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Some of the more common problems encountered include deteriorated deck cores, compression fatigue at the mast step, failed wooden spreaders, failure of lower chain plate attachments on older model boats, and leaks and separation at the keel to hull joint. Download Boat Record: PDF. Better late than never and perhaps even more appropriate now because 1998 celebrates the 25th year of production of the Catalina 30. The advantage of a boat in production for so long is a high degree of product refinement over the years. This is minimized with the tall rig/bowsprit option, and can be reduced on the standard rig by raking the mast forward slightly, and having the mainsail cut with minimum roach. With a fin keel and spade rudder, the boat is quite maneuverable under power, both ahead and astern.

Vertical dividers in the galley storage spaces behind the stove would greatly increase the practicality of that storage area.

If being seen at night is a priority, install a pulpit-mounted combination running light, as is used in current production models of the Catalina 30. The cabin trunk tapers slightly in profile, and is slightly sheered to complement the sheer of the hull. The accommodation plan of the Catalina 30 has been so popular that even though it is one of the easiest modifications for a builder to accomplish, the layout has remained unchanged for 25 years. The Catalina 30 was introduced in 1974 by the Catalina Yachts Company in California. included a review of the Catalina 30 earlier in this series. Several other galley improvements will pay dividends. The entire Catalina line is extremely popular with new boat dealers, who are required by Catalina to represent other lines as well. Any way you look at it, that translates into a lower price in the marketplace. Rather, they are either the most common ones, or the ones we feel do the most to make the boat easy to sail and easy to live with.

The strong taper of the companionway allows the drop boards to be removed by lifting them only about 1.5″. Owners warn that when considering the purchase of a used Catalina 30, be sure that the chainplates have the new reinforcements installed.

The cabin table folds up against the forward bulkhead when not in use. The boat has a swept-back fairly high aspect ratio keel of the type made popular by IOR racing boats in the early 1970s. Owners consider the boat to be just about as fast as other boats of the same size and type. By Michael Verdon October 24, 2017 Chris-Craft designed the Catalina 30 to have as many as 12 people aboard. Access for service is excellent through traps in the settee. same at LOA 29' 11", beam 10' 10", displacement of 10,200 lbs. Almost all the suggestions presented here for the upgrading of the Catalina 30 come from owners. of a Catalina 30 for a client and found myself looking for other Catalina 30s All rights reserved. The optional shower drains directly to the bilge. deteriorated deck cores, compression fatigue at the mast step, failed wooden Unfortunately, the occupant of the inboard half of the berth had better be pretty thin and non-claustrophobic, for headroom over that portion is only a little over one foot. Even the insulated hatches on new versions of the boat need improved gasketing between lid and icebox to reduce heat intrusion. __________________________________________________________, ____________________________________________________, Catalina 30 Review Practical Sailor Improve Your Catalina 30, _______________________________________________________________________________, Catalina 30 Review PacificNorthwestBoating, ______________________________________________________________________, Catalina 30 Review The Original Sailing Mini Van Bert Quay, ________________________________________________________________, _______________________________________________________________, __________________________________________________________________, Click the logo for our New Sailboat Listings, Murray Yacht Sales is your Gulf Coast Beneteau & J/Boats Dealer and has been serving the Gulf Coast Boating Community since 1974. Catalina 30... Used Boat Review By Jack

An aluminum rub rail and stainless steel self-tapping screws on Ventilation is a problem on older boats. CNG is offered as an option on new boats, and it will greatly increase the livability of older boats. The success of Catalina is even more remarkable when you consider that the company does no advertising. According to owners, boats equipped with the Yanmar YSB12. step-up from Catalina's popular 27 footer, the original design remained nearly You guys use a spell checker? On the new Catalina 30s we examined, the casting was quite rough, however, and would benefit from a touchup coat of epoxy and microballoons, followed by a thorough sanding to smooth it out. The inboard sink probably cant flood under most sailing conditions, so the sink drain can then be left open for use. There have been three series of the Catalina 30 design: The Catalina 30 may well be the most successful 30′ cruiser-racer ever made. The rig is a simple masthead sloop, with a straight section aluminum spar, double lower shrouds, and, at least on older models, wooden spreaders.

The rig is a simple deck-stepped masthead sloop with single upper shrouds and spreaders, double lower shrouds and split backstay. In the case of the Catalina 30, a number of bulletins have been published by the builder over the years, detail­ing improvements to the boat. The early 4′ 4″ shoal keel has been replaced by the modern 3′ 10″ deep wing keel. The boat quickly develops weather helm as it heels, a not uncommon trait of wide boats such as the Catalina 30. Overkill is a nonexistent word when it comes to handling headsail sheets, and the self-tailer is the only way to go. Quite frankly, I found myself a little surprised that I hadn’t included a review of the Catalina 30 earlier in this series. Other manufacturers would do well to include such a pump as standard equipment. While the two galley sinks help give the Catalina 30 the feel of a big boat, the outboard sink, according to owners, can flood back through the drain if the boat is well heeled on starboard tack. quoted as saying that the company goal is to provide its customer with "as much Some dealers make a policy of offering the customer full trade-in value for a smaller Catalina traded up for a larger one within the first two years after purchase. By way of comparison, the Newport 30 displaces 8,000 lbs, the Cal 31 9,200 lbs, the ODay 30 11,000 lbs.

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