do diplomats deliver money

I have deep ITM PE option and I dont want to give physical delivery as I dont have shares in my demat. So how much margin I should be having for last 2 days of expiry ( tomorrow and day after ). long future but don’t have shares in demat to give delivery w.r.t. And I have no experience of option but I am on loss now but as I read out the articles.

Santosh Kumar Singh, Those who have only trading account how can thy take dilivery without demat account this physical settlements are not good for only trading account holder this physical settlements are not good and very high cost and risky. The position is now expired.

Margins required are 100% of the contract value this expiry due to higher volatility in the markets. 1. You were notified because if your position turns ITM, there will be physical delivery margin block and you can be better prepared for that. Nifty/Banknifty options are settled in cash. 4. Will this be applicable to Nifty and bank nifty options as well. I Have 1 one lot of REC ltd of 80pe BUY & forget to close.

The intrinsic value of this contract will be 3 [243-240] x 3200(lot size) = Rs 9600. I have entered banknifty debit spread with 100 lot size with the debit of 6.5 rupees.

bpcl +400 call = 1800 shares “There won’t be any delivery obligation if your call option expires out of the money(OTM).” The capacity to prioritize and order tasks effectively, to employ a systematic approach to achieving objectives, to make appropriate use of limited resources, Resourcefulness Foreign Service internship and/or volunteer experience – no standard timeframe, followed by: The four ranks of diplomats are determined by international law, and include ambassadors, envoys, ministers, and charge d'affaires. Will the positions get netted? Kapil, And what if margin is not available? Attache Thanks in advance. +8800 CNC. Since there is a substantial increase in effort and risk to settle these F&O positions resulting in physical delivery, a brokerage of 0.25% of the physically settled value will be charged. The capacity to identify, compile, analyze, and draw correct conclusions from pertinent data; to recognize patterns or trends in numerical data; to perform simple mathematical operations. In above scenario if the client is fulfilled with the margin by EOD of expiry day then :- By when should the client bring the remaining amount (difference i.e 4,91,482/-) over & above the margin balance for physical delivery? I have equivalent amount of shares in demat account. Hence having money in your account is sufficient. Due to the cost of physical settlement of stock derivatives margins are increased 2 days before the expiry day. Doesn’t the option expire at the intrinsic value?. Appropriate penalties shall be charged on such short deliveries. Essentially, you will be buying the stock at the strike price(30). In my understanding, there will be no additional margin required for trading in next months options and futures on the expiry day of near month. Chandrasekhar, Also how does one avail the temporary funding for the margin shortfall with the interest, if needed. Read more on the consequences of short delivery here. Say by wednesday/thursday afternoon, what if i have a balance of just 3.5 L in my account ? Q4 if i deposit this 17k can i close the position at market rate ? If it remains this way till expiry, there won’t be any physical delivery obligation either. A diplomat also has the ongoing responsibility of collecting and reporting information that could affect national interests, and is often in a good place to give advice about how the home country should react. The highlights should change automatically with change in the price of underlying, as the position moves in or out of ITM and CTM position.

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The circular doesn’t ask for any such margin requirements. How will the settlement happen if I have a call option for a stock and I have also sold a put option on the same stock? Yes, this is applicable for intraday trades also. For ex. Lets say I do add the 100% contract value in my account. I thought I would use the opportunity of being offered this column space to say a word about the American Foreign Service, America’s …

1. Will the RMS square it off automatically? Will all OR only selected stocks will attract increased margin? There won’t be any physical delivery as long Ashok Leyland underlying remains below Rs 42.5. Sold 9000 PE – 10 lots As clarified by the exchange based on the direction of the Hon’ble Bombay High Court, all physically settled contracts(both Futures and Option) will carry an STT levy of 0.1%(applicable for equity delivery trades) of the contract value for both the buyer and the seller of the contract. Say i do not get picked in this instance, should i just consider myself lucky as i got to premium also and did not have to buy the shares at the PE strike price i sold 840 ? Now itz @ 0.5 .im in loss, I received mail regarding physical delivery ..i could not understand this..plz help. Failing which your position will be squared off by our RMS systems due to margin shortfall. For example, you have a long futures position in Reliance and you carry the position to expiry and it is physically settled. The RMS team will square off the position as soon as there is a shortfall. Pk, In modern diplomacy there are a number of ranks below ambassador.

The settlement price for the option is determined from the settlement price of the underlying(spot).

