border collie pitbull mix rescue

They are very energetic and everything you read about the chewing is true, but as long as they get daily exercise they good. Training needs to start early.

We have one of these, and he is exactly as described. But first, let’s find out what it means to be a mixed breed, because there’s some serious debate about this practice.

Trying to locate a specific mixed breed at a rescue center or shelter may be a challenge. The Pitbull Terrier is definitely an active dog, and requires plenty of exercise in their own right so that they dont’ become destructive. Pit Bulls are known for their aggressive nature and combined with a Border Collie protectiveness trait, they can tend to bark more when sensing a threat. The Pitbull Border Collie Mix, also known as Collie Pit or Border Pit is a hybrid breed with Pit Bull as one Parent and Border Collie as another. American breeders developed a canine that was larger than the English version. So, make sure you add bones in their diet to take care of their chewing fetish.

You can even teach him fun dog tricks and he’ll easily learn them thanks to the intelligent brain of the furry lad. A Pitbull Border Collie Mix is a hybrid dog with a cross between the highly-alert and intelligent dog Border Collie and often known as the mischievous (although very affectionate) breed Pit Bull. The Border Collie Pitbull mix is an interesting dog!

So, you can expect these common traits in this doggy as well. This type of mix is lucky to have the smartest parent in the world, which unfortunately translates into needing ongoing training throughout its life and a constant need to be mentally challenged. No idea about father. Since both of the parent dogs excel at sporting competitions, it’s something to consider for their offspring.

Having worked for a veterinarian way back when, I remember having clients selecting service/therapy puppies that will do that. We’d recommend looking at local rescues that specialize in the Pitbull and Border Collie breeds. This mix is susceptible to hip dysplasia, especially as the mix gets older. A post shared by Zsuzsanna Taska (@tatyozs) on Aug 19, 2019 at 7:35am PDT. With its Pitbull blood, if not properly trained and socialized, it can have aggressive tendencies and won’t stop until the fight is over. Does Not Like Being Alone Don't miss out on the perfect companion to life with a purrfect friend. The Border Collie has an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years, the Pitbull from 12 to 16 years. Weight & Height Their short coat comes in just about any color and is stiff to the touch. Marketplaces like Lancaster Puppies, Keystone Puppies, and Greenfield Puppies are just a few of the sites that you can start your search on. Dog’s hair shedding is a real problem and only dog owners can understand the pain. Bringing any dog into your life is a big responsibility and commitment. If you’re looking for a medium-sized dog who’s got energy to spare, consider the Border Collie Pitbull mix. As with appearance, temperament can favor one breed or be a combination of both. This mix will likely look like a nice blend of both breeds and a very good looking one at that! Just got two pit border collie pups. Feed your pit bull collie mix a healthy diet and give him plenty of exercises. Needs At Least One Hour of Exercise Per Day The head is large with a wide muzzle, strong jaw, well-defined cheek muscles, and round eyes that are set low and far apart. I adopted my dog 5 years ago. They may also bark at people and things out of boredom. The female is a natural cow dog, 1 of the males is a natural bird dog, and the other male is so intelligent he literally learns commands with one session. Rochdale Dog Rescue Lancashire DOGS ON THE NOTICE BOARD. Browse our reputable breeders in Pa, Ohio, Indiana and more. Not Ideal for Young Children Its Pitbull parent is incredibly affectionate, while its Border Collie parent was bred to herd, but not to protect. They are small and muscular, and that’s typical because of the activity level of the breed. Are you searching for a Border Collie Pitbull mix? The life expectancy of the Border Pit can stretch all the way out to 12+ years if they are fed nutritional food from the time they are young. I mean, a lot! To know more about the Borderbull, we really need to know more about the parent breeds. They are highly trainable and can do almost equally as well as their Purebred Border Collie parent when it comes to agility and basic obedience training.

