did doumeki love watanuki

By: blue90broken'nbleed. Get your answers by asking now. Personally, I like Watanuki 'cause he's

Sell custom creations to people who love your style. Forum Index. His legs are starting to feel tired and he is pretty sure, they are going to cramp soon. "Stop running away." Sakura Kinomoto | © 2020 Minitokyo - something. Ask Question + 100. Doumeki bit his lips as he thinks back about last night and corrected himself, --he hasn't done anything..much. Black Mokona | Fuji uses his palm to wipes away the sweats from his forehead. -----Spoiler(?) Minitokyo Only with a little more pizzazz, and outer space." I vote for Watanuki! Hae slapped himself lightly and then harder the second time just in case but no, ouch...this is not a dream. Fuji acussed pointing a finger at Doumeki face.

Doumeki calls out grouchyly with an angry look on his face. I refuse to be alone -with him after what he did. He is sure of it by the single determination look on his friend face. Shit. jam." None There is nothing to talk. Never." you strong ~ Within Temptation, "Iron", "It was nice for a while but it's time to say bye".

He often replies in a one word phrase like "Hn" or "Oh". He stares ahead, and realised while they were conversing and distracted. Doumeki isn't quite sure of Watanuki's employer actual profession or the boy actual job description. Again. High-level Pure Saint power, Expert archer, Exorcism Kobato Hanato | Subaru Sumeragi | "Yes. Terms of Service | Kotoko | Doumeki glares at the offending hand and the person that is attached to said hand. He doesn't know anymore.

"Haha." Tomoyo Daidouji | He bumps into Watanuki and the lovely Himawari-chan. Hikaru Shidou | I mean, he's serious, but he's also cute too! He is also very observant. "Ha. Is Watanuki-kun aspiring to participate in the Olympic or what? LOL! He bids them good morning cheerily because they are Doumeki-kun friends. Like the thread asks, who do you love the most Doumeki or Watanuki? » Forum Doumeki's done so many things for Watanuki, and vice versa. He barely speaks unless explaining folklore or asking Watanuki for impossible bentô lunches (such as ones that contain food that is out of season or hard to find). Their love interest stupid. annoyed by Yuuko, deep down he admired Yuuko a lot ^^ I really like both of them. Ask the community.

The instructions were simple: Open the closest book at hand to page 104 and create an AU based on its contents. » In-depth Discussions Sumomo |

Doumeki lets out a breathy pant, his breathing becomes rough and it has nothing to do with the fact that he is running at the moment. Kamui | Yeah sure he can be in a temper sometimes but he's so funny when he's like that! The sweats is dripping into his eyes and it stings like hell, which sucks a lot. That's an interesting pairing...I never thought of that really..!_! You can't live without the fire, it's the heat that makes About | Kurogane | Priest Subaru Sumeragi | Since they care for each other a lot. DA Muro.

Privacy. A voice said eerily inside his head. Fuu Hououji |

He think his life just flash right in front of his eyes as he narrowly avoided running into a wall. Ruby Moon |

The boy is crazy fast. Kamui Shirō | Join my groups! Wow!

:* attitude is life *:.

Even as his cheeks blushed hotly from the accusation because he is caught-red handed by Fuji. ^_^. Administrator of: Ignore the others! Not stopping." You call him stupid? "Right, Watanuki-kun?"

In the manga his eyes are more of a golden color but in the anime they appear to be a dull green. It is pointed out several times by Watanuki and those trying to annoy Watanuki, that Doumeki is quite a bit taller than him. "Holy shit."

The boy scoffs distaintly and continued running full speed ahead. "Stupid. "Can we all just stop and talk like mature adult-, Fuji frowned, - or mature highschool students? This was written for smokexscribbles ' genius prompt over at doumekiwatanuki, and got out of hand very quickly - nearly four pages before I knew it. Fuji thinks as he scrambles on his weakening legs trying to keep up. Watanuki is overeacting like he always did. Only if he knows that the boy super speed is hone by trying to run away for his life when chased by malicious spirits. Doumeki grits his teeth. Great now, Fuji is judging him when he hasn't done anything--. Yuuko Ichihara | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

He wondered if Watanuki-kun runs everyday for fun since the boy is not joining any afterschool club activities. Clow Reed | The voice sounded sounded extremely familiar, to be specific it sounded like it belongs to Yuuko-san. https://hero.fandom.com/wiki/Shizuka_Doumeki?oldid=1759082. Chii | Only members can post replies, please register. Archery The reasons for this-- he is being forced into doing power running three legged race or whatever this is supposed to be. Nothing about this is funny, he reminded himself. Watanuki is so fast that Fuji thinks he should have joined the school track team. Everthing had started normal this morning he thinks. how he expresses himself so freely (in funny ways too... XD ) Watanuki is admirable in a way that he could Kiyokazu Fujimoto | Value Engineering, Doumeki/Watanuki. After all communication is the upmost important key in relationship after all. The boy stares at him warily and didn't answer his question. KHDownloads <-- Butterfly Chaser Umi Ryuuzaki | cute when he does that. You did something." Sorata Arisugawa, Kobato. Fuji commended Doumeki-kun for his effort in his mind. He's so funny, but he is apparently a good cook, too. I’m sorry I had this stupid idea in my head for weeks and needed to get it out my system real quick They shouldn’t play Twister… I want to imply what it is that Watanuki doesn’t want Doumeki to see but we all know what it is. Princess Tomoyo | Fuji curses as they round a corner at a neck breaking speed, his free leg stumbles unsteadily. Watanuki said still running full speed ahead. How is that even possible? He wants to know what have Doumeki done to deserve Watanuki's ire. Doumeki gave him a shifty eye.

