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"Hey fag, our post got over 1,000 likes!" Louie started begging him not to do it. Lastly was Louie, who was currently playing a game on his.

"Please don't." He wore a mask and pretended to be okay. Bigfoot found them, and it didn't look to happy. That's when it all came back to him. Those voices. Dewey was confused. "I know it's hard right now. How to Mourn: Don't. Can you please just, I don't know, read my mind or something and answer my question, please." Every time he closed his eyes Louie saw his brother's feathers stained with blood, brains spilling from the hole put in Huey's head. So he fought back. But he was not. "Not much farther. He hated when people saw him cry, it made him feel weak. Louie looked down at the ground as Webby lifted his head back up. "I don't really like that comment."

Dewey looked at Huey with a shocked expression.

"Louie!" It hurt to talk about carrying on the legacy of a dead 11-year-old. We can't control that. Dewey ran over, tears stinging his eyes, joining the hug. She saw her brother and son in the doorway and waved them in. Two chest compressions, check for a pulse. Everyone is grieving right now. A faint one but it was there! In a fit of rage and a last ditch effort Bigfoot picked up a rock and threw it hitting Louie hard enough to cause him to lose his balance. "Come on Louie, wake up!" Of course Huey was gone. We're obviously going to go through all of the triplets one at a time, starting with Huey, we might not do anyone else in the family, and I might not write Webby's reactions to the deaths because... Because I don't write Webby, that much, I guess? "You know actually..." Mason started to say as he blackmailed Louie. However they couldn't see their brother. Webby decided to make a deal with him. "But it still has the same results." When he finished coughing he just sat there confused as his brothers continued to hug him tightly while crying. Bigfoot came to screeching halt when he saw the water. "No, it's okay baby, you didn't mean to fall…". He put his earbuds in trying to block out the laughter, but it didn't work. Louie then started thinking that Dewey invited, which he clearly did. They said yes.
"No, but you do it anyway," Louie said with a smirk. He seemed to be coping but his life was without purpose, without adventure or joy. 78 Stories. You never expect it'll happen to anyone, certainly not a child, certainly not your brother, your slightly older brother. "We already bought the tickets." "Louie!" Louie remarked as he sat down in an empty chair away from everyone. "That message was specifically meant for me!" He started running home as Dewey tried to stop him. We should be where we need to in a couple of minutes. Nathan no longer bullies me.

"What are you doing here Webs?!" "Tell them why, please."

She wanted to get revenge on the person that killed her son, but she'd been talked down after the funeral, only quietly fuming now as she spun, alone, in a circle, trying to figure out which child to reach out to, her cries falling on deaf ears whenever she tried. "Where do you think you're going?" Louie wearily opened his eyes. Huey yelled, tightening his hold on his squirming brother. What do we do, what do we do," Dewey mumbled to himself looking around for an escape route. "Louie!"

He was supposed to be unstoppable, he'd let him believe once more that his family was as well. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Louie knew what she was talking about, but acted like he didn't.

The rest of his day was good except for that one bad part. "Knock it off Dewey," He commanded as he wrapped his arms around Dewey and tried to pull him away. "No! That's why we're all here for you." Louie's sped up and caught up to the other two, still playing his DS. But loss was always going to be painful, and Donald had learned once before to turn the pain into motivation. "Why are you so anxious?" Eventually, people stopped expecting him to move, after all, they had their own grief to bear. Webby said as she rubbed Louie's back. They walked into the room where the movie was about to start, but they were greeted by a sign. Not even Huey knew that Louie was gay. Della was going insane. "Louie's gotta be down there somewhere!"

Their heads shot up.

It was more like an orchestra, with each stage of grief playing at once, so loud that no one could think. Louie didn't know what they were doing, and he didn't want to know. As they were getting their tickets, Louie noticed Mason and Nick in the lobby. "You got it all wrong." His lungs screamed at him for air. But inside of him were two wolves. Deathtales is exactly what it sounds like. The second wolf insisted that Huey wasn't dead, only missing and that Dewey needed to find him. "That doesn't apply to any of us." Louie coughed,his body trying to get the remaining water out of his lungs.

