beth total drama

Beth destroyed Duncan in the game yesterday.

Despite this, she did not return for Total Drama World Tour or Total Drama All … She and Cody would joke around and talk a lot, while Justin and Beth immediately clicked. Beth asks Chef why can't he just tell the lice to go away. It doesn't help that her closest sibling is Big Bertha (a pig she's raised since it was piglet). Just ask the students at her school.

In the Giant Monster challenge, she was on the bridge trying to escape when Valerie blew it up. Beth looks at Richard Swimmins and thinks he must be freezing. They try telling her they're not interested, but that doesn't stop tenacious B. Despite this, she did not return for Total Drama World Tour or Total Drama All … Try to win the one million dollar prize money and go to France with her BFF (Best Friend Forever) Lindsay (failed/succeeded) Beth’s personality is quite different from her older counterpart.

BridgetteCodyDuncanHaroldLeshawnaLindsay (Best friend)EzekielOwenBrady (boyfriend)

The boys at her school usually know she likes them because she'll follow them around like an orphaned puppy and make them poster sized homemade valentines with pictures of unicorns running down the beach. Beth and Leshawna start arguing with each other. I swear, it's like watching an animal being skinned in reverse!" Beth was a camper in Total Drama Island as a member of the Screaming Gophers. Beth | Cody | Gwen | Heather | Izzy | Justin | Leshawna | Lindsay | Noah | Owen | Trent, Beth | Bridgette | Cody | Courtney | DJ | Duncan | Eva | Ezekiel | Geoff | Gwen | Harold | Heather | Izzy | Justin | Katie | Leshawna | Lindsay | Noah | Owen | Sadie | Trent | Tyler. Beth and Harold decide to use ice against Owen. Beth asks Duncan if he's ready to lose to her again. The old man gives the kids the box of mooshy mon mons that he made for them. Beth, labeled The Wannabe, is a supporting character in Total Drama Island, the deuteragonist/secondary protagonist of Total Drama Action, and a minor character in Total Drama World Tour.
The WannabeComplete Dud (by Courtney)Loser (by Duncan)Belle (by Lindsay)Ms. Nice Girl (by Leshawna) Beth (Total DramaRama) Full Name Beth being dressed in a bee costume is a reference to her older self's stereotype, "The Wanna. After much consideration, she chose Justin. When she went to a luxurious spa, she received high-quality dental care and had her bracers removed, which rid her of a very obvious lisp. Sarah Gadon

When the remaining campers were sent to Playa de Losers, Beth was reunited with Justin, and had to make the call between him and Cody.

She just thinks they're being shy. Unnamed motherUnnamed father

Beth is one of the twelve contestants eliminated from the competition before the, "That was SO scary!

Her pupils, while wearing her glasses, are depicted as blue instead of black. Total Drama Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Beth uses her powers to catch Izzy but fails. Don | Brody | Cadets (Sanders and MacArthur) | Best Friends (Devin and Carrie) | Sisters (Emma and Kitty) | Father and Son (Dwayne and Junior) | Goths (Ennui and Crimson) | Twins (Jay and Mickey) | Rockers (Spud and Rock) | Ryan | Kelly, Try to win the one million dollar prize money and go to France with her BFF (Best Friend Forever). Beth, Cody, Leshawna and Harold sing a song about Christmas. Beth accidentally eliminates herself from the paintballon battle challenge. Interactions

Beth tells Izzy that she got stung by the bees. Cody was a good friend that was starting developing into a romance, but was cut short when she chose Justin.

Beth imagines herself playing with Slimey in her bedroom. Bridgette's and Beth's reaction to Courtney's ultimate dream doll house.

Beth asks Owen to tell Chef everything that he did in the morning.


Beth starts freaking out over the dental hygienist. In Mother of All Cards, she reveals she has a competitive side, such as yelling at the other kids and telling them she was gonna take them down. She wants everybody else to love her, too. Beth tries to hatch Courtney's Extreme-a-Saurus. In the Alien challenge, she was insulted so horribly by Chef Hatchet that she sank down and the aliens swarmed her. Enemies Beth is surprised by Duncan thinking that she's a genius. Beth thinks that Harold is just having a nightmare. Hanging out with her friends Spending quality time with Brady

Beth thinks the first snowfall of the year means Harold getting his tongue stuck to a pole. Beth and Jude wearing Bananas & Cheese hats. Beth, labeled The Wannabe, is a supporting character in Total Drama Island, the deuteragonist/secondary protagonist of Total Drama Action, and a minor character in Total Drama World Tour. Soon, she was making friends with Ezekiel and Eva, and drove a competitive edge in her game as well. Beth puts ketchup and mustard on her cheeks.

Friends In an effort to make friends, Beth constantly makes a fool of herself in front of the whole school, but is completely oblivious as to what she's doing wrong.

Beth accidentally tells the kids that she stuck Courtney's couch up her nose.
Beth tells Courtney that she will take her out of the competition. Later on during the competition, Beth won first prize in the jail break challenge. Beth gets eliminated from the quiet game. FriendlinessIntelligenceKnowledge about every other contestant (except Courtney)

She later returned as a castmate in Total Drama Action on the Killer Grips, and was one of the finalists that season. Voiced by Beth tells Courtney that she stuck her couch up her nose. She was hesitant and shy, but took encouragement from friends; in a great sense of irony, even the campers started arguing who was best with her., Twirling and throwing flaming batons up in the air (but she cannot catch them), Belle (Lindsay's name goof), Beth the Braceless (Stage name).

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