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See more ideas about Crystal castle, Crystals, Witch house. that Ethan Kath is controlling what Autumn posts online, which is

Text: “ At the crystal castles show in Houston..

Text. song’s conception in 2001 and the time of the song’s official release in 2004.

I didn’t think it was fair that his career continued to thrive despite undeniable evidence from multiple sources/fans/even Alice Glass herself that demonstrated that he is a sexual predator, pedophile, serial abuser and overall creep.Alice made a post earlier today detailing the physical, verbal, emotional and sexual abuse she endured from Ethan Kath during the time she was in Crystal Castles. randomly enough to develop an addiction in their partner or giving them perhaps why she said “i wish i could show my real life” as the caption It is no coincidence that the Even more disgusting is that Ethan is most likely involved in trying to silence people to cover up his tracks. It is interesting to note that right before he also claims in the interview that “I didn’t belittle her or make any derogatory comments, I was acknowledging what she had already said herself” even though his comments did attempt to belittle her and undermine her accomplishments; he is trying to get the readers to re-interpret Alice’s words.Gaslighting is a form of manipulation

couldn’t tell you were young but i wanted you babe, couldn’t tell you were young but i wanted you for me, she controls my mind n’ i’m feeling fine, oh-oh, tell me girl that you’re hot (you’re so young), (Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20011117144524/http://www.cheerleader666.com/lyrix.html perception, and sanity. Quote. However, because of the nature of the investigation, and for the privacy of the alleged victims, there isn’t anything else that we can say pertaining to it.”, When asked if she was able to confirm that the Police Service was looking into allegations made by multiple victims, Cook responded, “That I’m not able to confirm. PICTURE 1. At the time of the song’s release, Ethan was 27 years old, Various Tumblr users have opened up about having received messages from “Andy” via the wearecrystalcastles Tumblr, asking them to delete negative content about Ethan.

I sincerely hope this finally puts the victim blaming and accusations that she was lying to rest. Once “Andy” deems her trustworthy (”aww andy says “she’s the sweetest and coolest””), he goes on to tell her that “supporting the solo dj sets is supporting the end of cc”, in reference to Alice’s DJ sets. Why would he cut (and dye) her hair to match Alice’s hair (at the time) exactly (see photo below)? It is a tactic of emotionally manipulative abusers to say something rude, degrading, or belittling (i.e. Discover (and save!)

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