can i use alkaline batteries in blink camera

But you will find that with Alkalines: - Your flash will take noticeably longer to recharge. The Battery entry will be OK or Needs Replacement. The Blink Indoor, Outdoor, and XT2 cameras define typical use as 53,870 seconds. Without a Lithium battery’s energy efficiency, your camera may be unable to access features like live view or recording, as it is unable to produce the required power from a rechargeable battery. Using alkaline batteries for your blink cameras would still make it work, but you should be aware that it may cause issues in the long run.  No power cables. “In some cases, cold temperatures can cause alkaline batteries to burst and leak.  Although alkaline costs less than lithium, the longer term cost will exceed the cost of lithium.

Is it Worth Paying for a Ring Protect Plan? Be sure to get the right batteries for your Blink camera. Perhaps your camera keeps running out of power because of the battery you use.  Upon inserting the batteries, you will notice five LED flashes from the front of the Blink camera. The battery cover is located on the back of the Blink camera. Hi all!  Keep some on hand for the next time the battery indicator starts getting low. Note: Blink defines “standard usage” as about 4,000 five-second events per year or about 15 hours total of video recording (including Live View).

I expect that the reason Lithium has been chosen is due to the XT being an outdoor camera and so needing to operate in colder temperatures, and also due to better battery life. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to I have been doing so, but my battery pack died yesterday and the only open store that sells the correct lithium batteries has run out of them.  I remember losing the cameras in a vacation home for an extended period because the batteries ran out. When you want to know what kind of batteries do blink cameras use, you probably consider using alkaline batteries.

These batteries are very easy to find, and it's proven to last for long. You may end up replacing it over and over again because these batteries aren’t as long-lasting as the lithium batteries. But hey, nice try!

I replaced with alkaline batteries temporarily the other day until I could get to the store; the motion sensor “seems” to be a little slower on getting triggered. Disclosure: Some of the links in the article above are affiliate links. The fact that it doesn't cost $100 is not an issue. This site is owned and operated by Time Off Club, LLC.  I don’t know why, but that’s been my experience. If I use them, will it hurt my camera / leak / cause some kind of damage? Blink Cameras are the known smart security cameras that move its market into a better model. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to You can sign in to vote the answer.  While the initial cost of an alkaline battery is lower, I suspect the longer term cost would exceed the more expensive lithium option. Now that we know what type of battery to use, let’s look at how to replace the batteries in a Blink Home Security Camera System.

 Unlike most other home security cameras, the Blink camera uses batteries. What kinf of Blink XT batteries do you need?  Well the company recommends non-rechargeable AA lithium batteries and you will need two of these.  My personal rule of thumb is to replace when at 25 percent. With so many batteries sold in the market for your Blink Cameras, the only battery brand that stands out is the Energizer Lithium Battery.

The Lithium batteries are used for battery life mainly. Copyright © 2020 MFX2 LLC.  Fortunately, Blink provides a battery indicator in their app. These batteries are safe to use and could perform at any temperature, whether it’s hot or cold. It also works well with so many types of devices, such as your Blink Security Cameras.

Know more about blink cameras. Fortunately, Blink provides a battery indicator in their app. This is a big help to get a brand that is compatible with the Blink camera and avoid damaging it. How to Insert a Micro SD Card into a WyzeCam Camera, How to Hide a Blink Home Security Camera System, How to Select the Best Outdoor Home Security Camera. Blink provides two lithium AA batteries with each camera. Blink does not recommend using rechargeable or alkaline batteries, as it could negatively impact your camera’s performance. ---with a lot of foto usage, and several cameras at present (digital and film), i have noticed that ni-cad will discharge quickly if they are not used within a short time, which can leave u stranded---i have mostly kept several packs of alkaline 3-a batteries in my camera cases---if u are using ni-cad, be sure to use them for shooting shortly after they are installed---. If you plan to have a blink camera at home, perhaps you need to go deeper with what kind of batteries do blink cameras take. Fortunately, Blink will let you know when one of your cameras is experiencing “high usage,” causing the battery to deplete more quickly than usual.  Blink claims that two 2900 mAh AA batteries can last up to a year.

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