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The era where The Justice Society, The Freedom Fighters, The All-Star Squadron and other classic “Mystery Men” arrived. For the moment, the two rumored mantle-bearers for the iconic World’s Finest are Jon Kent as Superman and Luke Fox (son of Lucius Fox, Batwing) as Batman. The expectations that the comic creators become so unrealistic that when the product is put out, the audience is already bored with it because they have seen this 10 to 100 times before. The motto for 5G and the DC Timeline is that "everything happened" and Wonder Woman will be entrenched as the first DC superhero, even fighting in World War One, just like in the movie. There have been attempts to load this with 5G references that Snyder and Capullo had been resisting – and it looks like they may have won that battle. Author of The Flying Friar, Holed Up, The Avengefuls, Doctor Who: Room With A Deja Vu, The Many Murders Of Miss Cranbourne, Chase Variant. Change ), Brother Eye Exposes:The Problems Of DC Comics 5th Generation, The Jokes On You:Disney Star Wars Trilogy, The Jokes On You:DC Comics 5G Phantom Zone Bound, DC Comics’ New Generational Timeline (part 1) | BW Media Spotlight, #ComicsgateIndustry -Da Lazy Scholar answer- All the pros are in #Comicsgate due to competition, This Week in Fandom 5/20/2020- By Da Lazy Scholar, A look at Copy right enforcement abuse- via a Cross dimension Visor. As for the DC Timeline that DC publisher Dan DiDio showed off at NYCC on the big screen and Bleeding Cool did out best to thoroughly dissected, as we have mentioned before it was a) unfinished b) not meant to be seen publicly and c) wayyyy too early. No one has seen him around much…, Just expect a lot from Wally West this year, while all this is going on. So lets have a look at the present 5G Timeline. Things about the Indie Audience, is that they normally go to entertainment that would be considered Politically Incorrect, because of both DC & Marvel going down the road of Political Correctness, they are drawn away because of the lack of awareness by the mainstream Comics Industry, they also lose touch with the customers & consumers, afraid to even give some Fan service in comics. Much has been made and said of the newly announced DC Timeline coming out of NYCC this month. Now the thing about the DC Comics Movie/Television Story Lines is that they can take from both the Canon & Non Canon stories, it can lack as to showing what Comics they have come out of to lead customers of interest to read & pay for out of their own pocket. Everything we know about DC’s rumored 5G plan - The Beat New York. The longest-serving digital news reporter in the world, since 1992. If it proves true, it involves the relaunch of a lot of the key DC heroes and their titles, with the classic “old guard” heroes replaced with new, younger heroes made in the recent years, during the 2010s in a post-New 52/DCYou/Rebirth landscape. Everything happened, in some way shape or form, even as that’s completely impossible and contradictory.

I was also told that one of the planned changes was that, unlike with the New 52, the Batman timeline now plans to have let every Robin "have their time." Appealing to a younger audience with accessible entry points via a relaunch, with brand new heroes, that seems to the idea. As you have heard DC Comics has chosen to do the 5G approach to its comics, wanting to bring in the Ultimate Timeline, much like Marvel Comics has. This is the era that saw the birth of Justice League International, the re-assembly of the JLA, DC One Million and 52.

A new generation of DC Comics characters to follow the laid- out Four Generations of DC Comics superheroes. X-Men. Bleeding Cool has been reporting on this publishing plan led by publisher Dan DiDio at DC Comics since the summer. No sign of his and Jason Fabok's Three Jokers yet on the schedules and Fabok is currently working on the third issue – but I am told there is a scene in the second book with Barbara Gordon and Jason Todd that will cause waves and probably irk certain fans even more than when Tom King did to Wally West and Poison Ivy combined. With Dan Didio & Jim Lee at the helm, it will no doubt send DC Comics into the Phantom Zone with Brian Michael Bendis leading the way. At least the movie-based delays to the latter's scripts freed up Jason Fabok to work on the last days of Tom King's Batman run…. There’s a sense of history and the changes made basically serve that larger history, to retroactively make it feel like one big story of a shared universe, across its publication history.

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