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But his turn as Chong Li gave him a career in the U.S., where he continued to play bad guys. When that fell though, Jean-Claude became Johnny Cage, who not coincidentally shares initials with the Muscles from Brussels. Upcoming Disney live-action remakes for 2019 Dumbo. helping to legitimize Muay Thai in the West. A remake of Bloodsportwas reported to be in planning in 2011. The main character was supposed to be an American Afghanistan Warveteran competing in a vale tudotournament in Brazil. Both fighters would go on to appear with Van Damme in Kickboxer. Frank Dux told Buzzfeed that the budget didn't allow for stuntmen to be cast, so producers made sure that everyone in the movie could take a punch. But it’s a movie that still retains some name recognition, so it’s ripe for the remaking. In the decade between starring alongside Lee and taking on Van Damme, he became one of the most recognizable bad guys in Hong Kong cinema. Jackson was the only returning character. Phillip Noycewas attached to direct a screenplay by Robert Mark Kamen. What is surprising is that after being announced in 2011, we're still waiting for it to hit theaters. "We would know. It was in the corny-yet-compelling action flick Bloodsport, which was made on a $2 million budget and went on to make more than $50 million at the worldwide box office before becoming a bona fide VHS hit. Centered around a brutal martial arts competition, the movie was essentially constructed to show … The latest is Bloodsport, the 1988 action film that served as Jean-Claude Van Damme’s first major starring role (outside of his turn as ‘Gay Karate Man’ in Monaco Forever). Here’s What The Legends Of Tomorrow Alum Said, 9 Sexually Explicit Netflix Movies You Can Stream Right Now, Why Interstellar's Ending Doesn't Mean What You Think It Means, Enter For A Chance To Win CinemaBlend's Antebellum Giveaway, One Harry Potter Actor Likes Not Being Recognized Nearly A Decade After The Final Film, The Studios Are Going After People Who Have Downloaded Milla Jovovich's New Movie, The Raven Director James McTeigue On The Darkness Of Edgar Allan Poe, John Cusack Sports A Pair Of Wings In New Poster For The Raven, The Raven And House At The End Of The Street Pushed Back. A remake of Alfred Hitchcock's 1963 thriller about a flock of birds that take over a quiet Northern California town. Ed Boon and John Tobias, the creators of legendary video game Mortal Kombat, were inspired in part by Bloodsport. Legend has it that Van Damme landed the lead role after spotting Menahem Golan, the head of schlocky action studio Cannon Films, on the streets of L.A. Screenwriter Sheldon Lettich told Slashfilm the story in 2016: Jean-Claude saw Menahem on the street, did a U-Turn and said, “Hey Menahem, remember me? It was that same brute strength that landed him with the San Diego Chargers for a spell before he turned to acting. Does the world need another Bloodsport? The year was 1988. Dumbo is getting remade too . Jean-Claude Van Damme.” And then he did a kick that missed his face by like two inches. The movie featured Daniel Bernhardt, Pat Morita, and Donald Gibb, who reprised his role as Ray 'Tiny' Jackson from the first Bloodsport movie. Almost certainly not. Daniel Bernhardt replaced Van Damme in the sequels. There’s no word on the Afghanistan angle, but Variety’s article does include the phrases “21st century mercenaries” and “Brazilian Vale Tudo fighting.” Both would seemingly tie right back into the older story.

