chowder a faire to remember

", Chowder: (gasps) I'm a goddess. Also known as....Gazpachco! They seem to be very close as Chowder agreed to spend the whole day with him in the episode "A Faire to Remember".

Status Cartoon Network New Zealand 279,595 views. Panini: Why are you dressed up in pots and pans? Gender

She spot Chowder licking Marmalade's cheek. do you wanna go too? Panini standing and looking at the viewers and turns around. Then Gazpacho shows up a takes Marmalade,Chowder,Panini and Cevicheto the annual Utensil Faire.


Season Airdate

Goat Hide I tell you! Voice Actor His opinion of musicals is higher than that of plays, as supposedly no one dies in musicals, indicating Ceviché is sensitive and prefers joyful entertainment.

Chowder Fan Club is a FANDOM TV Community. Chowder: I'm gonna hide me!

I think that's a great idea too, Marmalade. Gazpahoif:(laughs) You know s'words.

Panini (gasps) Look, Chowder! Classic editor History Comments (3) Share.

A gag in "A Faire to Remember" implies Ceviché's hair could possibly just be a wig. | 56 Min Compilation | Pink Panther and Pals - Duration: 56:29. Chowder: And speaking like the king's English. In "Hands on a Big Mixer" it is proven that he is older than Panini. (Crying more and mascara melt down of her eyes). First Appearance Panini: (crying) Oh, Chowder! Elan Garfias Chowder: That's so funny! Super Secret Spy Pink Panther v. Big Nose! For a second there, it look like you (giggles) found a new....GIRLFRIEND!!!!! We both rock!

Ceviché always seems to speak with a monotone inflection, regardless of what emotion he is actively expressing—whether it be … Ceviche: On a scale 1-10 how desprate would you say are right now.

The Grape Worm Panini and Ceviche both wear pans on top of their heads) It's Utensiltastic! Isn't it?

When Panini was in the rain, her armor was rusting. Chowder: What kind of flavour lipstick are you wearing.

"Old Man Thyme" This affection appears to be unrequited, however, as in ", Ceviché doesn't know how to count past 29 as seen in ".

Ceviche: Panini, Panini!

First one was Mung disguised as Chowder in the Apprentice Games. So she uses Ceviche to distract Chowder, so she can get some time alone with Marmalade.Then she challenges her to a Utensil joust. Second time someone other than Chowder said I'm not your boyfriend.

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