dark souls 2: darklurker easy

Dark Souls Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Can be avoided by standing underneath Darklurker. Or Vendrick who, again, is piss easy.

2 CSS and he died. The only move he does that gave me issues is the dark orb one. Can strike once or twice in succession, usually a slash then a thrust. Press J to jump to the feed. Darklurker Soul This boss is only accessible by joining the Pilgrims of Dark covenant through Darkdiver Grandahl and completing its questline. Tried in my default setup wore my +5 Heide's Getup and Zwiehander. For Dark Souls II on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "How to cheese darklurker? I also attuned more copies of Lightning Spear / Greater Lightning Spear and Heavenly Thunder. You can soul vessel to it/back again as necessary.

Souls Killing the three old hags and innocent maid from the beginning will net you 9 of them! use profound still, his only attack left will be his dark blade at melee range.

A spear here and there while dodging will do more than enough. Darklurker is vulnerable to lightning and fire damage, so this fight may be surprisingly easy if you use a lot of miracles and pyromancy. Is the first thing all of you do is look up the poster's profile? I had 12, plus crystal. For casters, he's a pain in the ♥♥♥ for pure melee. 820x0.11=90.2 Black which gets you ~860 (a 96% dr) fire and just over 900 dark, complete immunity. Then again, so is Nashandra. The Darklurker opens a large portal, and disappears (breaking player lock on). When he does nothing, you can try doing some one handed attacks but be very careful. The beam only moves outward and sideways. Darklurker is ♥♥♥♥ easy. I have used 4 Sunlight Spears and 1 Great Lightning Spear to bring him down. If he cast the skulls run and dodge.

This attack deals Dark damage and can swing up to two times in a row. Got a friend who rolled a …

NG+ At the end of the last location, the player will be teleported to the arena and the fight will start immediately. He is super weak against lightning and very weak against fire, Profound Still silences all but one of his attacks, High dark defense and a shield with high dark reduction will trivialize the fight, since his only non-dark attack is the fire orb spell, If you're really having trouble beating him; magic immunity is a thing.

The Darklurker will arch backwards with its wings spread and two arms outstretched, before closing tight on itself and emitting a massive explosion of dark magic in front of itself. You now have 70% dark/fire reduction. Darklurker is an optional boss available for members of the Pilgrims of Dark covenant. Laser Beam: The Darklurker flaps its wings and floats above the arena, firing off a bright, slow-moving beam of Dark after a short delay. I googled a little bit and everybody says different elements. Everythings easymode for casters in this game. He was a joke if you didn't have to melee, I never actually tried that, i didn't know about him when I was playing through with my str character in the beginning, only realized he was there after I'd started playing a high faith guy. The Darklurker will send a dark orb into the portal above it, which will then emerge from the other portal and fly toward the player, exploding in a moderate sized area of effect. I recommend using the portal under the castle as it is the shortest. The boss himself is not really hard until he splits. © Valve Corporation. If you are playing on NG+ and want to kill Darklurker after having already killed him on NG you must talk to Darkdiver Grendahl in 3 locations (to rejoin the covenant - note that your rank is not reset). The Darklurker will then split into two; it is vulnerable to attacks during and shortly after this spell. Not everyone goes there over leveled and prepared witha build that counters the ♥♥♥♥ out of him :P. He is weak to fire damage and can be easily defeated if overleveled, Also I don't know how you killed him if you don't even own the game lol kinda trolled yourself there buddy. Then, just spam Great Combustion while he tries to Mitosis, and he dies before he can even split. He fights mostly using ranged spells, although he has some melee attacks as well. Explosion: The Darklurker gathers its arms together and leans backward. Has some tracking and can deal tremendous damage if it hits, but cannot hit targets that are directly below it. Stacking fire damage on a weapon will get you to 50-60% health easily but doing consistent damage when he splits is difficult. Archived.

This site is not associated with and/or endorsed by the Bandai Namco Games or From Software. Using those five spells with at least a +9 Dark Pyromancy glove will take way more than half his health. The biggest thing is to get out of your head about having "possibly" limited times to fight him. I found some videos where he is weak against fire, but I heard that he was extremely patched because of that. I added a Dark Quartz Ring+2, and ate small orange burrs to increase my appropriate resistances. Close.