Two years ago, it was reported that a new Bloodsport would follow a mercenary fresh from Afghanistan, who seeks respite from violence but ends up in a deadly Brazilian fighting tournament. Have any sequels ever been made to the movie Bloodsport? Unlike the other participants in the Kumite, he doesn't practice martial arts, relaying instead on his brute strength to crush dudes. There’s no word yet on any cast members, but the script (penned by Robert Mark Kamen of The Karate Kid, The Fifth Element and Taken) will see rewrites before filming. That's the conclusion the L.A. Times arrived at after an investigation into his claims just a couple months after the movie hit theaters. 16. Bow before Jean-Claude Van Damme's martial-arts masterpiece. First Stallone, now Van Damme, it seems today was the day to reboot the films of 80s action stars. In fact, Midway Games attempted to license Van Damme's image for the game. A former body building champ in Hong Kong, Yeung befriended the martial arts icon in the '70s, and they soon became close friends. Best known as Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds, Donald Gibb provides some comic relief in Bloodsport as the hulking biker type Ray Jackson. Directed by Elizabeth Banks. But you already knew all that. ‘Bloodsport’ Becomes the Latest Remake That Nobody Asked For Tweet Share Post Bookmark Subscribe First Stallone, now Van Damme, it seems … What’s New to Stream on Amazon Prime for November 2020, The Western Lives On in Science Fiction Television, 5 Fun Horror Anthologies on Shudder, and What’s New for November 2020, A 4K Winter is Coming to Our Pick of the Week, 19 Things We Learned from Ben Wheatley’s ‘Kill List’ Commentary, The 10 Best Moments From ‘The Eric Andre Show’, ‘The Witches’ Brings Horror to a New Generation, What’s New to Stream on Hulu for November 2020. Thirty years later, Bloodspot is still a part of the pop culture zeitgeist, and not just because it launched Van Damme into stardom. Bloodsport was one of Van Damme’s first starring roles. Tocha has credited the role with helping to legitimize Muay Thai in the West. He only made $25,000, all of which he earned in this montage alone. The year was 1988. When a young systems engineer blows the whistle on a dangerous technology, Charlie's Angels are called into action, putting their lives on the line to protect us all. In 1996, Bloodsport II: The Next Kumite was released direct-to-video. Bloodsport There’s going to be no Jean-Claude Van Damme in the announced remake of Bloodsport that’s currently in the works. Yeung played Yang Sze in Enter the Dragon, which came out in 1979. "Many of the guys had professional dance backgrounds," he said. It can't happen.". It's great how Variety always brings us wonderful and exclusive news! Variety reports that James McTeigue, of V for Vendetta and Ninja Assassin, will be directing the upcoming remake.

The real-life Frank Dux, whose victory at the underground Kumite supposedly inspired Bloodsport, was probably lying about his exploits. Yes. With Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, Ella Balinska, Elizabeth Banks.
Jean-Claude Van Damme was a little known martial artist trying to make the transition to acting, and after bit parts in B-movies, a starring role finally landed in his lap. Given Hollywood's obsession with recycling old ideas, it's little surprise that a Bloodsport remake is in the works. "We have no recollection of such a tournament," one martial arts expert told the paper. Among the pro fighters in Bloodsport are Michel Qissi, a kickboxer who played the fighter Suan Paredes, and Paulo Tocha, a Muay Thai expert who played Paco. I am so proud to see the director of one of..., Lately the sheer number of remakes being proposed has, First Trailer For The Raven Starring John Cusack, New Look At Alice Eve In James McTeigue's The Raven, James McTeigue May Direct 1920s Gangster Film Ness/Capone, Disney+'s LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special Trailer Opens Up The Multiverse, Back To The Future Actress Elsa Raven Is Dead At 91, The Batman: See What Star Wars’ John Boyega Could Look Like As Red Hood, Come Play Ending Explained And What The Cast And Director Said, Grey's Anatomy Is Adding A New Star To Season 17, ‘The Craft: Legacy’ Interviews With Zoe Lister-Jones, Michelle Monaghan, Zoey Luna And More, 'The Witches' Cast Interviews with Anne Hathaway, Stanley Tucci and Octavia Spencer, Back To The Future 35th Anniversary Interview With Lea Thompson, The Masked Singer's Popcorn: Our 5 Best Guesses, Would Superman Returns’ Brandon Routh Appear In The Flash Movie? While the original film was based off of a somewhat-true story (the real-life version of Van Damme’s character, Frank Dux, allegedly fought in a bloody tournament similar to the filmed one), the updated story will likely have a political edge. Will Smith was originally linked to Tim Burton's remake before he was confirmed as … No, never. Jean-Claude Van Damme was a little known martial artist trying to make the transition to acting, and after bit parts in B-movies, a starring role finally landed in his lap. All photos: METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER STUDIOS INC. Here are 10 things you might not have known. A 1997 New Yorker profile includes this anecdote set aboard the now-president's private plane: He’d brought along “Michael,” a recent release, but twenty minutes after popping it into the VCR he got bored and switched to an old favorite, a Jean Claude Van Damme slugfest called “Bloodsport,” which he pronounced “an incredible, fantastic movie.” By assigning to his son the task of fast-forwarding through all the plot exposition—Trump’s goal being “to get this two-hour movie down to forty-five minutes”—he eliminated any lulls between the nose hammering, kidney tenderizing, and shin whacking. Bloodsport also gave us the fight tournament subgenre of action movies and mades millions of American boys learn to do the splits. Robert Mark Kamen, the … Though Bloodsport made a ton of money, Van Damme didn't see much of it.

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