It should be firm where you are established as the Alpha, positive, and gentle due to its tendency to get its feelings hurt. English and Scottish herders loved this dog’s intelligent and activeness in the farms. Is their anyway to boost her confidence??? Like most mixed breeds, the details of their origins remain undocumented. Border Pitt have semi-erect ears and they can be lean with a stockier build. Border Collie Pitbull Mix Health. To get started, check out the best products for a pitbull border collie: Dogs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Pitbulls are prone to cardiac disease and skin and coat allergies. She was terrified of EVERYTHING and a neurotic ness but with time, patience and lots of tender, loving care she is now a very confident, happy and well adjusted AMAZING dog. When you mix two different purebred breeds it’s called first generation cross-breeding. dry kibbles formulated for Border Collies, Border Collie vs. Golden Retriever: Breed Differences and Similarities, Maltese Mixes: 28 Totally Adorable Maltese Crossbreeds, Jack Russell Dachshund Mix: Jackshund Breed Information. They are also called a Pitbull Border Collie Mix. Pitbulls, depending on which of the four types, have average to above-average intelligence. Here are some recommended dog foods for pitbull border collies: Dog’s hair shedding is a real problem and only dog owners can understand the pain. Roscoe has many super powers,... Pet Adoption has dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens for adoption. Pit Bull is known for keeping their owners active and engaged in mental activities. There are many different mixes that will do just fine as family pets. He also is amazing with kids.

The American Pitbull Terrier, unfortunately, has a pretty poor reputation as being aggressive dogs. Because it is a very focused breed, food is rarely their first priority. Apollo may weigh 50 pounds, but he is very sure that he belongs in your lap, sharing his gratitude for being rescued. Dogs are lovable creatures who soon capture our hearts and become a loved family member just like our kids or spouse. They’re also at risk for cerebellar ataxia, for which they should be health tested. This brain disorder causes a progressive decline in muscle coordination and voluntary movement.

My dog is a rescue also and she was the same age and terrified of EVERYTHING. Ask to see health certifications if possible from both parent breeds to ensure that you’ll have a healthy pup. This trait is common for both its parents who own an energetic trait in their personality. There are purebred enthusiasts who will argue that it’s important to keep the bloodlines pure so that the puppies stay predictable in terms of size, appearance, and temperament. Very protective of children……. Explore the world 4 487 views. I’ve been training him, with a trainer, as my service dog as well. This mix requires a minimum of one hour of exercise daily.

In this article, I’ll give you a quick roundup of Pit Collie’s looks, personality traits, health concerns, grooming needs and their suitability for your home. I’ve got a border pit named Petey. However, this study found them to be no more aggressive than many other breeds.

The Border Collie Pitbull mix is sure to be intelligent, but may also be stubborn. But this is a reality we can’t escape. When they get on each others nerves i can tell them “behave!” And they do. If you plan to bring one in your home, make sure you have plenty of room for them to run. The Border Collie Pitbull mix will be a medium-sized dog breed. If you adopt from a reputable breeder, they should have papers for at least their Border Collie parent. I have a pitt border mix 10 months old, he is my first dog and is great. We’ll help you out with that, too! Unfortunately the Collie side of him liked to round stones up, and then he liked chewing them………………….resulting in him having to have a few teeth removed. The Border Pit can make a fantastic family pet. While this type of Border Collie and Pitbull mix can be trained as a watchdog, it may not be reliable.

Highly Intelligent The most common health ailment your Border Pit will experience is hip Dysplasia. Aggressive If Not Properly Trained and Raised The Border Pit has parents that are highly energetic, so it is not surprising that it needs a lot of exercise and thrives on an active lifestyle. With a Pitbull Border Collie, you will generally not need to invest in a special vacuum cleaner. Am i mistaken?? Pit Bulls are often blacklisted as the most aggressive and violent dogs.

These dogs will turn to destruction if they are not properly exercised on a daily basis. For this reason, Pitbulls should never be left alone with other canines as they can see them as a threat. I am reading all I can on this breed but am really loving these dogs!!! Mar 31, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Bryan Francis. The Border collie ranks as the highest intelligent dog on earth. The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The Border Pit mix is a great companion that’s affectionate with friends and family, but shy with strangers. Its parent, the Border Collie, is the smartest dog in the world – rated #1 by Stanley Coren. They inherit this reputation from years of unscrupulous owners training them to dogfight while neglecting and outright abusing them. The Border Collie Pitbull mix is often referred to as the Borderbull or the Border Pit. Explore the world 4 487 views. Yep! Breeding specific dogs like this has become common in the last twenty years or so even though i am sure that this mixed breed found it s share of dogs to the shelter due to accidental breeding.

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