bmw e36 fuel pump relay location

From: (Frank Schulz - icpd) Date: Wed, 4 Oct 95 19:03:40 EDT Subject: E36 Fuel pump relay location and more! Could that cause an issue? This means that you usually won’t have too many symptoms until you’re stuck in a parking lot on the wrong side of town (happened to my baby brother).

Sometimes you just have to things for yourself. Check out some of our other DIY blog posts! I know plenty of people that say putting 93 instead of 87 will help out the fuel system and the fuel pump will last longer. [4] heater fan This is not one of the little fuses, but indeed a small box-type relay, about an inch and half on each side, square, 5-pin. In this article, I will discuss symptoms of a bad BMW E36 fuel pump, how to test the fuel pump, and how to replace the fuel pump. If it has been replaced before, it probably has regular clamps. However, I have also seen quite a few that rolled over significantly sooner than they should have. This is not true, 93 will not do anything for your fuel pump to make it last longer.

Relay R1 Fuel pump Relay R2 DME Relay R3 Oxygen sensor Relay R4 Horn Relay R5 Front fog lights Relay R6 Main beam Relay R7 Dipped beam Relay R8 Flasher unit Relay R9 Blower Relay R10 Cooling fan, stage 1 Relay R11 Air-conditioning compressor Relay R12 Cooling fan, stage 2 Relay R13 ABS pump Relay R14 ABS main relay Relay R15 Heated rear windscreen [c] in german, Zustatzlufter 2? R6. The vehicle starts, but dies when the system is put under a heavier load, such as driving the car. so what it should look like from the side is a row of fuses 21-30 that should be on your fuse box lid diagram, a row of 3 relays then another row of 3, the the last row of 3. the fuel pump relay is located in the 3rd row of relays and is the first one counting towards the back of the engine compartment. Sounds hillbilly but may work.

I must add that the door card aren't there and all the door lock and speaker wiring is not connected at the moment. R7. [f] in german, heizbare Heckscheibe, rear window defroster i think? ... and the relay is in the second closed circuit and turned on the fuel pump. Okay, well, my manual says that the fuel pump relay is in the underhood fuse panel box and can be removed using the fuse removal tool that is stored in it. Be careful with this so as not to get too much into the gas tank.

The vehicle used in this tech article was a 1998 Z3 with a 4-cylinder engine. It did not make it half a block before the fuse blew again, the car died and I got stuck in the very next parking lot down the street. Use a vacuum to get rid of all that debris, as you wouldn’t want it falling into your tank. | |. If the car is left sitting for a long time with little fuel in the tank, then the sock filter will more than likely dry out and probably fall off.

316i, 316g, 318i, 318is, 318ti, 318tds, 320i, 323i, 323ti, 325i, 325td, 325tds,328i, (5A) Door lock heater, central locking, alarm system, convertible roof, (30A)ABS/traction control, suspension adjustment, (15A/30A) Electric windows- rear (4door/cabrio), (5A)ABS/traction control, suspension adjustment, (5A)Seat heaters, instrument panel, clock, trip computer, indicators, ABS, bonnet lamp, heater, heated rear window, fog lamps, headlamp relay, (15A) Windscreen washer jet heaters, door mirror adjustment, parking aid control, (5A) Light switch (headlamp ps/fog lamps), (10A) Reversing lamps, transmission selector, oxygen sensor, diagnostic link, fuel heater, (5A)ABS/traction control, instrument panel, trip computer, (5A) Engine control module, transmission control module, cruise control module, (15A) Instrument panel, clock, trip computer, alarm system, central locking signal control module, air-conditioning, (10A) Side/tail lamps-left, bonnet lamp, interior lamps, charging socket, alarm system, telephone, door lock heater, (30A) Indicators/hazard lamps, crash alarm sensor, alarm system, (30A) Wind screen wash/wipe control module, (30A) Air conditioning condenser blower motor, (7,5A) Airbag, roll overprotection(convertible), (5A) Interior lamps, alarm system, central locking, telephone, convertible roof, (15A) Windscreen wash/wipe control module, glove box lamp, audio unit, alarm system, (7,5A) Trip computer, auxiliary warning module, (7,5A) Instrument panel, stop lamps, cruise control, Headlamp/wind screen cleaning control module, Fuse 48 (40A) air conditioning (316i/318i), For informational purposes only.

Replaced 02 sensor already which improved things, but still need to replace or maybe just clean the idle control valve. Working on bringing a 1999 E36 back from the dead as a project car with my 14 year old daughter. The e46 is a beautiful car with superior handling and style, but that’s not the whole... Are you thinking of purchasing a BMW with a V8 engine?

If you spilled some gasoline, let it evaporate for a few hours before re-installing the two wires and closing the cover. First things first, you’re going to be working around gasoline and should be in a well-ventilated area. All the fuses there are clearly marked, however.... if you are facing the car from the drivers side. You will have to siphon some fuel out if your tank if it is full. I'm wondering though if the exact part #s need not match?

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The metal cover is held in with four Philips head screws, remove these and pull it out of the way. good luck.

Take care in removing it, as it may shoot some fuel out.

it should be pretty much in the middle. Before re-installing the locking ring, it’s a good idea to spritz the threads a little bit with WD-40. What caliper ? Second, cell phones, flashlights, and any other electronics or sources of heat should be kept well away from your work area while you perform this job. My 328i fuel pump had two hoses running to it. Either work on your car outside or have plenty of ventilation in your garage. Fuel pump issues are not a common problem on BMWs, especially E36s.

I use a screwdriver and a small mallet to remove the ring. JavaScript is disabled. [8] foglights Throw in some fuel treatment right after changing your fuel pump if you have at least a quarter tank of gas. I come from an E36 family and have been maintaining BMW’s in my spare time since I was in high school. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Typically they should be replaced every 15,000 miles! Did you find the relay in your car if so could u tell me where it is? You can access it in a matter of seconds by simply pulling up on your backseat. Each time I did the car was well past the 100,000-mile mark. You can perform a fuel pressure test with a fuel pressure gauge. where [x] == relay additional ventilator 2 real germans out there who do?

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Lift your back seat, and turn your key to the second position.

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