The thing is, i wanted to read a doujin of both, but i'm scared if one of them is r-18 :( (I hate yaoi) Can someone give me a link of Douwata doujin under r-18? "I did nothing." I als think he's Yeah, it's really hard to choose from Watanuki and Doumeki too! referred! Fuji flinches away from him.

Doumeki focuses on the problems right in front of him. Doumeki then cornered the boy with his intimidating self until the boy's back hit the wall. White Mokona |

Not that the boy notices because he had turn to face forward and picking up his pace. ;).

Fuji is trying hard to convey his thoughts on their current ridiculous situation with his eyes alone since he doesn't think he is capable of speaking since he is almost wheezing from the lack of oxygen. you strong ~ Within Temptation, "Iron" Argg! I love He must be dreaming. Unnamed grandfather (deceased)Kohane Tsuyuri (wife)Sayaka Doumeki (great-grandson) I love Watanuki! "Woah, woah. Watanuki does seem annoyed with Yuko sometimes....but I think he's better off with not Himawari, but with that cute Kimihiro Watanuki, Himawari Kunogi, Yuuko Ichihara, Mokona Modoki Paint a picture. He just wanted to stop already but he thinks Doumeki will go on dragging his poor exhausted body on the hard cold floor, so he tries hard to keep up with Doumeki. Fuji thinks his ears are ringing or maybe they are bleeding. "Stop chasing me. "I do not." Hobby rumble?'. Fuji watches open-mouthed as Doumeki grabbed the boy and pushes him into an empty, no longer used classroom. Various spirits XD thank you CLAMP! about being different than the rest of his friends. Haah. It's just that Doumeki is the strong and silent type that I like. This is me.. avoiding you.". Powers/Skills kinda cute too! Doumeki who is busy chasing down Watanuki through the corridors, doesn't even realize the turmoil of Fuji. Fuji snorts and try his hardest not to laugh. I love both, when domeki is around he brings out a great side of watanuki ahh love, watanuki of couse! =), Aaahh..so difficult to choose between 2 really cute guys who both have great personalities and qualities! ^_^ I'm not touching another one of your big, European, 'bring your friends' wars, like you're throwing a Arashi Kishū |

watanuki is sooooooooo nice~~~~ and funny! He's also the caring type of megane-character. Really Yuko and Watanuki?! Moderator of: Ice-and-Snow Member of: Whatever - Hana Kimi love - BrokenWings-TrinityBlood - GetBackers - MAAC - Petzilla, watanuki ?he's funny,and can make many delicious foods.....a kindhearted person. He has short dark hair and a narrow face. Watanuki laughs sarcastically. » Who do you love the most? Why does he had to be tied to Doumeki and chasing Doumeki love interest down the school corridor with him? He stares at Fuji, he is too surprised to say anything. have an eye for Doumeki too! "It was nice for a while but it's time to say bye" Later in the series when his grandfather is introduced, it is shown that they look almost identical. (America's thoughts on Europe, after the "well, that was pretty pointless" fiesta of WW1. Fuji feels bad that he is judging people by their outer appearance but really, Watanuki does not look, even a little bit athletic, what with that skinny body of his. Do you know what else is sucks.

"What did you do?" I love watanuki...but doumeki is so like... "UHHH" xDDDDDDD but he's cute too! Doumeki or Watanuki?

Syaoran | Family Kind of an impossible tasks but he manages it while gasping like he is just minutes away from the death door. He could swear that the universe is out to get him. His clothing generally consists of his school uniform which is a simple black set of pants and a high collared shirt, the clothing worn for his archery club which consists of a loose white shirt and dark blue hakama (a type of pants), and sometimes a kimono. -Nocturnal-MTs Fuji stares disbelievingly at Watanuki-kun back. Doumeki clenched his fists. The curiousity is killing him more that all this running. Maru and Moro, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

Meiling Li, xxxHolic

Kero | Which is rude by the way, Doumeki feel justify when he slapped that offending finger non too gently away from his face.


Fuji sweats pathetically as he tries his very damn best to keep up with Doumeki's speed. Do-Gooder You can't live without the fire, it's the heat that makes The boy said blushing furiously.

Doumeki isn't quite sure of Watanuki's employer actual profession or the boy actual job description. Doumeki growled and effectively avoids Fuji questions. Quote by FaqirWatanuki. He did." In fact, he is too focused on chasing the elusive ghost seeing boy to realize anything, Fuji thinks. No.

Zashiki Warashi girl. such a funny guy! Syaoran Li | and soooooooo nice~~ ahhhhhhh!~ ><, Thank you Farewell, My Master.

Or at least, Doumeki does. Shizuka Doumeki | More importantly, why is Fuji here? xD.

It's not that I don't like Watanuki. Like is that even remotely possible. Much to the annoyance of Watanuki he seems to pop up everywhere, especially when Watanuki gets a chance to be with Himawari (though it is later revealed that this is intentional).

Fuji sighs and thinks really. I can't decide I like them both and Watanuki and Yuuko I can't even Fuji asses the current situation between the two of them and thinks, "yup they are definitely fighting", "Stop chasing me", Watanuki screeched at them like a bashee. Ioryogi, Magic Knight Rayearth

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