cpu fan curve ryzen

Are you sure you need to remove the motherboard's backplate? Welcome to TechPowerUp Forums, Guest! Normally there's a space cut-out around the back of the CPU socket area that should allow plenty of access room for cooler mounting purposes.

Technically you can run the CPU at temps as high as 95C before anything goes wrong, but I've observed marked drops in efficiency of the CPU as it affects its voltage/clockspeed curve at temps above 70C. Yeah, I have Gigabyte’s TRX40 Designare and the default fan curves are similarly annoying and not well tuned for Ryzen. Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by lynch006, 19 Sep 2019. Ryzen 5 3600 OC to 4 GHZ with stock cooler. GPU: 5700 XT Gigabyte Gaming OC CPU: Ryzen 3600 CPU cooler: Scythe Mugen 5 rev.b Motherboard: MSI B450M Mortar Max RAM: Patriot Viper Steel 3600mhz CL17 PSU: Corsair RMx 850 Operating System & Version: Windows 10 64 bit GPU Drivers: Newest drivers as of date. Yes might be a bit more expensive but should give the best result. This is really annoying because the fan always speed up to 100% for a few second every time i open a browser any other program. Is stock cooler enough for Ryzen 7 3700x? The CPU fan I am using is the stock one which comes with the CPU, wraith stealth. fan cpu 2500 RPM STOCK cooler IS SAFE for ryzen 3600 ! You can optimize for general performance or fine tune the settings for your favorite applications. The easiest to check would be fan curve in your bios. https://www.amd.com/en/support/chipsets/amd-socket-am4/b450, https://forums.overclockers.co.uk/t...-i-put-my-temp-sensor.18564223/#post-26159770, Alpenfohn AM4 Mounting Kit for Brocken Coolers, https://www.overclockers.co.uk/two-...140mm-fan-radiator-performance-bu-003-pt.html, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. You need to either adjust your fan curve to account for this or see if the BIOS can use a different CPU temp for its source to control the fans that is more like what ryzen master reports as that is the preferable temp to use. 0 C. Crosslhs82x2 Reputable. must be a ryzen 1700 cooler then, what do you think of that vs the newer 3600X cooler?

Under load at 80c. Asus BIOS is top notch in this regard and allows you to set fan ramp-up and ramp-down to as long as 10 seconds each. In almost all bios setups on Ryzen 3000 boards you can set the fan curve for individual fans, you might find the CPU one is setup in an odd way. R 5 2600 cpu stock cooler fan curve is always at 75% (1600-1800)rpm at idle temperatures, the maximum rpm for the cooler is 2500 rpm , is there something wrong with the cooler or my bios ?

JavaScript is disabled. You can adjust performance parameters for the active cores, integrated graphics frequency and adjust memory timings. You must log in or register to reply here. You can normally also adjust the interval at which each fan header polls temperatures, so if you increase the interval it might react less to very brief CPU usage spikes. Thread starter Maximiliano; Start date Aug 29, 2020; M. Maximiliano. It could also be the case that your CPU fan header is plugged into the wrong 4 pin. Chipset Drivers: Newest as of date BIOS: Newest as of date Background Applications: Idle, Chrome with 20-30 tabs. Please adjust your fan curve as I recommended above and report back. There are lots of possible reasons Why it is staying 1600-1800rpm. Hello guys, i have 2 problems , the first one is that my cpu fan is ignoring the fan curve that i setup in bios , it should go 100% speed only above 75°c but instead it go 100% above 60°c , sometimes even above 50°c ,no matter what i do, already tried switching the control mode to pwm but it dosnt help at all (i dont even know what pwm mean btw but i read that it could help). Ryzen Ignoring Fan Curve / OC. i removed it on my other ryzen system no problem.

Is my stock cooler pre-applied thermal paste working??

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Sure it wasn't the R5 1600 (non-X version)? Please check out. Also report what power plan you are using. Is this a good Fan Curve to avoid CPU fan … By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. I thought the R5 1600X didn't have any cooler bundled with it. Aug 12, 2017 1,359 244 5,990 72. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You must log in or register to reply here. I replaced the CPU and system fan curves with ones that stay flat for large temperature intervals then jump up at set points, say like 40% 0-50C, then 60% 50-70C, then 100%. I use msi b450m mortar mother board, my power plan is Amd Ryzen Balanced . My plan is to move the fan on the front of the case to a spare fan slot on the rear top as an outlet and get a 3 fan water cooler for the front. CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 Cooler: CM Hyper T4 MB: MSI GAMING PLUS MAX My CPU temperature ranges between 60 and 70 degrees while gaming. Eben Upton returns to the Pi Cast on Nov. 3, 2020!

LED on ryzen 1700 stock cooler not working, Question regarding ryzen 5 1600 stock cooler, Ryzen 5 2600, stock cooler.

i've just bought an Alpenfohn Brocken 2 PCGH Edition Dual Fan CPU Cooler - 140 mm though.

AMD Ryzen Master Advanced View provides for up to four profiles to store custom user-defined configurations for both the Ryzen™ CPU, integrated Radeon™ graphics and DDR4 memory. JavaScript is disabled. This is instead of investing 3 fans to occupy the free fan spares to max air exchange, why not just get the 3 fans with the water cooler radiator. On my Gigabyte B450, I can reduce it somewhat with a fan curve and interval of 3, but only by so much. R 5 2600 cpu stock cooler fan curve is always at 75% (1600-1800)rpm at idle temperatures, the maximum rpm for the cooler is 2500 rpm , is there something wrong with the cooler or my bios ? 1. You've updated to BIOS version 7C02v33 released 18/9/2019? The R5 1600 came with the original Wraith Spire cooler, which is quieter and also has the same cooling performance as the newer version of the Wraith Spire. At the moment I have the fractal meshify C case, one fan on the inlet and one on the outlet which came as standard with the case. ), Free Shipping for Loyal Forum Members - CLICK HERE. It's very annoying when my CPU Fan ramps up to full speed and then instantly goes down during gaming. Operating system is window 10 pro and bios update to the most recent non-beta version. This site uses cookies. The only way to mitigate the fan ramping on Gigabyte boards is to make a custom relatively flat fan curve, and set the Temperature Interval for CPU fan to the max allowable setting, usually 3 seconds. yeah it's the cpu backplate. i have a first gen 1600x cooler is that better than the third gen 3600x cooler? On my Asus B550 I have it set to 3.6 seconds both and my CPU fan speed barely ever changes.

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