Engraved Gauntlets is also a very good item to equip, as it works on every enemy. This may be jarring, as the player may end up fighting it unprepared upon lighting the third beacon and clearing the third chasm. Covenant 9. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Level Up 4.

You can use great lightning spear and tear him a new one. Took me about 15 tries though without watching any videos. Darklurker easy Method. So, after completing the three relatively difficult dungeons with abyssal spirits, I was preparing for what is supposed to be the Grand Finale. Darklurker too easy? When he is in the single form, avoid all his attacks and cast your spells during short pauses (enough for casting 1-2 spells). It's super quick and easy, and the hardest part is timing the Chaos Storms...but other than that, a mere 2 ATT slots can make the Darklurker a super easy fight. In the end I had to do the last half of his health with fireballs. Has relatively poor tracking and can be easily dodged by rolling, but has a very small delay and can catch unprepared players by surprise. Can be dodged by rolling or running sideways to the orb's trajectory. How is it possible to get nearly no damage. Split: When the Darklurker reaches around 60% health, it will cross all of its arms around itself, fold its wings in, and a purple cloud will appear around it and focus in. In order to access this boss, one must simply clear a chasm as normal once all of the conditions are met.

Credit: (yadehtsiyadot)! I had the impression that boss is vulnerable to lightning. After splitting, one will attack you with melee attacks and the other will fire magic at you (or they can both magic or both melee). If that happens, you can easily kill the other one (which attacks you). Can still be locked on to, but will not take damage while invisible. Always have some stamina to perform 1-2 rolls.

Darklurker can easily be defeated through the use of powerful pyromancies (such as Flame Swathe) and a +10 Pyromancy Flame. I wanted to fight all bosses, so my strategy for the Darklurker was a +10 Pyro Glove equipped with Chaos Storm and Great Combustion. I initially didn't have a ton of specific resist gear.

I just ran, put my back against a wall, located it, and blocked it. The swings can also be followed up with a stab.

As always, Lions Mage Set plus Clear Bluestone Ring helps a lot.

When you see that the boss is charging his fire spell, you can either run in circles to dodge it or run towards him and try cheeping some damage (he can fire a second barrage, so do not risk your life if you are not sure about it). This way they will likely stand very close to each other and you can strike both at time dealing double damage. then throw lightning. Right before that is when I get right up there and drop heavenly thunder.

At that point I was alt tabbed looking at something when I heard him attacking. I was sl 70 or so when I got to him, and I used melee only. Bonfires 6. The Darklurker can be fought only through the Pilgrims of Dark covenant.

if you build a high dps char you can pretty much cheese every boss with great dps and a little know-how. It is not yet known who or what it is. These stats have been estimated through various formulae, and as such, may not be precise.

Dark Meteor: The Darklurker will raise its right arm and point upward. It died in about 40 seconds. First bring him down with Soul Spears or similar (I actually used Flame Swathe but it does not do that much damage when he's moving around) and when he splits in two, immediately lock on and cast Soul Geyser. When the opponent summons his clone, focus on the one that will rush towards you.

A black portal will appear above the Darklurker and another will appear somewhere else in the arena.

Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). 2. Spam soul spear. If you have a big weapon, or one with special AoE attacks, use it to deal double damage by hitting them both simultaneously. A shield with overall high elemental defenses and stability, such as the Rebel's Greatshield, can greatly reduce damage taken from many of its attacks.

If he does his beam get below him and wait for him to start coming down(You will have to re-lock on.) Lurker is easy beated it in 20 seond both times, its even easier if you kill him with powerstancing fists weapon or bare hands, any other weapon like katana or short sword. Contributions to Fextralife Wikis are licensed under a, Darklurker is extremely weak to lightning, and spamming, Darklurker is very weak to fire. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. 6 days ago. Drops The Darklurker will then reappear some distance away in a puff of smoke. Darklurker is extremely weak to lightning, and spamming Lightning Spear or Great Lightning Spear will finish him off quickly if you have a fully upgraded lightning-infused chime.

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