matt, in tears. But ahead of the sisters’ double act, you might be wondering what kind of guy Bachelor alumni Elly is looking for, given that she’s already dabbled in the world of reality dating.

I meaaaannnnnn, thank you for saying what we were all thinking, you little savage! Elly Miles is a beautiful and cheerful woman who has a good chance of finding a good relationship for herself in his reality show.

“Someone who my family loves and I love his. More. #TheBachelorAU, Matt Agnew is a straight up fucking clown and the Bachelor is CANCELLED. Sheesh.

However, on his solo date with Abbie, Detective Matt tried to get to the bottom of things, ultimately deciding that Elly would not be the woman for him, breaking all of our hearts in the process. I was WHO's Digital Content Editor for nearly two years. "Wouldn't have spent the last 4 years any other way.

Earlier this year, it was also speculated that Bachelor Locky Gilbert, 31, had been secretly been texting soon-to-be Bachelorette star Elly. What an idiot #TheBachelorAU, My heart just shattered for Elly #TheBachelorAU, — Fatema Alh (@alh_fatema) September 11, 2019, Ok I’m over the bachelor.

Tell us in a comment below. Have to agree that Matt's judgement is a little suspect, though - apart from this Abbie thing, it's also been bleedingly obvious that Helena is NOT coping with the format and keeping her on board is not doing either of them any favours. Locky (pictured) and Elly have known each other for “quite some time”, but only recently bonded over their new TV gigs. Elly was recently spotted having a sweaty gym sesh with Bachelor in Paradise star – and Angie Kent’s ex – Jackson Garlick (pictured). Will be interesting to see what her family and friends are like. “From that point, I noticed changes in his interactions with me a little bit.

Posting pictures to his Instagram account in September, the handsome football player revealed he and Elly enjoyed several sweaty gym sessions together in Sydney alongside Carlin Sterritt.

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After making a presence in the show now she is planning to come in the show The Bachelorette Australia in 2020 season along with her sister Becky Miles. Last night, there were tears all round when the firm frontrunner used her extra time with the astrophysicist to slam this year's villain Abbie Chatfield, rather than focus on advancing their relationship.

And it’s kinda dark.

LISTEN: Keryn, Renny and Rach recap on the latest comings and goings in The Bachelor mansion. WATCH: Sogand Mohtat weighs in on who gave Matt Agnew a bl*wjob on The Bachelor. What a basic bitch. #TheBachelorAU, — Tranquillity (@Tranquillity71) September 11, 2019, HOLY CRAP THAT IS A BIG SHOCKER WTF #TheBachelorAU, Imagine being as smart and as dumb as Matt all in one #thebachelor #thebachelorau, — Sean (@CoconutHomeboy) September 11, 2019, Mr “all I want is honesty” chucks out the honest girl in favour of the dick tease, this is too real????

When Matt sent Elly packing, the damage he caused was almost palpable, with thousands of furious viewers flocking to Twitter to tear Matt a new one for choosing resident Bachie villain, Abbie, over sweet, sweet angel Elly. Adding to this, a recently dropped Bachelorette trailer shows Elly swooning over a hunk who is rumoured to be Newcastle footballer Joe Woodbury. Who do you think will win The Bachelor 2019?

Following last night's emotionally charged episode which resulted in Elly Miles' elimination, the lovable nurse took a thinly veiled swipe at Matt Agnew when she revealed she didn't have much in common with the hunky scientist.

What’s more, a footballer's physique might just be the ticket, with Elly previously admitting she prefers the code over AFL – one of the many differences she had with Matt Agnew. Please sign in to contribute to the Mamamia Community. I probably would have liked Nick (Cummins),” she told the Daily Telegraph after being booted off the series.

One of those angry users included none other than former Bachelorette, Georgia Love! A recently dropped Bachelorette trailer shows Elly swooning over a hunk who is rumoured to be Newcastle footballer Joe Woodbury (pictured). #thebachelorau, — Clementine Ford ??? “Locky and Elly have obviously bonded over their new roles as Bachelor and Bachelorette and it’s no surprise there’s been flirty exchanges between them,” the source said.

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