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So I ask you, what if Drake LaRoche isn't good enough to make the majors? disaster -- but the silence from others is probably worth a few words, no? Plus, this wasn't just a matter of a guy taking a stand on principle to have the same rights as everyone else. I'm also not going to do that "just imagine if you screamed at your boss" thing because MLB is different. He can make clubhouse rules if he wants. I mean, he did, but he already had made over $70 million in his career, was coming off an awful year, this was likely to be his last in the bigs and he was dealing with a back injury. America Votes: Still no clear winner in U.S. election, Trump launches legal challenges. I just don't think he should be put on some kind of pedestal here as history's greatest father. To catch you up, LaRoche retired due to a dispute with the White Sox over having his son in the clubhouse essentially as a member of the team.

Good lord, guys. Take note of the perspective offered up by the wife of former big-leaguer Joe Randa. drake laroche.

If any of you baseball fans haven't heard about the Adam LaRoche situation with the White Sox yet, let me welcome you back from a five-day break from the Internet! That's an ... interesting ... spin. He's around for his son and that's something many fathers can't say. US election: Experts warn America’s political climate rife for partisan clashes, America Votes 2020: Ex-U.S. ambassador to Canada hopeful, but cautious, America Votes 2020: Protesters try to enter Detroit ballot counting location, America Votes 2020: Biden may have more paths to victory than Trump. I am sure the White Sox fans who pay their hard-earned money to support the team were pretty excited about all the pettiness, though.

He has played with the Braves till the time he got dealt with the Pittsburgh Pirates during early 2007.

© 2004-2020 CBS Interactive. Dave LaRoche pitched for five different major league teams during 1970 to 1983. Chris Sale has Adam LaRoche, Drake LaRoche uniforms hanging in his locker. https://t.co/jMXpk27lrn.

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After several games of baseball, he ultimately selected to sign in association with one MLB team while the Atlanta Braves selected him during the year 2000. Don't the top salespeople in any sales company have more leeway than those who aren't hitting their marks?

“Drake was more than just a kid that came to the clubhouse,” Eaton said. He has functioned on his way over the Braves’ farm system prior noting his official MLB debut during the year 2004. Also, he has lande… Let's also take note that while there were a few vocal past and present teammates getting LaRoche's back, it wasn't dozens or anything. Let us count the top five ways. Since then, there's been a firestorm of fallout. Chicago White Sox first baseman Adam LaRoche is walking away from the game he loves after he was told he could no longer bring his son to the park every day.

Since then, there's been a firestorm of fallout. Of course performance matters.

Is Adam gonna sit in his office cubicle with him?

Yes, a 14-year-old boy is a leader for a Major League Baseball team. The good news is Sale already said the team is ready to move on and the season starts in a few weeks. After the White Sox reportedly "almost" boycotted a spring training game, reports surfaced that Sale -- one of the Sox's top two players -- screamed at Williams. It is. 12:35 pm ET, over having his son in the clubhouse essentially as a member of the team, Sale already said the team is ready to move on, The five dumbest things about the White Sox-LaRoche saga, Gold Gloves: Dodgers' Betts among big winners, Awards: Finalists unveiled for MVP, Cy Young, more, Stanton, Martinez decline opt-outs on huge contracts, Six players receive QO, including Giants surprise, Managerial tracker: Cora likely to be Red Sox finalist. Hey, Matt, maybe Eaton just felt bad for Drake and wanted to stand up for him. Here's Yankees boss Brian Cashman on the matter, via Newsday: Now, circle back to my comments about star treatment above. Dumb. It’s a difficult dynamic to understand, and that’s why there’s such a strong outreach for us." It's hard enough to be a Major League Baseball player on a daily basis, now you have to worry about someone else's kid being there nearly 100 percent of the time? Whatever you can imagine, that's probably about correct. Secondly, c'mon guys. section: | slug: the-five-dumbest-things-about-the-white-sox-laroche-saga | sport: baseball | route: article_single.us |

OK. Um, Chris, Williams is the club president. Cool. Some players say they were lied to.

"If he hit better than .207, this wouldn't have been an issue!" ... 2020 MLB playoff bracket Right? We bring sports news that matters to your inbox, to help you stay informed and get a winning edge. It dominated discussions in the baseball world for a few days and it's likely to die after Sunday's statement from White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf. Many refuse to even try. Regardless of if Williams lied or not, it's rather obvious he did a terrible job here. LaRoche was raising his child in the clubhouse. I'm also not sure a single person -- at least one with a brain -- said anything bad about Drake. Williams had a situation where there were complaints and he, as the boss, addressed it.

Laughable. Please check your email for a confirmation.

This is a performance-based society and obviously superstar players get more privileges than also-rans. Oh my gosh, he left $13 million on the table to go spend more time with his family! So this will be well in the rearview by then. What happens now? And I'd feel awful if I subjected every co-worker to my son everyday. 5. Drake LaRoche. Far from it.

“And, if we got time,” LaRoche said, “do some homework.”. Plus, LaRoche's $13 million albatross of a contract is off the books! Far from it.

He has a great relationship and that's commendable. MLB player retires, forfeits $13M, after team tells him son isn’t welcome in clubhouse, U.S. election results: Live, real-time election results as America votes, U.S. election: As vote counting continues, here are the lawsuits Trump has filed, U.S. election live: Ongoing coverage as votes are counted, Protests, some violent, break out in U.S. cities over unknown election results, Biden closes in on U.S. election win as Trump sues, counting continues. Now, it's possible the White Sox (and Nationals before that) made accomodations, but wouldn't that be why there were likely complaints? Drake LaRoche even had a locker, his own uniform and got a picture with his Dad when every other player just gets his own.

The utter lack of perspective from Chris Sale.

All Rights Reserved. He obviously did a terrible job in communicating the situation properly (we're getting to that), but Sale's reaction was over the top.

Turns out, he was there "100 percent" of the time according to team president Kenny Williams. It's still the dumbest single thing said throughout this entire saga. Yes, Jose Abreu hadn't seen his son in three years. From a 2013 Washington Post article: He and Drake play baseball in the morning. Sale can get away with screaming at his boss because he's a superstar. “He did more for people than we did for him by having him there every day. Judging from the comments of a few players and coaches, it sounds like Williams told different stories to different parties.

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