cape cod nicknames

There is no failing to know it when you are in the business center, the shops crowd together and are spacious and modern, albeit of one story, and, let it be added, the only bank in Falmouth village is in a one-story bungalow addition to an old dwelling. A local Cape Coddian doesn't have to be born on the Cape, rich, white, preppy, or part of the elite. The upper Cape has a fringe of settlements on all its shores. You need to be logged in to add comments. The town’s name is derived from massa, or “great,” and pe, or “water.” This likely has something to do with Mashpee and Wakeby ponds in the north end of town. The name Long Pond solved the naming problem in all parts of the Old Colony. Mashpee is the only Indian name which has been retained by a town on the Cape. Three towns do honor, in their names, to early settlers. Interminable looked the job with a single wheelbarrow.

1 2 3. Does Jerry Seinfeld have Parkinson's disease? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I continue to gather and dry it--leaves and roots, in order to make the "file' powder" for my "Cajun" GUMBO. A new cranberry bog was coming into being on the edge of the harbor and close to the center of the village. Along the highway came the grandson of ” Johnny Trout,” Daniel Webster’s guide and friend when he dropped his burdens and turned to the black bass of Mashpee and the trout of the Cape streams.

Mainly therefore, on the Cape and around Plymouth, we find Indian and English names with here and there a memorial of some name of honor in the church or in civil life. Eesti. The men aboard were on an expedition to set up a trading post in the New World. Herring ponds, drained each by a Herring River, we find in Wellfleet and Eastham. One would not like to think of Plymouth as Saint John Harbor, Port of Cape St. Louis, or Crane Bay. Whether a town is spoiled or not by summer trade depends on the point of view. The houses are well painted and nobody seems to be poor. Remembering the hundreds of lakes little and large within the Old Colony there is no need for wonder that the vocabulary of the pioneers was sometimes taxed, that names were duplicated and that some are highly fanciful. Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? Marston’s Mills adds one to the list of old settlers’ names and some villages have descriptive designations, as in Forest Dale in Sandwich and Osterville—Oysterville—in Barnstable. Nor did the Old Colony catch a shower of Romes, Scipios, Uticas, Ithacas and other classic cognomens. The villages of Barnstable, Yarmouth Port and Yarmouth are on the borders of Barn-stable Bay, and their sites were no doubt chosen for harbor protection, favorable conditions for fishing and clamming, soils better than the average on the Cape, and for those seemingly endless stretches of the Great Marshes, which in old times supplied large gatherings of salt hay. français (canadien) hrvatski. Below you’ll see how to tell Cataumet from Pocasset; how to separate Sippewissett from the English-infused Falmouth, and what is up with Wianno. If the newcomer in Chatham has a geographic bent, likes to keep the points of the compass, and have a mental picture of the plan of the streets and shores, he will have more trouble than in any other village of the Cape. Oysters and clams are still harvested but not as in old times. Not all the lore of Sandwich is in the town hall. Cape Country 104: Today’s Country and the Legends, Tickology: Tick Identification and Ecology, Election Splits Congress, GOP Bolstered as Democrats Falter, World Markets Rally as Markets Shrug Off Election Limbo, Baker Nominates Justice Wendlandt to the Supreme Judicial Court, Sagamore Bridge to Undergo Maintenance Work Thursday Night, Barnstable Clean Water Coalition Looking for Focus Group Members, Railroad Track Replacement Closing Yarmouth Roads, U.S. With all suitableness therefore, the map of New England is sprinkled everywhere with English names. Nanticoke In recent decades the village business has migrated westward and gathered around the railway station in wooden shops big and little.

For other uses, see Cape Cod (disambiguation). Sippewissett ", The Concord sailed southward until on May 15th it reached the tip of a peninsula at the mouth of a large bay teeming with cod fish.


I expect and welcome widespread disagreement on this vital, sandy issue–tell me which fabulous Cape Cod beach I missed! The walls are falling out in places, and one part of the decaying structure does duty as a storage place for fish.

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