Kans, (1000+900)*2 = 3800 To hold position till expiry, the message received from Zerodha says “there should be equivalent shares in demat accout”. 1. Many people compare the Foreign Service Written Examination to the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test), with a bit of the games Jeopardy and Trivial Pursuit thrown in for good measure. No, this is only for Stock F&O contracts traded on NSE. He or she should also do their utmost to represent the views of the home government to the government of the country in which they are posted, and convince these governments to act in ways that the home government would prefer. If I hold equal number of shares in my demat account for which I have sold call option, will I required to give margin for option sell contract or will it be marked to my demat account. Like 90 % of the time will get a delivery? These margins will be debited on your trading ledger. Part of the initial adjustment period may be devoted to adapting to cultural or social differences that might require, for example, going to an open-air market for most shopping. Will it charge me anything if I don’t have anymore balance in my account? And for Stock future we have to ensure you have sufficient margins to avoid your position being squared off. Amount will be debited on Thursday itself. What happened on expiry. The intrinsic value of this contract will be 3 [243-240] x 3200(lot size) = Rs 9600. Thanks Do i have to pay any charge for this settlement to the exchangs. It written Long/short futures would be settled at average price, what does that mean?. If you leave the position open until expiry, the position will be physically settled. What sort of preparation do you recommend to someone who will be taking the Foreign Service Written Examination? In India, all options contracts traded are European type of options. Many people have found it helpful to be regular readers of Time or Newsweek or The Economist, all of which offer weekly exposure to significant domestic and international events. 730 CE Short Oct – One lot I need to understand in simple words, what is the daily carry charges for future if we use margin facility ?

I have shorted CE NBCC at 32 which is ITM and i have shorted PE NBCC at 42 wjhich is also ITM. I am most likely not meeting the increased margin requirements.. Let me give my example, I’ve purchased 1 lot of Yesbank CE 65 today which is trading at 58.10 EOD (Around 2200 rupees) Can I sell that option tomorrow or do I need to maintain balance or exactly what I am suppose to do??? To answer your query, Zinc is a staggered delivery contract where the tender period kicks in one week before the expiry which is why this is blocked during that period. Sir I can’t buy OTM options for stocks on day before expiry and expiry day.why? The American Foreign Service maintains an enduring presence in 273 embassies and consulates all around the world.

Sir today i bought bank nifty 30100 call at 0.05 paise and bnifty spot closed below 30100 but option settled at 9.35 rs.

Could you guide me to minimise the losses and I does not want to buy the stocks so what should I do now ? The best example I have heard in a long time comes from Congressman Ed Royce, Republican chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. … China certainly isn’t trimming back its diplomatic presence there, as you know. So you mean to say the stock options are also European in nature in India? In modern diplomacy there are a number of ranks below ambassador. at the price of 820. Currently ITM. cant understand what to do or what not to do pls intimate with details. I have shorted one OTM put. I m having a long put option of ashok Leyland and Tuesdays market session is over can I square off it on Wednesday.

can u post link for “options settlement -MIS orders”? Leadership. Post-market closing we will check if the client’s free balance (Cash balance + Rs 9,600) > Rs 2,76,518 ( Twice the SPAN +Exposure margin for WIPRO Oct future contract). If I have long Future position and long ITM put position in the same stock on expiry, will there be any physical delivery obligations. I have passed this suggestion to our content team. The expiry is day after tomorrow.what happens on the day of expiry if I don’t want to exercise the options?. A. ITM Sell position PE- Yes, the shares are credited to your account. sold 10 lot 300 pe Have added puts too.

hello, if i am holding 3000 shares of SBIN in demat account and having short position on SBIN 200 CE. Emissary A U.S. diplomat must be an effective and productive communicator, and this most often involves mastery of the languages used in host countries. Long ITM Call Short ITM Put 2. Interest will be charged at 0.05% per day if your account results in a debit balance when the additional margins are applicable(two days before the expiry day). The additional margin requirements as explained above will be applicable. I have a short call position in Wipro for example which is deep ITM and it is not liquid and I cannot square it off. So please say another way to open demat account on zeroda. I will be squaring off the position on the day of expiry around 2 pm . Ankush, When his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say, ‘we did it ourselves.’” And the same can be said for us diplomats — we are at our best when the people we work with say, “We did it ourselves.” That makes telling stories about how we deliver for the American people a bit tricky. This can be as much as 20% or more. While the demands of this career are considerable, its striking happiness metric is not unexpected. 2.

Do i have to pay any settlement charges to exchange.?? During purchase, you would require to only pay the premium. Do you just message everyone or even apply double margin rule to everyone, even OTM options? Commonly, a diplomat will only spend a period of approximately three years in one country, but this can vary depending on the availability of vacancies. If I am holding 80CE since past two weeks, when will I have to pay margin on this, will it be applicable from today i.e Friday EOD or it will apply two days before expiry i.e next Wed Thurs?

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