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After the series' cancellation, the writer continued the story as a novelisation.

Alf Grundy (born 13 November 1944), Joe's oldest son, and a rogue.

In 2019, Shula surprised her family when she announced her intention to take the initial steps to becoming a Church of England vicar. Her deceased son John's teenage son Johnny took up residence at Bridge Farm when he came to the village but when Helen and her children returned both Tom and Johnny moved to Number 1, The Green owned by Will Grundy.

John Tregorran (Roger Hume, Basil Jones, Simon Lack and Philip Morant) originally arrived in Ambridge in a gypsy caravan. She is best known for her roles in 2018’s Royal Shakespeare Company: Trilous and Cressida and 2015’s Home Fires while her new movie Hello Darlin’ was to be released in 2020.

Fallon Rogers (born 19 June 1985) (Joanna van Kampen), Jolene's daughter from her first marriage (to Wayne Tucson).

[48] She flirted with David and made a play to have an affair with him, having been resistant to intimacy before. He was devastated when his much-loved wife, Polly ("Poll doll") was killed in a car crash. As Jack's condition deteriorated, and after much sensitively presented soul searching on the part of Peggy, he was moved into residential care at The Willows in 2009, and then suffered a stroke.

Rúairi Donovan (born 14 November 2002[25]) is the son of Brian Aldridge and Siobhán Hathaway. In the mid-1970s Paul deserted the family and he was later killed in a helicopter crash in Germany. Gareth Taylor, Alex Wallace and latterly Marcus Dixon), but he raped her just before Christmas 2004.

Together they run the Bull.

Satya Khanna (Auntie Satya; Jamila Massey) An occasional visitation upon long-suffering niece Usha Gupta. Her catchphrase was "one fried egg or two, Phil?"[38]. Occasionally Jazzer manages to surprise everyone with a sensitive side, such as when he wowed the audience of Ambridge's Got Talent with his heartfelt rendition of a Scottish folk song (Roses of Prince Charlie).

There is no information about her height and body weight. Unfortunately, his handling of both the pregnancy and the miscarriage ultimately proved to be the final nail in the coffin of any lingering romantic feelings for Tom. When the reality of her flirting dawned on the naïf David he backed away and Barlow returned to London. She is one of the popular actresses in the world of cinema. After Matt's release the couple grew closer and ran property investment start-up Amside Holdings together – until Matt deserted her to live with another woman in Costa Rica. Mike later married Vicky, a fellow ballroom dancer, who gave birth to their daughter Bethany in January 2013.

He had also attempted to rape Shula Archer. They married in summer 2008 and Usha's family have warmed to the idea and attended the wedding, though Mabel did not.

Crawford has since served a prison term for fraud. Adam Macy (born 22 June 1967) (Andrew Wincott) is the first child of Jennifer Aldridge, his father being former Brookfield farmhand Paddy Redmond (only confirmed by Jennifer herself in 2015.)

In February 2006 he started dating Brenda Tucker, having provided support to her when her mother died suddenly two months earlier. He disappeared to Australia and New Zealand for several years and was married (originally to gain a visa, though they subsequently fell in love), had a daughter (Meriel), and divorced before returning home.

Jazzer started out as a general ne'er do well, engaging in burglary and drug abuse, before settling down a little and holding down two jobs.

There are no details about Daisy’s parents and siblings. This was in the context of Shula's devout Christianity and membership of the local Parish Council. Kenton's former partner, Kathy Perks, is the ex-wife of Sid Perks, the late landlord of The Bull. When Helen ran over Mike Tucker,[7] Tom took the blame and unaware that it had been Helen driving, Mike turned against him, opposing his relationship with Brenda. Set in a rural Cheshire community called Great Paxford, the series is produced by ITV, and launched its first series in May 2015. Carol Tregorran née Grey (Eleanor Bron, formerly played by Anne Cullen (born 1926)) first appeared in 1954. Lilian Bellamy, née Archer (born 8 July 1947) (Sunny Ormonde, formerly played by Elizabeth Marlowe) is the twice-widowed, gin-soaked, chain-smoking second daughter of Peggy Archer (and step-daughter of Jack Woolley). 1 The Green, Tom and Brenda rented the house from Will.

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