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The pic is from @trident_archives but I saw it on @unknownatom, to be fair. These are: Our events start at 1900GMT/BST and can last anywhere from an hour to three hours depending on the type of event and the performance of the troopers. Theoretically SAD/SOG and the Ghosts wouldn't have a tier, as what they do isn't even supposed to have happened. Acting both carefully and concise, the SBS operate based on two key words: Led by 1st Lieutenant E. Hummel, CAG is TF-Black's clandestine special forces unit. Its fun when the kids read a book or two and suddenly think they can debate the niche fuckery that is the United States military. SAD/SOG recruits operators from all of the branches of the US military, selection rate unknown. It’s also great to see more clone builds leveraging the MFT stock, doing something different and breaking the mould. And in January 2020 I followed up with another DEVGRU article. Close • Posted by. It’s extremely comfortable when shouldering the rifle and while it’s generally a feature of the most modern stock designs, MFT’s implementation is the best I’ve used. Bro shut up. I don't want to call out the picture but can we get some sources/ background. Close. This is an entirely fan-run subreddit and is in no way owned or operated by Ubisoft. Of course in terms of elite forces, I'd guess the PJ's take it, in terms of their numbers and skill set. Basically CAG and DEVGRU are two units with very similar missions in two different branches with very different missions, they are certainly equally capable and the selection of one over the other seems to typically be based of of who's closer (Neptune Spear) or who envisioned the mission (Army or Navy).
This is NOT a subreddit for DayZ, please do not recruit for DayZ here. We want to make sure a member of PCMR wins, so the giveaway has a field for the Reddit name for that purpose. Hell, even SAD/SOG would be that way. Enough checks, and you get an interview. C $35.83. DEVGRU: blushes “So, Daniel, is this a date?”, Delta Force: “God fucking dammit Craig I’m tired of your shit.”, This comment is way too underrated, you have no idea how often those jokes are thrown around (at least where I was from we'd joke often about it). Edit: citation found.
Funny thing is that even 82nd grunts have completed CAG selection and OTC, one dude of that small group is Dale Comstock who tried for CAG as 82nd grunt and also one of the youngest operators in the Unit with just 23 years old. 3 months ago. Again, tier isn't about how much of an Operational Operator Who Operates Operationally you are. High quality images of the military (from all countries). TF-Black is a Military Simulation unit operating on European times. They're very different in both origin and original purpose. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Since the 1st of June 2019, we've aimed to accurately imitate the United Kingdom Special Forces & United States Special Forces. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the MilitaryPorn community. Edit: /u/Lawandorder pointed out that I made it seem like you can just walk into a Navy recruiting station and just ask to go to BUD/S. Andy Stumpf has his own podcast too. I hope the face blurring means they are all still with us. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

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