Noah and Louie just looked at each other, wondering which one would speak first. Webby said attempting to lie. But Ducks don't back down, right? "I can't just tell them!" "I only have one question that I want to ask, but I'd rather not say it out loud. After the 5th time of this not working Dewey had had enough. Huey tried to stop them from fighting. They were all falling and failing. "Living is too hard," Louie sobbed, crying into her jacket. In this chapter, I don't write much about Scrooge either. It all just depends. Webby offered him a seat on his bed. Webby said as she grabbed his wrist. An adventure goes awry when a molting Louie pauses to scratch his itches. Read hot and popular stories about ducktales2017 on Wattpad. "Louie!" "What are you guys talking about?" It say here Bigfoot can't swim. Louie reluctantly agreed and realized that he made a fool of himself in front of his tormentors.

"Louie!" Donald put a hand on Dewey's shoulder as they watched Louie and Della share a breakdown. "Oh no...nononononono! Louie said pathetically.

Louie tries to ignore it, but sticks and stones aren’t the only thing that can hurt you. Dewey said as everyone agreed. He saw the look on his brothers' faces. Louie, please, get out of bed. Dewey yelled, fighting against his slightly older brother.

So she felt terribly isolated, angry at the world that took her son away, angry that the family that remained had been irreparably damaged.

They would always hurt and living would always be hard. "What they went through was so much worse than what I'm going through. Huey reached the other side of the river first. Dewey and Louie were in shock. Dewey was about to reach the end and Louie was halfway through. He hadn't been able to save Huey, he couldn't save Dewey and Louie as they spiraled out of control. Huey and Dewey cried out as they hugged his. Also I apologize if any of the characters are OOC, we've only gotten one episode so I don't really have a feel of how the triplets would act in this sort of situation.
Louie said as he started to walk out. Dewey said as he walked in the theater.

Are you okay? After Huey's death, after the first day alone, Dewey hadn't cried. Louie and Dewey didn't talk. The three whipped around in shock and saw a 10 foot tall monster covered in head to toe in fur with beady black eyes. Louie closed his DS and put it in his pocket while Dewey got his camera ready. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. Ducktales: Dance of Dreams by Dominic Caruso. Louie knew what she was talking about, but acted like he didn't. The one leading the way was the oldest, named Huey. Louie's sentiment, that it was too hard to live, rang true for all of them. He was just a little kid when someone had taken it too far. Maybe one day he would find purpose again. He didn't answer. "I'm telling them tonight, but don't say anything."

"I thought that too…" Dewey didn't feel as ashamed or alone anymore. "They're probably just messing with you. But we have to keep living. What was that? We don't control that, baby. "Because I am." Noah texted his parents to see if they were okay with him seeing a movie with the guys.

Louie struggles with poorly packed supplies while Della struggles with the weight of her meticulously … FanFiction | unleash ... Cartoons DuckTales.

But thinking about what Huey would've appreciated only made the cacophony worse. Louie was gone. He wondered how they could possibly know they were gonna be there. But she would not let herself watch her sons' lives deteriorate. In his stupor Dewey snapped a picture, which only seemed to enrage the creature more as it let out a beastly roar. "Compliments of Dewey's new friends." Next thing he knew the current was pulling him under and whisking him away. Louie tried to breach the surface. Bigfoot, the river…. Louie started thinking she was right. Huey tired to two ropes together and tied one end to a tree and the other to him and his brother. Mason put his phone down and gave an evil grin. He started pacing around the room until Webby dropped in through the vent. Everything was going to be okay. "Louie, don't say that… Things are going to be okay again, I promise.".

Louie!" Next thing he knew the current was pulling him under and whisking him away. "Louie! Read A/N. Mason walked over. "Louie!" Huey said trying to reassure his brother. He couldn't save his sister. The three fell silent and listened to what sounded like a thumping sound.

Webby said as she grabbed his wrist. He had nothing productive to funnel his anger into, certainly not Dewey and Louie, who fell dangerously on opposite ends of the grieving spectrum. Dewey pressed his ear against Louie's chest. I don't really have anything else to don't own anything….so there's that...I'm so awkward. "So are we," Donald said, putting a hand on Della's shoulder. He hopelessly waited for something to happen. If he had made Dewey and Louie go first. You can't talk down Donald Duck. The hat fell off of his head when he ran, and when Della knelt down next to him he hugged his brother. Probably because out of the three ducks so far Louie is my favorite and their aren't enough stories centered around him. 1K 20 6. "Uh-oh! Huey yelled towards the river. In the morning he would feel sick with wondering. Louie was surprised that Webby knew that.

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