brooklyn disco's 1970s

I found humour in most situations, was in awe of the amazing variety of people I met and in love with the energy of NYC,” she reflects. The Village People Stepping Out, The Grand Ballroom, NY. By then, there was a growing cultural backlash against the music and its supposed inauthenticity.

“Suddenly, it was all over and it was as if people in New York were afraid to party,” says Bernstein. This was the epicenter of disco in the 1970s and 1980s, the 2001 Odyssey disco* at 8th Avenue and 64th Street featured in Saturday Night Fever. Three decades before the Club Kids ruled New York City’s wild underground parties, there was disco and its blinged-out, flare-pant inhabitants. Divine, Grace Jones, and friends celebrate Jones' birthday at Xenon, 1978. & filed under Arts and Culture. Other DOT signs refer to it as Bay Ridge Avenue, though few in … Left: A disco DJ smokes a cigarette while spinning a record at a club in New York City, 1979. Bill Bernstein’s photographs of disco’s glory years capture the energy and glamour of New York’s 1970s nightspots. Last modified on Thu 26 Mar 2020 10.41 EDT, It was President Jimmy Carter’s mother, Lillian, who first brought photographer Bill Bernstein to the legendary Studio 54 nightclub in New York one evening in the late 1970s. Rejected from Studio 54 No No, Studio 54, NY. “Before disco went overground with Saturday Night Fever, it was a series of smaller scenes with very defined crowds. Right: A man in a leather thong and sparkling glitter dances at Electric Circus in New York City, 1979. There will be an exhibition of the images at Serena Morton Gallery, London W10 from 3 Dec 2015 – 24 Jan 2016, Available for everyone, funded by readers. “Call it sassy, call it energy, and call it an appreciation for the spice of life through sadness and heartache. Judith, Andy Warhol and Friend with Open Mouths, Studio 54, NY. “Once I entered the rink I was transported to another world and was in my element.”, “The skaters, their talents, enthusiasm, joy and sense of abandonment were inspirational and they enjoyed being photographed and revealing their talents to the camera. A crowd of dancers at the disco club in New York City, 1978.

Bill Bernstein/Museum of Sex Le Clique. By the 1970s, a new style had arrived: roller disco, which brought the uptempo dance music of the nightclubs to the rink. “She was receiving an award for her humanitarian work and, for some reason, the ceremony was at Studio 54.

Tags: Cleveland Memory Project, Old Brooklyn. “I was working for the Village Voice when I got the call to go and photograph her,” he recalls. View these other slideshows: Someone Give Us $1.5 Million So We Can Live in This Northeast Ohio Home's Indoor Pool All Winter.

Take a trip down memory lane that’ll make you feel nostalgia AF. Roseland was mostly Hispanic, while places like the Loft in Manhattan or the Ice Palace 57 were gay discos.”, GG’s Barnum Room, which billed itself as “the different disco”, was, in Bernstein’s words, “a transgender haven – I met people who were pre-op and people who who were post-op and they loved being there mixing with the straights. Search, watch, and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever - all in one place! A group of DJs spin records at a disco club in New York City, 1979. Left: A couple wearing matching high socks dance at the disco club Xenon in New York City, 1978. Spreading Wings at the COYOTE Hookers Masquerade Ball, NY. At a time when local-based reporting is critical, support from our readers is essential to our future. That odyssey is captured in a new book of evocative black-and-white photographs, simply titled Disco, published by Reel Art Press (£40). “Over the next five or six hours, my world underwent a transformation,” he writes in the book’s introduction. Who were these people of the night...?”.

Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! Left: The Queen of Disco Donna Summer performs onstage in a feather costume, circa 1976. Left: A couple dance at Studio 54 in 1977. “Except,” he says, “these people were not your regular regulars. 0–9.

There’s Grace Jones shrugging her coat off upon entering the club; Andy Warhol caught off-guard by the camera; and one image simply entitled The Village People Stepping Out, the tribe in all of its feather head-dressed and leather-clad glory. The trend that defined a decade began in New York clubs, where the “cool” factor shifted from trend followers to people who … Photography © Patrick D. Pagnano // Courtesy of Benrubi Gallery, NYC. Obsessed with travel? This is still who I am. Mostly, though, it is the nightclubbers themselves who are the stars in Bernstein’s photographs.

“I sensed early on that disco, in its own extravagant way, was a very progressive, democratic scene. Left: Actor and singer Grace Jones gives a big smile to the camera while partying at Studio 54 in New York City, 1978. S–Z This list has been split for improved performance. People traveled from far and wide just to be part of the scene, whether to attend children’s birthday parties, join dance crews, or battle other skaters. Star Wars Party Overhead View, Fire Island Pines, NY. Sign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York City. The Village People perform live as the audience dance the "YMCA" at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California, circa 1970. Left: A man blowing a whistle in a sparkling purple outfit dances at Studio 54, 1979. California residents can opt out of "sales" of personal data. So began Bernstein’s odyssey into New York’s disco scene, a journey that took him from the glamour of Studio 54 to the street energy of the Empire roller disco in Brooklyn, from the decadence of Le Clique, where scantily clad acrobats performed above the dancefloor, to the anti-disco electronic pulse of new wave music venues such as Hurrah and the Mudd Club. David Bowie and Dutch actor and singer Romy Haag have a smoke at the Alcazar nightclub in Paris during 1976. My family in the context of 1960s Brooklyn.This is the old school's, old school.

Left: A woman dances between two men at Studio 54, 1979. It was the disco movement of the 1970s and it was as important as it was fabulous. Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. Posted May. And, by 1980, the media was entranced. It’s no secret that December can be a difficult month – ironically, at times, a little lacking in exuberance. Right: A woman enters the dance floor at Studio 54, 1977. Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, style, and body positivity. “I completely forgot about the photo until looking through my archives for the book,” she says. The session was electric.”. 2018. All rights reserved. This Northeast Ohio Home Comes With … Behold, then, the perfect uplifting surprise for a Monday morning from Meryl Meisler’s latest exhibition and book, SASSY 70s NYC, which is currently showing at Midoma Gallery in New York. The sheer joy, talent, and energy of the skaters was an inspiration.”. The bowling alley across the street appealed more to your webmaster; it became a car dealership and now, sits abandoned. This sense of uninhibited adventure permeates her photographs, along with Meisler’s evidently endless excitement for her subjects. Here and there, he catches famous faces – Warhol, Tiny Tim, Divine – and fledgling superstar DJs – Larry Levan behind the decks at Paradise Garage. A look back at the hedonistic disco clubs of the '70s, presented by Getty Images. Clubs like Studio 54, Hurrah and Ice Palace 57 dominated the scene of the late ’60s and through the ’70s, when self-exploration was welcome under the fragmented light of a disco ball. Grace Jones Arrives on Opening Night, La Farfalle, NY. Although Forbes actually never ran the story, the photographs are now on view in Patrick D. Pagnano: Empire Roller Disco at Benrubi Gallery, New York, through March 17. Meryl Meisler: SASSY 70s NYC is at Midoma Gallery, New York until January 6, 2017. “My favourite places to shoot were residential neighbourhoods, city centres, events and gatherings of all types, where large groups of people are present with a sense of purpose and life is acted out in the streets,” he explains. Brooklyn's legendary Empire Roller Skating Center shut its doors for the final time after 60 years in operation back in 2007, but Patrick D. Pagnano's photographs capture the rink in its glorious heyday.

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